FPD Chapter 578

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Red Skull Sisters (2)


“Uuu… B-Big brother… Anhn…”

Raven’s soft voice resounded in the room, letting out soft moans at the rhythm of my thrusts.

She twisted her petite body below mine, her ears twitching softly each time that my penis invaded her vagina.

The reactions of her body were so cute that my arousal grew.

Hugging her petite body, I accelerated my movements again, thrusting harder and faster and reaching her deepest part with each hit.

“Uuu… AHnnn… Uhhh…”

Raven’s moans soon became louder. She used a hand to grip my right arm and wrapped an arm around my neck. At the same time, she wrapped her two legs around my ass.

Just at that moment, I felt a movement at my right.

I then saw Akilah sitting up in the bed and looking at us with a blush on her face.

When she felt my gaze, Akilah glared at me before looking away with an embarrassed expression.

Despite that, though, she was looking at us using the corner of her eyes.

I smiled amusedly and shook my head. Then, I put my head on Raven’s neck and kissed it.

At the same time, I accelerated my movements one last time, getting ready to shoot a round inside Raven’s vagina.

The cat girl groaned and trembled in delight. She hugged my body tightly and let out a long moan of pleasure.

In the next second, her body twitched violently as a flood of love juices gushed out of her cave.

At the same time, I thrust my waist deeply, followed by another thrust, and another, shooting a load of semen with each thrust.

When I finished, Raven was groaning softly with a melting expression.

I sighed in satisfaction and pulled my penis out. Then, I looked towards Akilah who was looking at us with a red face.

However, instead of going towards her, I looked at my other side, at the red-haired woman who was feigning sleep.


Marana did not reply, but the slight quivering of her eyelashes betrayed her.

“Can you help me, please?” I asked.

This time, Marana opened her eyes and looked at me with flushed cheeks.

When she saw my naked body, her face turned redder. However, she did not move her gaze away.

Instead, she put on a wry smile.

“You are a perverted, boss. Is it so great to enjoy three sisters at the same time?”

“It is.” I did not deny it.

Well, you are not true blood-related sisters, but it doesn’t matter.

Plus, I promised Akilah that I would give her the opportunity to make love with me together with her sisters, so I’m fulfilling my promise now.

Marana rolled her eyes, but she then sat up in the bed and crawled towards me.

Taking off her clothes, she looked at me with an upturned gaze and moved her mouth towards my member.

“… It has been a long time since the last time I did this.”

She said with a wry smile.

Then, she swallowed my meat stick.

I could hear Akilah’s gasping beside me. At the same time, I felt a warm feeling surrounding my member.

The feeling of my spear on her mouth was amazing.

Marana did not stop there, though. She used her mouth skillfully to lick and suck my penis, then, she moved her mouth forward, swallowing my member completely.

This girl, she was giving me a deepthroat!

I sighed and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue wrapping around my member and her throat clenching my tip. Then, I felt Marana’s head moving.

She moved her head up and down, swallowing my penis completely each time while looking at me with upturned eyes.

Seeing such a sexy gesture, I was so excited that I wanted to thrust inside her mouth fiercely.

But instead, I smiled and started to caress her hair gently.

Marana rolled her eyes and focused once more on moving her mouth. Her oral skills were pretty good, and the feeling of having my penis inside her mouth and throat was amazing.

Moreover, she bobbed her head at the perfect speed, neither too fast nor too slow.

But all of sudden, Marana’s eyes opened wide.

It was because she felt someone touching her lower cave.

At some point, Akilah had taken off her clothes and started to lick her crack!

Now that I think about it, Akilah had a crush on Marana. In fact, the reason she agreed to sleep with me was to have an opportunity to sleep with Marana.

When Marana felt Akilah licking her vagina, she wanted to stop her blowjob and stop her, however, I caressed her hair gently and shook my head.

Seeing that, Marana hesitated slightly before continuing with her blowjob.

She continued swallowing, sucking, and licking my penis for almost ten minutes, but then, she was unable to endure her sister’s attacks.

All of sudden, her eyes opened wide and her body shook.

She hurriedly spat out my penis and let out a deep moan.

At the same time, Akilah raised her face and looked at her sister while licking her lips.

This girl…

Seeing Akilah’s expression, I decided this was time to teach her a lesson.

With an evil smile on my face, I grabbed her arm and carried her towards my lap.

“W-Wait wait wait, I’m not prepa–Ughnn…”

Thrusting up, I pierced her vagina and reached her deepest part in one go.

Akilah gasped. Her already wet vagina received the entirety of my penis easily, wrapping it with layers and layers of flesh.

Then, I started my thrusts.

“Ugh, Ahn… Auuu…”

Hearing her sexy moans, I grinned and kissed Akilah’s breasts. Then, I licked her nipples and bit them softly.

Akilah shivered and wrapped her arms around my neck, putting her head on my shoulder as she received my relentless attacks.

At that moment, I saw Marana approaching us. Perhaps because she was mad at Akilah’s actions before, but she hugged Akilah’s back and started to bite her neck.

The slight pain caused by Marana’s bites made Akilah quiver. Her vagina tightened around my penis as a sudden rush of pleasure ran through her body.

Then, she shivered violently and orgasmed.

I was not satisfied, though, so I continued my thrusts, piercing her deepest part once and again until Akilah was so lost in the pleasure that she could only groan.

At some point, Marana had stopped hugging Akilah’s back and was hugging mine. I could feel her breasts rubbing against my back as she kissed my neck gently and licked my ears.

Her service filled me with even more excitement which I vented on Akilah, with fiercer and fiercer attacks that made the brown-haired girl crazy.

When I finally cummed, Akilah shivered in pleasure and collapsed on the bed.

I heaved a sigh of satisfaction and finally looked at the eldest of the sisters, the girl hugging me from behind.

Understanding my intention, Marana smiled and crawled towards Akilah, finally standing over her in all fours with her ass pointing towards me.

Then, I pierced the last of the sisters from behind and started a new round of attacks.

Under the unceasing attacks of my waist, Marana moaned loudly with an expression of excitement.

Finally, half an hour later, she collapsed on the bed, tired and with lots of my white-hot stuff in her womb.



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