FPD Chapter 58

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Rage (1)


* A few hours ago. *

Andre walked towards a tree and punched it angrily.

‘That slut!’

Remembering the scene of his fiancée talking happily with the prince, Andre could not help but grit his teeth in rage.

‘She is always so cold to me, not even bothering to give me a glance! I have not touched her yet! However, she could not wait to throw herself to the arms of that prince! Dammit, dammit! Who does she think she is?!

‘And the prince, that trash! Do you think I don’t know you are going to be exiled soon?! How do you dare to covet my woman!’

Andre was burning in rage. Every time he closed his eyes, he would remember the image of Louise and Claus happily talking. They were close to each other, chatting happily without caring for the surrounding gazes. Moreover, despite being his fiancée, Louise ignored him completely, not even directing him a word!

“Dammit!” Andre kicked the tree this time and cursed. His kick was reinforced with mana, so the tree deformed slightly after receiving the kick.

At that moment, two men approached him.

“Young master Andre? what are you doing here?” One of them said.

Andre looked at them briefly before moving his gaze away. “Why do you care, Luca? Leave me alone!”

“Hoho, it looks like someone is in a bad mood. Come come, tell me what happened.”

Andre looked at the slightly fat man with an expression of disgust. Although Luca was also a noble, his reputation was awful. He, together with the second prince, was one of the famous scums in the capital.

To be honest, he felt sick simply by standing near him.

“Get lost!”

However, Luca was not planning to go away so easily.

“Why so angry, young master Andre? Could it be due to your fiancée and the prince?” Luca grinned.

“You… Do you want to die?!”

When Luca saw Andre’s reaction, his expression turned evil. He then looked at Andre as though looking at a loser and chuckled.

“So it’s true that young master Andre lost his woman to the prince, huh.”

“Shut up! I HAVE not lost my woman! Louise will never prefer that bastard over me!”

“That is not what I saw. I’m sure that she and the prince were talking very intimately.”

Andre looked at Luca angrily. His mana surged through his body, ready to punch the bastard before him in the face.

Luca noticed it and waved his hands nervously. “Calm down, young master Andre. Actually, I have a proposal for you.”

Luca wrinkled his brows and stared at Luca. “What do you want, Luca? I don’t want to waste my breath with trash like you.”

“Oh? Don’t you want to pay the prince back for stealing your woman.”

Andre frowned without answering.

Seeing it, Luca’s grin became bigger. He looked at Andre as a devil tempting a child and whispered.

“Have you seen the woman that came with the prince to the party?”


“A great beauty, from a small noble family without any backing besides the prince. Normally, nobody would dare to touch someone related to the prince, but after what happened some days ago…”

“Are you suggesting me to rap* her?”

“No, no. Even for you, rapping the daughter of a noble family is a grave crime. But if the girl agrees voluntarily due to certain circumstances, and your family intervenes after it, things are different.”

“… What do you mean?”

Luca smiled and opened his hand. He was holding a small red pill.

“Dragon’s lust. Once ingested, the person will be completely unable to resist the lust. You just need to put it in her drink.”

“… What do you want, Luca? Why are you telling me this?” Andre looked suspiciously at Luca. Luca, however, smiled lasciviously and pointed to the man behind him.

“You see, my brother and I simply want to get a taste of her. Unfortunately, our families are not so strong as young master Andre’s family, so we can’t take the risk of rap*ng a noble. We simply hope that young master Andre gives us a taste of the girl once you become tired of her.”

Andre furrowed his brows. Forcing himself into a girl was not something he wanted to do, but when he remembered how Louise and Claus were talking together, he could not help but become enraged.

So, after thinking for a moment, he gritted his teeth. “Very well! I’ll show that prince that nobody touches my woman!”


* Currently. *

Andre was holding a girl and pulling her through the stairs.

“Hurry up!” He exclaimed softly. The girl looked at him with a blank expression. Her body was twitching and trembling in discomfort.

“… Cousin… Help…” The girl whispered softly. Andre became enraged when he heard her words.

“Cousin? Hahaha! After I show you how strong I am, I want to see if you will continue calling your cousin! I’ll show him how I play with his beloved cousin while he is unable to do anything!”

Thinking about the expression of the prince when he learns about this, Andre could not help but grin.

But at that moment, he felt a powerful pressure coming from behind him.

“Oh? Is it so?”

The next instant, his body crashed against a wall.


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