FPD Chapter 582

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Attack on the Gang


After teleporting to the headquarters of the gang with Marana and Raven, I found Akilah walking in circles with an ugly expression and Elene doing her best to heal several injured people.

One of the people that she was trying to heal was strikingly familiar.

Cline. Marana, Akilah, and Raven’s brother.

With a frown, I looked towards the three sisters. Right now, the three of them were emitting an ice-cold aura filled with a chilling killing intent that seemed to freeze the world itself.

Moreover, they had just become fifteenth-layer practitioners not long ago and they could not control their strength properly, so their violent killing intent was pressuring the people in their surroundings. Due to that, many of the people nearby had turned pale, and even Elene was sweating nervously, obviously frightened by the terrible killing intent of the three girls.

I sighed and used the connection between our souls to send a soothing thought to the girls. Then, I waved my hand, wiping off their killing intent to the relief of the people nearby.

“Calm down,” I said. “You are scaring the others.”

“… Sorry, it was not our intention.” Marana took a deep breath and apologized. However, her aura was still very unstable, and the killing intent in her eyes showed that she had not calmed down.

Raven and Akilah were in similar states.

Sigh. Well, I can understand them.

After all, one of the people that was injured was their brother, Cline.

I smiled bitterly. This guy… it’s the second time that something like this happens…

“Tell me, what happened?” I asked Marana.

She then explained to me what she knew.

Apparently, this morning a group of masked men attacked several strongholds of the gang, killing various gang members and injuring others.

In total, almost one hundred members were killed!

Although most of them were peripheral members, such an attack was not something that the gang could let slide.

“Do you know who the culprits are?” I asked.

Marana shook her head. “They ran away as soon as they destroyed the strongholds. Moreover, they were very swift. Whenever they met a bit of resistance, they ran away.”

“We have to avenge them! These bastards dare to attack my brother and kill so many of our men! They are seeking death!”

“Mm. They deserve to die.”

Akilah and Aya spoke up, their eyes filled with unconcealable killing intent.

I frowned. Something about this attack is weird.

Right now, the Red Skull Gang is the strongest gang in the entire capital. No gang dares to offend it.

Plus, the gang has not offended anyone recently. And even if we offended someone, who is so crazy to kill one hundred people in the capital five days before the birthday of the emperor?

“Boss, are we going to investigate it?” Marana asked worriedly and put on a frown.

She was afraid that I would refuse to not cause more trouble before the emperor’s birthday.

However, I put on an ice-cold expression and smiled coldly.

“Heh. They dare to attack our men. Of course, we are not going to leave it like that. Let’s go, come with me.”

With a waved my hand, I teleported the three sisters to the sky of the capital.

I then looked down towards the capital and expanded my senses.

[Akashic Sight]!

I activated the technique at full power and covered the entire capital with it, allowing me to know everything that was happening in the capital at this point in time.

Thanks to that, I managed to locate what I was searching for quickly.

“Found it,” I said to the girls. Then, I waved my hand, casting a technique to hide them from sight and teleporting us to a certain place in the city.

It was the basement inside a noble’s mansion.

In that place, an old man was listening to the report of several black-robed men.

A report about the attacks on the Red Skull Gang.

“Well done.” The old man said when he finished listening. “You did a good job. You can leave now.”

The black-robed men bowed respectfully and left.

After the black-robed men left, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the basement and glared at the old man.

“I thought you promised that you would not touch Clark before the emperor’s birthday.”

the old man snorted with a dark expression. “I did not touch him. I just killed a few of his men. You won’t say I can’t do it either, right?”

The middle-aged man wrinkled his brows before sighing.

“… Sigh, I understand why you are acting like this. However, we are in a critical part of the plan right now. We can’t allow any mistake.”

“I know, I know. I will be careful.”

The middle-aged man stared at the old man fixedly and nodded.

“I’ll let it slide this time. However, it will be the last time. If you try anything funny again, I will punish you personally.”

The expression of the old man changed immediately.

“… Okay, I understand.”

The middle-aged man nodded and disappeared from the basement, leaving the old man alone.

“Hmph, that bastard…” He snorted.

So that is what happened, huh. I murmured to myself.

After seeing the old man, I immediately understood the reason behind the attack.

Yes, I know that old man.

His name is Carlo, the teacher of Louis.

Yes, the same Louis that I defeated in the battle for Dina’s hand in marriage.


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