FPD Chapter 584

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Christine Hera (1)


Three days later, the capital had turned even livelier.

With the Emperor’s Birthday close, many nobles from every corner of the empire had arrived at the capital. Even nobles from other countries had arrived as well.

Until now, only human nobles had arrived. However, it was very likely that nobles of the daemons and the beastkin would arrive soon.

After all, the Arcadian Empire is the biggest human empire in this world. Regardless of the relationship between the three races, the daemons and the beastkin will send a small gesture of courtesy to the emperor.

But as the capital turned livelier and the emperor’s birthday approached, the gloomy atmosphere around the capital increased as well.

Even normal people had started to notice that something was wrong.

In fact, I’m sure that the emperor noticed it as well.

However, I’m sure he is not expecting the situation to be so grave. He probably thinks it’s the result of a small war between gangs.

Hehe, he will receive a very nice birthday surprise.

With a soft chuckle, I looked at the entrance of the mansion.

A carriage stopped there at that moment, and a woman wearing a coat came down from it.

The appearance of the carriage was rather average. Although it was not shabby, it was pretty bad for someone coming to visit the house of a prince.

As for the woman, she is not showing much of her face and I can even detect a spell applied on her clothes to avoid being recognized.

Of course, such cheap tricks can’t fool my gaze.

I just needed a glance to know who she is.

My sister-in-law, Christine Hera.

Christine was received by Daisy, who greeted her respectfully and took her to my office while making sure that nobody noticed Christine.

Right now, Daisy is a fifteenth-layer practitioner, so she doesn’t have trouble avoiding most of the people in the mansion. With her leading Christine, the pair did not meet anyone in the way.

Christine sighed in relief inwardly.

Right now Christine is still part of the crown prince’s faction, and the love of the crown prince towards her is well-known through the capital. It would be bad for her if it’s known that she visited my mansion.

After bringing Christine to my office, Daisy bowed slightly and left before closing the door. Only Christine and I remained inside the office.

I waved my hand, casting a barrier around the office to stop others from eavesdropping on our conversation. After that, I sat down behind my desk.

“Done. You don’t need to worry about anyone knowing that you are here, sister-in-law.”

Christine nodded silently and took off her coat, revealing her beautiful features immediately.

Long auburn hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful figure that could make most women ashamed.

Her brown eyes were fixed on me, observing each one of my movements and expressions carefully like a predator observing her prey.

Despite her bad situation, she did not seem the slightest worried. Quite the opposite, her eyes were filled with determination, as though she was ready to do anything to accomplish her goals.

“Sister-in-law, nice to see you again.” I greeted her with a small smile.

Christine narrowed her eyes and stared at me fixedly. She then walked towards the chair across me and sat down indifferently.

“I never thought I would meet you in this situation, Prince Claus.”

“Really? Then, how did you think we were going to meet?”

“With you begging at my feet, crying as I stepped on the things that you held dear.”

Wow, this woman…

I think that you have some mental problems.

I chuckled softly and looked at my sister-in-law with an expression full of amusement.

“Unfortunately, it looks like you are not going to have that opportunity in your life.”

“… I would not be so sure, Prince.”

Christine’s gaze was filled with conviction and killing intent. Even though she hid it well, I was able to notice it.

That was the reason I found it so amusing.

“It looks like you have not given up hope yet, huh. Let me guess, you are betting in the coup d’eta you are planning with my foolish eldest brother and the idiots of the Carmell Family.”

Christine’s gaze changed immediately. She hurriedly tried to recover her poker face, however, she did not manage to hide her brief slip from me.

“I guess I’m right, sister-in-law.”

“… I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Please don’t feign ignorance, sister-in-law. I know everything about your plan. I can even recite it to you if you want.”

The princess’s expression fell.

I could see traces of doubt and astonishment on her face. As though she was struggling between believing or not my words.

However, she knew.

If my words were true, then her goal was nothing more than a pipe dream.

However, my next words rekindled the hope that was about to be extinguished.

“Don’t worry, the emperor doesn’t know.”

Christine’s eyes shook. She then took a deep breath and closed her eyes when she heard that.

When she opened them again, she was looking at me with a complicated expression.

“… Why are you telling me this?”

“Because your plan is destined to fail, Christine. Alan is not going to become the emperor.”

Christine lowered her gaze and did not reply to me.

I did not mind it and continued talking calmly.

“It was destined to fail since the start. You underestimate the power that my sister wields. If she wants, she can become the next emperor right now.”

“Sister? You mean Dina?”

“Yes, her.”

“… So it’s her, huh… Yeah, I think I can imagine that… She probably will be a great emperor.”

“She will.” I nodded. “Because she is my sister.”

Christine looked at me with a complicated expression before shaking her head and putting on a serious expression.

“Go straight to the point, prince. Why did you call me here? Only to tell me this? Could it be that you want to humiliate me as revenge against Alan? I don’t mind it. I already lost everything. There is nothing else to lose.”

“Is it so? Well, you were right in that I called you here as revenge against Alan. But I’m not planning to humiliate you.”

“… What do you mean?”

“Not much. I just want to ask you to betray Alan when the time comes.”

Christine’s expression changed. As soon as she heard my words, she glared at me with a look of rage.

“Betray him!? He is the only one that didn’t abandon me… How do you dare to suggest it!”

“Really?” I tilted my head with a smile. “However, you convinced him to go with the plan of the Carmell Family. I think that something like that counts as betraying him. Mainly because part of your motivation is to take revenge against the imperial family.”

Christine fell silent.

That was true. She knew a bit about the Carmell Family plans, and she knew what would happen after they help Alan to take the throne.


“That is different. After he lost favor with the ancestors of the royal family, he doesn’t have any chance of becoming the emperor. At the very least, the plan of the Carmell Family will make him the next emperor, even if the empire will be much smaller than now.”

“Really? Is that your true goal? I thought that you wanted to use him to free your family members.”

Christine did not reply and just looked at me coldly.

I hit the nail, right?

“Unfortunately, sister-in-law, the plan of the Carmell Family is destined to fail.”

“… And why should I believe your words?”

“Let me show you then.”

Immediately, I revealed my strength.

With a thought, the entire office shook, space trembled violently, and all the mana in the surroundings rushed out of the office, as though escaping from me.

Christine turned pale. Her face turned ashen white as she looked at me with an expression of fear.


Christine shivered. Her body shrank in fear when she felt my terrifying strength.

She did not know exactly how strong I was, but for some reason, she was sure that I was strong enough to erase the empire from the map if I wanted.

With that kind of power, who could stop Dina if I wanted to make her the next emperor?

When that thought appeared in her mind, Christine’s hopes were completely shattered.

“Do you understand now?” I said calmly. “I told you, the power behind Dina is greater than your imagination. And I’m part of it.”

Christine’s eyes shook.

“See? Your revenge has no hope, and there is no way that Alan or the Carmell Family can help you to get your family out of prison.”

“N-No…” Christine’s body trembled.

“However…” I suddenly whispered, making Christine shiver. “If you help me, I can help you.”

Christine looked at me with a dazed gaze.

“… You mean, betraying… Alan?”

“Precisely so. It’s your choice. Your lover, or your family. Choose.”

Christine’s eyes trembled.

But only a few seconds later, her eyes recovered their focus.

With a determined expression, she looked at me and took a deep breath.

“Tell me what I need to do.”


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