FPD Chapter 587

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Christine Hera (4)


With a smile on my face, I pushed my waist forward.

Christine’s brows scrunched briefly, but it was soon replaced by an expression of pleasure.

Seeing that, I hesitated no more and started to move.

With a grunt, I thrust deep inside the vagina of my sister-in-law, reaching to her deepest part.


Christine let out a soft moan, and her expression was filled with embarrassment. She hurriedly tried to look away to avoid my gaze. But I did not allow it.

With a smile, I used my hand to held her cheek and looked straight into her eyes.

Then, I started a series of thrusts.

Once, twice, thrice. With each thrust, I reached towards the deepest part of my sister-in-law, tasting the virgin vagina that my eldest brother had not tasted yet.

“Uhn… Ahn… Uhn…”

Eventually, Christine could not help but start to moan. Even though she wanted to stop, the pleasure caused every time that my huge member rubbed the inner parts of her walls made her unable to resist.

Her moans increased my excitement. Hearing the beautiful sound caused by her moaning voice, I could not help but want to hear more of it.

Thus, I used my hands to grab both of her legs and put them over my shoulders. Then, I thrust deeply inside her.


The new position allowed me to reach even deeper than before. At the same time, it brought Christine a powerful electrizing pleasure that made her mind blank.

I grinned and started to piston. In and out, thrusting inside her narrow cave once and again.

Every time, I reached to her deepest part, hitting the entrance of her womb and making Christine’s entire body tremble.

In response to my attacks, her vagina instinctively tightened around my penis, increasing my pleasure even more. The feeling of her narrow vagina clenching my rod was heavenly.

My relentless attacks made Christine moan and groan repeatedly. She twisted her body below me with a red face, and small drops of sweat filled her body due to the strenuous exercise.

But at that moment, I noticed something.

At some point, tears had started to flow out of Christine’s eyes, and her moans were mixed with sobs.

I sighed softly and stopped my movements. Then, I leaned towards Christine and kissed her tears.

But Christine looked at me immediately, her beautiful brown eyes filled with pain and determination.

“… Don’t stop… Please…” She said.

I fell silent for a moment before nothing.

I’m not going to stop anymore then.

With a powerful thrust, I reached to the deepest part of Christine, savoring the feeling of her vagina wrapping around my meat stick.

My movements became faster and faster, and fiercer and fiercer. Eventually, the slapping sounds caused by my pelvis hitting Christine’s buttocks filled the room together with the moans, groans, and sobs of my sister-in-law.

“So good…” I murmured softly. “Sister-in-law, your body is so good.”

Christine snorted in answer, not replying to me. However, I could feel her vagina tightening even more around my penis.

The pleasurable feeling made filled me with excitement. I could not help but accelerate my movements even more, making Christine’s moans increase in intensity.

However, this fast rhythm was too much for the inexperienced Christine. Under my constant attacks, her body soon started to tense up, and her vagina tightened even more around my penis, as though it wanted to crush it.

I immediately knew that it was a sigh of her orgasm. Thus, I did not stop my movements and instead increased my speed again.

“Ahn…~ Uuuu… C-Claus… Ahn…~”


Soon, Christine stretched out her neck and let out a long moan.


Her body convulsed, and her vagina clenched my penis tightly. Her orgasm was so strong that Christine’s mind became blank.

At the same time, love juices flooded out of the vagina, drenching the bed below us.

I leaned forward at that moment. While Christine was still lost in the pleasure of her climax, I brought my lips towards hers and kissed her softly.

Then, I kissed her again, this time with more strength.

Christine’s lips instinctively responded to my kiss. She moaned softly and kissed me back with inexperienced movements.

When we separated our lips, I could see Christine looking at me with a complicated expression.

“… So this is sex, huh.”

“Did you like it?” I chuckled.

Christine did not reply and just put on a complicated expression.

Finally, she sighed and smiled bitterly.

Then, she opened her mouth as though she was going to say something. But before she could, I smiled and thrust my hips forward.

Christine let out a soft moan immediately.

“W-What are you doing?” She glared at me angrily.

“Continuing, of course. We have not finished yet.”

Christine was startled. But then, her expression changed.


But I did not wait.

With a grunt, I resumed my attacks.

Once more, my hips collided with Christine’s ass, and my penis pierced her sacred cave.

This time, Christine’s cave felt even more comfortable than before. The love juices she produced during her orgasm lubricated my penis and allowed me to slide inside her easily.

Christine moaned. She glared at me angrily and ashamedly as her face turned red, but I ignored her and continued my thrusts.

Once and again, piercing her cave and hitting her womb.

I thrust and thrust, putting strength in my waist each time and making Christine moan and groan with my movements.

After tens of thrusts, I turned Christine’s body sideways. Then, I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder and started to pierce her again.

The new position made Christine moan louder than before. Her groans started to resound in the room without a stop.

Once and again, her body shook with each attack of my waist. Her cheeks turned red, and her vagina produced even more love juice to respond to my attacks.

Our bodies fused in a battle of pleasure, searching for each other madly.

In the middle of my thrusts, I once more brought my lips to Christine’s lips, kissing her and this time inserting my tongue inside her mouth.

Christine did not resist, though. Probably because her mind was too busy trying to register the pleasure that she was feeling.

Just like that, she quickly approached her third orgasm. Seeing that, I accelerated my movements once more, piercing her deeply with each thrust.

Eventually, I felt my semen accumulating in my urethra.

“I’m going to cum inside,” I said with a grin. “I’m going to plant my seed where my brother has not reached yet.”

Christine just moaned, unable to reply.

Bot soon, her body quivered violently, and her love juices rushed out of her sacred cave.

At the same time, I thrust deep inside her, shooting a load of seemed in her deepest part.

Then, I shoot another, and another, and another.

Every time that Christine felt the hot feeling of my sperm entering her womb, her body twitched softly.

And finally, she stopped moving completely.

I sighed in satisfaction and looked at the naked body of my sister-in-law. With a smile, I leaned forward and kissed her lips.



I smiled and bit her earlobe. Then, I turned her body around, with her back towards me.

Lifting her ass slightly, I aimed towards her hole once more before thrusting my penis inside her cave.

Just like that, the moans of Christine resumed again.



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