FPD Chapter 592

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Attack in the Emperor’s Birthday (1)


Alan’s actions were so sudden that most nobles were unable to react. They could not even start to understand what was happening.

An assassination against the emperor?

Moreover, the culprit was the crown prince himself!

The nobles could not believe that something like that was happening.

And in their disbelief, none of them was able to react when Alan’s attacked



A sword appeared in front of the emperor just at that moment, blocking Alan’s strike.

It was from one of the guards behind him.

The guard had an ugly look on his face. Just like the nobles, he could not believe what was happening.

Nobody expected that Alan would try to kill his father, the emperor, during his birthday.

“What are you doing, Alan!?” Empress Lilia stood up with an angry. “How do you dare!?”

“Calm down, mother. It’s alright.” Alan smiled at the empress and then looked at the emperor before sighing in disappointment. “Well, it could not be so easy.”

“Arrest him!” The emperor shouted in rage. Immediately, the guards behind the emperor charged towards the prince.

But then–


A sword slash came from one of the guests of the banquet, cutting several guards into two!

“Earl Carmell!” The emperor was enraged. “How daring of you!”

“Forgive me, Your Majesty. But you need to die today.”

The earl smiled calmly. Then, he kicked the ground and rushed towards the emperor.

However, two guards appeared in front of the emperor just then. Both of them were eleventh-layer practitioners, responsible for the emperor’s safety.


The sound of the swords clashing resounded in the hall.

“Traitors! Do you think you can kill me!?” The emperor growled. “Men, kill them!”

Just when the emperor finished speaking, the group of guards stationed outside the hall heard the commotion and rushed inside.

At the same time, the secret guards around the hall and the nobles loyal to the emperor moved as well!

But then–


Some nobles attacked the nobles nearby, stopping them from helping the emperor.

They were traitors as well!

At the same time, some of the guards attacked the other guards, stopping them from helping the emperor!

Meanwhile, the men of the Carmell Family made their move, appearing suddenly and rushing inside the hall and killing the people inside.

In an instant, the situation inside the hall turned chaotic.


“Dammit! What is happening!?”


In a panic, the nobles pushed each other to escape from the hall. Despite that, though, many of them were caught by the assailants and were killed mercilessly.

“Bastards!” The emperor growled in rage. He grabbed his sword and filled it with mana, swinging it down and killing several enemies.

But immediately after that, he vomited a mouthful of blood.


The poison in his body spread even more after he released that attack.

All of sudden, one of the nobles near the emperor took out a dagger and attack him!

The attack was unexpected, and the noble had not shown any sign of being a traitor before that. Thus, the emperor and the guards were caught off guard.

The two eleventh-layer guards hurriedly tried to defend the emperor, but Earl Carmell attacked at that moment, stopping their movements.

With nothing to stop him, the tenth-layer assassin arrived in front of the emperor and stabbed his dagger towards his heart.



“It’s time to end this farce.”

A figure appeared in front of the emperor at that moment, stopping the dagger with two fingers.

It was an old man with his back hunched. Strangely, though, his hunched figure was emitting powerful mana fluctuations.

He was a fourteenth-layer Practitioner!

The assassin widened his eyes when he saw the old man, but before he could react, his head slid down his neck and fell to the ground.

Nobody noticed when his head was cut and nobody saw the old man move.

With an indifferent expression, the old man looked at the people in the hall and shook his head.

“I never thought that someone would be gutsy enough to attack the emperor. However, if you are as gutsy as to do something like that, you will be gutsy to receive the punishment as well.”

Calmly, he raised his hand.

Immediately, his mana coalesced into several weapons floating in the air. The weapons then aimed towards each one of the assailants in the hall before descending!


Alan and his allies paled. None of them could move in front of that attack.

But just then, a new change occurred.

All of sudden, Albert Carmell, the young master of the Carmell Family, smiled.

Then, he swung his hand, creating a sword slash that cut towards the old man!

Moreover, this sword slash had the aura of a fifteenth-layer practitioner!

The old man opened his eyes wide. He hurriedly called back the weapons he was using to attack the assailants and tried to stop the attack.

However, the sword slash cut through the mana weapons cleanly, reaching him without losing much power.

In a panic, the old man took out a sword and swung it towards the sword slash.



With a groan of pain, he was flung away while vomiting blood.

‘Albert’ then chuckled and looked at the emperor with a gentle smile.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. But you must die here.”

With these words, he swung his hand again, and another sword slash was released.

However, he was aiming at the neck of the emperor this time.

But despite that, the emperor smiled.

“Guardian Oath!” He cried out.

All of sudden, a barrier appeared around him.

The entire palace lit up, and an enormous amount of mana surged from it to fuel the barrier called [Guardian Oath].

And it managed to stop the sword slash!

“The Imperial Family’s [Guardian Oath], huh.” ‘Albert’ furrowed his brows and shook his head. “Powerful indeed. But, how many attacks can it stop? Five? Ten?”

“One is more than enough.” A powerful voice sounded at that moment.

Suddenly, a powerful aura descended in the hall and locked on ‘Albert’.

The aura was not alone. Several slightly weaker pressures descended at the same time, creating a powerful pressure that filled the hall.

One second later, several old men appeared in the hall, surrounding ‘Albert’.

And surprisingly, the weakest of them was at the thirteenth layer of mana!

“So it is you, Hanz.” The old man leading the newcomers looked at ‘Albert’ and frowned. “To think that the previous patriarch of the Carmell Family is still alive. Moreover, you managed to become a fifteenth-layer practitioner.”

“Creig Quintin, the previous emperor of the Arcadian Empire and current head of [Hidden History]. It has been a long time since the last time we met.”

“It had been a long time indeed.” Creig snorted. The old man, who was the father of the current emperor, looked at ‘Albert’ and shook his head. “What a shame. A fifteenth-layer practitioner is going to die today.”

“Really? You underestimated me, Creig. Do you think that my goal is to kill the emperor?” ‘Albert’, whose true identity was Hanz Carmell, chuckled softly. “No, Creig. Since the start, my target was you.”

Together with these words, the two magic circles that had been hidden inside the hall activated at the same time!

The first created a barrier that enclosed the hall with the purpose to stop anyone from escaping.

And the second was a teleportation spell.

In an instant, seven people were teleported inside the hall.

Two of them were fifteenth-layer practitioners, a human and a daemon; and the other five were thirteenth and fourteenth-layer practitioners, two of them daemons.

And they were looking at Creig and the emperor with eyes full of killing intent.

“Even if we kill the emperor, another emperor will appear.” Hanz Carmell said in an indifferent tone. “But if we destroy [Hidden History], the Quintin Family will disappear forever, and the Carmell Family will be the new rulers of the Arcadian Empire.”


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