FPD Chapter 593

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Attack in the Emperor’s Birthday (2)


The sudden appearance of seven beyond-twelfth-layer practitioners stunned all the people in the hall.

Moreover, two of them were fifteenth-later powerhouses, and if you added the former head of the Carmell family to them, there were a total of three fifteenth-layer powerhouses coming to destroy the imperial family.

Hidden History, on the other hand, only had one fifteenth-layer practitioner!

The emperor turned pale.

“Alan, what have you done!?” He said with an ugly expression. “Do you know the consequences of your actions!?”

“I know, father. I will be the new emperor after today.”

“Fool! Do you think that the Carmell Family will truly give the empire to you!?”

Alan’s confident expression broke briefly, but he quickly recovered.

“You don’t need to worry about that, father. I know what I’m doing.”

The emperor’s expression was unsightly.

He was not the only one. Many of the nobles in the hall were looking at Alan with ugly expressions.

Including Earl Riea. Right now, his expression could not be darker.

“… Why did you not tell me about this, nephew?” Earl Riea asked.

Alan smiled apologetically and shook his head.

“Sorry, uncle, but I could not tell you. However, you don’t need to worry. I know how much you have helped me until now, so I will give you a good position when I’m the emperor.”

Earl Riea looked at Alan and sighed.

The emperor? He did not believe that it could happen.

The ambition of the Carmell Family was obvious. Their plan was to get the empire for themselves.

As for Alan? At most he would be a puppet that would die shortly after he becomes the emperor.

“Sigh, as expected, you are not suitable to be the emperor, Alan.” Creig Quintin, the former emperor Arcadian empire, looked at Alan and shook his head. He then looked at his son with a disappointed expression. “Do you understand now, Grand? I told you that he was not suitable.”

The emperor was unable to reply.

Seeing that, Creig sighed and looked at Hanz.

“It looks like you came prepared, old friend. However, are you not ashamed of allying with the daemons? How much land did you promise them that they agreed to help you?”

“You don’t need to know that, old friend. You will not escape this time anyway.”

“Do you truly think that?”

Just then, a powerful aura came from one of the people of the hall.

Taking one step forward, Headmistress Evelyn teleported behind Creig.

She was not the only one. My clone, Clark, appeared as well, confronting the men of the Carmell family.

Hanz raised an eyebrow.

“The Bloody witch and the head of the Red Skull Gang? Are they your trump card? However, they are not strong enough yet. Perhaps twenty years later, they would have been able to change the situation today. But right now, Headmistress Evelyn is just a fourteenth-layer practitioner, and the head of the Red Skull Gang is just at the thirteenth layer.”

“Really? How about us then?” A voice suddenly appeared at that moment.

In the next instant, a powerful sword aura surged from the distance, cutting a hole in the barrier around the hall!

Then, a woman entered the hall through the hole calmly.

Moreover, she was not alone. Two old men followed after her.

The two of them were astonishingly fifteenth-layer practitioners as well!

“Ysnay Fate and… the church?” Hanz furrowed his brows. “So, you decided to participate as well.”

“I guess this is four against three now, right? I think you are in trouble now, Mr. Hanz.” Ysnay asked with a small smile.

Hanz frowned. But then, his expression relaxed.

“Certainly, you are powerful. However, I already knew that you are Prince Claus’s teacher. Do you think that I was not prepared to face you?”

Ysnay was startled.

But one instant later, her expression changed.

She hurriedly turned around and used her sword to stop two attacks coming from behind her.

It was the two old men of the church!

Yes, the two people of the church betrayed her!

“You…” Ysnay’s expression fell.

At the same time, Safelia down in the hall was astonished.

“His Eminence, Sir Guardian! What are you doing!?”

The man that Safelia called his eminence looked at her and smiled.

“Just following the will of the goddess.”

“B-But, I knew nothing about this!”

“Sorry about it, child. However, the goddess thought that you were behaving suspiciously recently. So it was to avoid any problem.”

Safelia was stunned. Immediately, she paled.

But one instant later, she put on a bitter smile.

“Is it so? So the goddess thinks that I betrayed her, huh.”

“She does.” The two of them nodded.”

I could not help but raise an eyebrow below. Oh? So she managed to discover something wrong with Safelia.

I thought I had hidden it pretty well.

It looks like I underestimated this goddess a little bit, huh.

Well, it doesn’t matter too much.

When Creig saw what just happened, his expression turned grave.

“His eminence the pope, Sir Guardian, are you going to side with the betrayers?”

“We just follow the will of the goddess, Old Creig.” The pope replied.

“Is it so?” Creig nodded and looked at me. His eyes seemed to be asking me, ‘Didn’t you say that they would help us?’

I shrugged. To be honest, I knew that the goddess was going to make a move against me today, but I did not expect this.

“Surprised, old friend?” Hanz chuckled. “Even the church abandoned you. It looks like nothing can save you today. His Eminence, Sir Guardian, help me to take care of Miss Ysnay. I’ll take care of the situation here.”

“… Unfortunately, it won’t be possible.” The Guardian spoke up. “We came here with a mission.”

Hanz was startled. But before he could ask anything, the two old men of the church looked at me.

At the same time, I understood.

“… So your target is me, huh.” I said leisurely, my voice resounding through the entire hall.

Hanz Carmell, Alan, the emperor, the empress, Earl Riea, and many of the nobles looked at me with stupefied looks as though wondering if I was crazy.

However, to their surprise, the Pope nodded softly.

“You are right, Your Highness. We can’t allow you to interfere with the affairs of our Goddess.”

Right then, I felt a powerful fluctuation of mana coming from the church’s headquarters.

The goddess had started her ritual.

She was going to take over the body of my fiancée, Clara.


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