FPD Chapter 595

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To Kill All The Rats


While the powerhouses in the sky fought, the people in the hall fought as well.

Now that the barrier had been broken, the emperor, the empress, and several trusted guards were running away from this place.

Seeing it, Alan’s expression fell.

“Chase them! Don’t let them escape!”

But at that moment, he looked towards another part of the hall and frowned.

There, he could see Dina, Lena, Louise, and Mia running away as well.

Alan looked towards the emperor and then towards Dina and frowned. But in the end, he decided to chase after Dina and let the men of the Carmell family chase after his father.

The emperor and the empress were an eleventh-layer and a tenth-layer practitioner respectively. They were too fast for him to catch up.

Moreover, many guards were protecting him. They most likely would fight with their lives in the line to give the emperor a chance to escape.

As for Dina, she was just a sixth-layer practitioner. Moreover, she was being dragged down by Lena. He should be able to catch up to her.

Of course, it was not as though he was giving up on catching the emperor. He was just leaving it in the hands of people more qualified.

“Father-in-law, help me to catch my sister!” He told to Earl Riea who was nearby.

The face of the earl was dark. Right now, he wanted to slap Alan in the face.

This kid had messed everything! He had sent his family to ruin!

Regardless of if the Carmell Family won or if the Imperial Family won, the ending of his Riea Family was not going to be good.

Even so, he decided to obey Alan.

After all, he was still Alan’s uncle. If Alan succeded, he still had a slim chance of saving the Riea house as long as the Carmell Family showed restrain.

But if Alan failed, the Riea Family was doomed.

He has always been an ardent support of Alan. If Alan’s coup d’eta failed, one of the first people to be executed would be him.

Gritting his teeth, he nodded at Alan and followed after him.

Outside the hall, the situation was a mess. Countless fights had started in the palace with the men of the Carmell Family and the Imperial Guards attacking each other.

Many of the Carmell Family’s men attacked Dina’s group, however, Dina, Louise, and Mia quickly took care of them. Moreover, Prince Claus’s maid, Daisy, had joined them as well and was helping them to fight the enemies.

Thanks to that, they managed to escape the palace.

But once they left the palace, they were met with a scene of desolation.

Smoke was coming from different parts of the city, people were being killed one after another, and women were being assaulted.

The worst of everything was that many of the attackers were Daemons. Obviously, they had been brought here by the Carmell Family to cause chaos in the capital.

‘These bastards!’

Dina cursed in his mind. She never thought that her brother or the bastards of the Carmell Family would ally with Daemons.

However, she calmed down quickly.

Anyway, what she needed to do had not changed.

She just needed to kill all the rats in the capital.

Just at that moment, she heard a voice coming from behind her.

“Dina! Stop!”

Dina frowned. Turning around, she saw her brother, Alan, coming towards her together with Earl Carlson Riea, his son Al Riea, and several men of the Carmell Family.

“Alan,” Dina growled.

“You should give up, Dina!” Alan smirked. “Let’s not make it difficult for any of us and don’t resist, okay? I don’t want to hurt my sisters too much.”

“Sister? How do you have the shame to call me sister?” Dina said coldly. “I’m not the sister of a cold-blooded viper!”

Alan’s expression froze. Then, his face contorted in anger.

“Really, then I don’t need to feel bad about making your death as painful as possible.”

Dina snorted.

Just then, Lena looked at Alan with eyes wet with tears.

“Brother, why are you doing this!?”

Alan looked at Lena and frowned for an instant. Then, he smiled. “Is it not obvious? I’m doing this for the throne.”

“Just for that!? Just for that you tried to kill our father and are planning to kill our sister!?” Lena screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. “… Please, brother… Don’t do this.”

“A brat like you will not understand, little Lena,” Alan said indifferently. “Don’t worry, I won’t be ruthless with you. After this, you will be sent to a monastery so you can live the rest of your life peacefully.”

Lena’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. She could not believe that the man in front of her was really her brother.

How did he become like this?

Feeling a painful sting in her chest, Lena looked at the ground and started to cry.

Seeing that, Dina sighed with a complicated expression. Then, she looked at Alan with an icy look.

“I expected no less than you, Alan. I always knew that you were scum.” She said coldly. “However, you underestimate us if you think that you already won.”

“What? Do you think that your beloved brother can help you to change the situation? Hehe, it’s true that I was surprised when I learned that he was a fifteenth-layer practitioner, but he will not survive today. As for you, you will follow him to hell. Men, catch her!”

Dina looked at Alan fixedly and then sneered.

“Daisy, please.”

“As you will, Your Highness.”

With a smile, the brown-haired maid took a step forward.

She looked at the men of the Carmell Family charging towards her calmly. Then, she released her aura.

Immediately, a powerful pressure attacked everything in her surroundings.

“This is…”


Earl Riea and Prince Alan reacted as though they saw a ghost. Their faces turned ashen white, and their bodies trembled.

They were not the only ones that reacted like that. The men of the Carmell Family charging towards the girls stopped abruptly with pale faces.

After all, they could feel that Daisy’s mana was as strong as the strongest people fighting inside the hall.

In other words, she was a fifteenth-layer powerhouse!

Daisy looked at them and smiled playfully.

“[World of Lightning].” She stated.

With her words as the signal, lightning erupted out of her body.

Bolt after bolt of lightning surged out of her body, extending to the surroundings fiercely and turning everything that they touched into ashes.

In front of such a terrifying power, the men of the Carmell Family could not even retaliate.

In an instant, they were consumed by Daisy’s lightning.

Then, the maid looked towards Earl Riea and Prince Alan.

“You are next.”

Seeing that, the earl grabbed Alan and his son, Al, and turned around immediately, running away as quickly as he could.

However, his speed was nothing in front of Daisy. She just smiled slightly and extended her hand, ready to unleash lightning punishment on her master’s enemies.

But then, she was startled and looked towards the place where her master was fighting.

“Huh? Okay, I understand, Your Highness.”

She then stopped the attack she was planning to unleash and let Earl Riea escape with the prince and his son.

Turning around, she returned to Dina.

“Sorry, Your Highness Princess Dina, I let them escape.”

“It doesn’t matter, Diasy.” Dina nodded before looking at Mia and Louise with a frown. “You tow… Are you alright?”

“We are alright, Your Highness,” Mia said with a bitter sigh. As for Louise, she just put on a complicated expression.

Just now, when Daisy was about to attack her father and brother, she was planning to move as well.

She was planning to protect them.

And obviously, Dina and Daisy noticed it.

But although they noticed it, none of them mentioned it.

Louise looked at them gratefully, aware that they were being tactful due to her circumstances.

“It’s time to work.” Dina said at that moment “Men!”

As soon as her words sounded, several people suddenly appeared from the surroundings.

One, two, three, four… In an instant, almost one thousand men had appeared, as though they were waiting for Dina’s words.

The men were divided into two groups. One of them was led by three beautiful girls, and the other was led by a stern-looking middle-aged man.

“Marana of the Red Skull Gang is listening to the orders of Your Highness.”

“Adiz of Hidden History is listening to the Orders of Your Highness.”

A red-haired woman and a middle-aged man spoke up simultaneously. At the same time, the men behind them bowed respectfully

“Tell your men to move,” Dina ordered coldly. “We have a capital to clean.”

““Understood, Your Highness.””

Bowing slightly, Marana and the middle-aged man nodded and turned around.

“[Eternity’s Fangs], it’s time to move!”

“[Hidden History], we have work to do.”

Immediately, the two groups started the hunt.

However, the three girls of the Red Skull Gang had another task to do.

Marana, Akilah, and Raven looked at a place in the distance where a powerful fluctuation could be felt.

There, they could feel the mark that their lover left in the old man that ordered the attack that injured their little brother.

Just like their lover promised them, he gave them the opportunity to deal with him.

Hence, it was time to kill him.

It was time to kill all the rats in the capital.


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