FPD Chapter 596

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Reliel Carmell


While the situation in the capital developed, the fight in the sky intensified.

Right now, the expression on Hanz Carmell’s face was ugly.

Even though he did not want to admit it, his men were at a disadvantage. The situation was spiraling downwards quickly.

His group was supposed to have a complete advantage, but the truth that they were being suppressed.

They were losing in almost all the battlefields!

Two fifteenth-layer powerhouses were fighting Ysnay, however, they were barely holding on against her and she had an obvious advantage.

However, Hanz was already expecting that. After all, Ysnay’s fame was well-known. Many people called her the strongest individual below gods.

Then there was the saintess of the Church, Safelia.

She was a fifteenth-layer powerhouse that he was not expecting, but she was a bit weak. In truth, her strength was around the peak of the fourteenth layer.

She was cooperating with Headmistress Evelyn to fight the powerhouses of the Carmell Family. With the two of them joining hands and the people of Hidden History supporting them, they had the upper hand against the powerhouses of the Carmell Family.

The situation on this battlefield was dangerous, but it was still in his expectations.

The problem was another person.

Prince Claus.

He was a completely new variable, and he was so powerful that Hanz felt overwhelmed.

He alone was fighting against two fifteenth-layer powerhouses of the church, and he was clearly winning.

In fact, it seemed like the two people fighting him were barely holding on.

Prince Claus was very strong. With each strike of his sword, it seemed as though space itself was being cut. Moreover, his movements were calm and elegant, moving through the attacks of his two enemies as though they were inexistent.

At this rate, he would defeat his two enemies soon enough. And if that happened, he could come to the other battlefields and reinforce them.

By then, the battle in the sky would crumble completely and their plan of many years would fail.

Hanz gritted his teeth. He looked at the man he was fighting, Creig Quintin, and increased the frequency of his attacks.

Right now, he could only defeat him as quickly as possible and go to reinforce the people of the Church. Otherwise, today’s plan would end in failure.

However, Creig was not weaker than him. Moreover, he was aware of the current situation and was fighting defensively, dragging the situation until the other battles ended.

“It looks like you are in a hurry, Hanz.” Creig mocked with a calm face. “What? Did you realize that your plan is not going to succeed?”

Hanz’s expression turned dark. He did not reply and just intensified his attacks.

However, Creig only laughed when he saw that.

“Hahaha, you must try harder, Hanz. This is not enough to defeat this old man!”

“Shut up.” Hanz sneered. “I want to see how long you can remain like a tortoise.”

“Long enough until my grandson comes to help me. Hahaha, you were not expecting that, right?”

Hanz’s expression turned dark.

‘Dammit, how can that Prince be so powerful!? It doesn’t make sense!’

Hanz needed almost one hundred years to reach the fifteenth layer. However, the Prince was not even twenty and he was already just as strong as him.

No, he was stronger!

‘Dammit dammit! Are we going to fail after so many years planning this?’

Hanz’s expression was ugly.

Just then, he noticed that the situation on one of the battlefields changed.

It was the battlefield of the thirteenth and fourteenth-layer powerhouses.

At some point, Headmistress Evelyn and Saintess Safelia managed to kill one of the thirteenth-layer powerhouses.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After that, the situation of his men quickly worsened.

Not even twenty seconds after that, a daemon fourteenth-layer powerhouse was killed by a sudden attack of Headmistress Evelyn.

When Hanz saw that, his expression fell.

“Haha, Hanz! It looks like your plan failed! I should pay a visit to your family after this to celebrate my victory, don’t you think? I’ll celebrate killing every person that carries the slightest trace of your blood!”

Hanz said nothing. Instead, he jumped back and distanced himself from Creig.

Then, he put on a hesitating and struggling expression.

In truth, he still had a trump card. However, he did not know if he should use it.

After all, using it meant offending the Goddess of Order and Lightning completely.

But when he saw the quickly worsening situation, he gritted his teeth decided to go all out.

Then, he took something out of his storage ring and threw it towards the sky.

One second later, it exploded with a blinding flash of light.

Creig frowned after seeing it.

“A signal? Are you thinking about retreating, Hanz?”

Hanz sneered.

“Retreating? Hahaha, Creig, the Quintin Family will disappear today! I will make sure of that!”

“Really? You seem very confident for someone that is about to die.”

Hanz did not reply and just smiled coldly.

Creig wrinkled his brows. For some reason, he had a bad premonition.

Looking up at the signal that Hanz threw, he could not help but felt apprehensive, as though something bad was about to happen.

And just one instant later, he understood the reason behind his feeling of apprehensiveness.

Because all of sudden, an overwhelming powerful aura appeared in the skies of the capital.

It was absurdly strong. Stronger than any aura that Creig had felt before in his life.

Immediately, Creig understood what kind of existence had arrived.

“A God…” He muttered with a pale face. “Impossible, how did you get the help of a god?”

“Surprised?” Hanz sneered. “He is one of the ancestors of our family. Reliel Carmell. Thirty years ago, he became a god.”


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