FPD Chapter 598

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Familiar Face, Unfamiliar Expression


A heavy silence descended on the entire capital.

Commoners, nobles, children and adults, men and women. Every person in the capital fell silent while they opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Most of them could not start to understand what had happened.

However, there was something that every person knew.

A god had died.

And he had been killed easily by the beautiful woman hovering in the sky.

“Impo… sible…” Hanz Carmell’s face was full of terror.

His body shivered violently, and his face turned pale.

He held his sword tightly until his hand hurt, as though he wanted to escape from a nightmare.

In fact, every powerhouse in the capital, regardless of their identity, was filled with dread,

They looked at Ysnay full of terror, as though she was a devil coming from hell.

However, I understood their reaction.

For the people in this world, gods are absolute. They are the pinnacle of strength.

Only a god can kill another god. Something like that is common knowledge for them.

But now, they saw that common knowledge being shattered.

They saw a mortal, a beautiful woman, killing a god as though he was nothing more than an ant.

There was no struggle, nor epic battle. She just snapped her fingers and the god perished.

Such a level of power was something that none of them could start to understand.

Just then, one of the daemon powerhouses looked around hesitantly before escaping as quickly as possible with an expression of terror.

He was not the only one. After him, the rest of the powerhouses of the Carmell Family flew away as well.

One after another, they flew away, running away after witnessing such a show of power.

Seeing that, Hanz’s expression turned pale.

He could see his dream, his plan of many years, turning into smoke in front of his eyes.

But then, he smiled self-deprecatingly.

“I guess I was nothing more than an ignorant fool.”

Shaking his head, he decided to escape as well.

He knew that his plan had failed.

Now, he could only do his best to protect as much of his family as he could.

“Chase after them!” Creig shouted when he saw that. “Don’t let them escape!”

The other powerhouses snapped out of their daze at that moment. They hurriedly looked at the escaping powerhouses and chased after them.

However, neither Ysnay nor I left.

And Safelia, the pope, and the guardian of the church did not leave either.

I looked at them with a curious expression before looking at Ysnay.

“Hey, don’t you think that it was too much?”

“Really? But I don’t need to continue hiding my true strength anymore, right?”

I did not deny it. By this point in time, there is not much point in Ysnay hiding her true strength.

However, I was not referring to that.

Instead, I was talking about the way she dealt with the god.

No matter how I looked at it, it seemed like Ysnay wanted to stop that god from revealing something. That was the reason she offered herself to deal with him.

Well, I can understand her reason. After all, that was one of the gods that Ysnay met before and planned use to deal with me. I know it because I used one of my ‘trump cards’ to observe it.

However, Ysnay’s actions seem too obvious.

With Ysnay’s abilities over fate, she should have known about the Carmell Family’s plans and that god since long ago.

If she truly wanted to hide him from me, she could have killed him before he appeared in the capital, or she could have found another way to stop him from appearing in the capital today.

In other words, it was as though she ‘purposefully’ showed him at me.

As though she wanted to make me wary about something.

… Something is wrong.

This Ysnay… What is she planning?

Perhaps feeling the wariness in my gaze, Ysnay smiled softly and chuckled.

I could not help but feel even warier after seeing that.

Unfortunately, I was unable to understand Ysnay’s purpose even after thinking about it. Thus, I decided to shelve it for the time being.

Instead, I focused on the situation in front of me.

Looking to the pope and ‘Sir Guardian’, who were standing in front of Ysnay and me to stop us from going to the church even after witnessing Ysnay’s strength, I could not help but chuckle.

“How brave. A normal person would have run off by this point in time, you know.”

“… Unfortunately, we can’t. We are determined to make the will of our goddess true.” The pope sighed.

“Is it so?” I nodded. Then, I looked at Safelia.

I said nothing, but Safelia understood my meaning immediately.

I was asking her if I could kill them.

Safelia hesitated and put on a struggling expression. Finally, she looked at me pleadingly and bit her lips.

“At least… don’t kill them, please?”

I chuckled with a gentle smile.

“You are my lover, Safelia. I don’t mind doing such a little thing for you.”

After saying that, I swung my sword.

My sword swing was so fast that neither the pope nor the guardian was able to react to it. In an instant, it arrived in front of them and pierced their abdomens.

It was only a sword, however, it pierced both of them at the same time, as though the sword was in two different places simultaneously.


Both the pope and the guardian groaned in pain. But in the next second, their faces turned pale.

Because they could feel their mana being torn off them. Every drop of mana in their bodies was being drained by the sword piercing their abdomens.

“S-Stop!” The pope shouted in a panic. “W-What are you doing!?”

“Stop struggling, old man. It will not last long.”

But just at that moment, I raised an eyebrow and looked in the direction of the church.

[Stop!] An overbearing voice resounded in my ear. Immediately afterward, an overwhelming amount of mana rushed towards me.

It was a level of mana even stronger than the god that Ysnay just killed!

However, I was not intimidated by it.

With an indifferent smile, I twisted my sword inside the pope and the guardian’s abdomens, then, I pulled it out.

And with it, the two fifteenth-layer powerhouses of the church fell from the sky, their bodies completely powerless.

I had crippled their cultivation, forever.

[How do you dare!?] The voice of before bellowed in rage. It sent two strands of mana and used them to stop the two old men from crashing into the ground and dying.

Then, the owner of the voice stood before me, looking at me with eyes filled with rage.

Black eyes, auburn hair, and a face that I had seen many times.

My fiancée, Clara Nier.

However, right now, her expression was eerily unfamiliar.

She was no longer my fiancée.

She was the Goddess of Order and Lightning, Terese Quintin.


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