FPD Chapter 60

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I carried Andrea on my arms and sent another thread of mana inside her body. Andrea groaned in relief, but her body twisted in discomfort.

I activated Akashic Sight and spread it to the surroundings. Quickly, I found an empty room and ran towards there.

It took me less than ten seconds to reach the room. I sent a thread the mana through the door and opened it.

Once inside, I carried Andrea until the bed and laid her there.

“Ahh…~” Andrea moaned gently and opened her eyes. She then blushed and twisted her body uncomfortably. “Cousin…~”

“Don’t worry.” I smiled gently and put my hand on her belly. Andrea let out a deep moan and hugged my neck.

“Cousin, I feel strange…”

I felt my blood boiling inside of me. Andrea’s smell filled my nose, and her blushing eyes filled me with lust.

Before I could say something, Andrea raised her face and kissed my lips.

I took a deep breath and savored her lips. My tongue left my mouth and invaded her mouth, searching passionately for her tongue.

Andrea was completely inexperienced in sex, but her instincts and strong desire controlled her movements. In seconds, her tongue intertwined with mine, sucking my saliva.

Our kiss lasted for a long while. Meanwhile, I began to send my mana inside Andrea’s body. When Andrea felt my mana, she let out a loud moan and hugged my body tightly.

Her legs wrapped around my waist and her body twisted on the bed, rubbing my chest with her breasts and using the rest of her body to entangle with me.

I catered her movements, slowly guiding her and gently caressing her body. My mana continued flowing through her, slowly cleaning the aphrodisiac from her body and causing her incredible pleasure.

To be honest, eliminating this aphrodisiac was not easy. It was because this aphrodisiac mixed with her mana, contaminating it completely.

If I wanted Andrea to return to normality, I have to remove all the traces of aphrodisiac from her body. It was as if paints of different colors were mixed and I had to separate the colors again.

Moreover, I had to be very careful. After all, the smallest mistake would mean injuring her mana circuits permanently.

Andrea let out a deep breath and moaned again. I separated my lips and began to kiss her neck. My mouth moved slowly, licking her shoulders and finally biting her ear.

Andrea shivered in pleasure. Her legs tightened around me and a great amount of love juices escaped from her cave. I kissed her cheek and continued the detoxification process.

However, Andrea did not calm down after the climax. Instead, the pleasure she was feeling increased even more. Soon, she began to rub her vagina on my legs and kissed my neck fiercely.

Her hands moved around my clothes, removing them one by one. I did not stop her and instead concentrated in the poison inside her mana. I already had removed half of it.

“Cousin, cousin…~” Andrea groaned and removed my shirt. She then began to kiss and bite my chest repeatedly.

“Please, cousin~ I felt uncomfortable…~” Andrea begged pitifully. I looked into her eyes and felt my desire exploding. My penis was completely stiff, ready to fight hundreds of battles.

However, I did my best to suppress my desires. Having sex with Andrea like this would harm her gravely, so I could not afford it.

Not long later, Andrea orgasmed again. This time, she moaned even louder and pressed her body against mine. I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest, and her blue eyes looked at me with burning desire.

I kissed her again, trying to distract her from my body. Andrea responded to my kiss and snorted joyfully.

Our bodies continued entangled for half an hour. During all that time, Andrea continued kissing and hugging me until climaxing more than five times. But finally, I eliminated all the aphrodisiac from the body.

When the aphrodisiac was gone, I sent another thread of mana into her to calm her mana and kissed her again.

Andrea sighed and looked at me with eyes full of love. Finally, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Her body was completely drained of strength. Even if we did not make love, Andrea spent all her energy after climaxing five times.

I sighed in relief and looked at Andrea with a complicated gaze. It had been a very long time since the last time I suffered from blue balls.

With a bit of luck, though, I would get a surprise tonight.

I kissed Andrea on the forehead and covered her body with a blanket. Andrea simply smiled in satisfaction and whispered my name sweetly.

I was curious about the origin of the aphrodisiac. I’m sure that a drug like this is not normal. I guess I’ll investigate it later.

Once I made sure that everything was alright, I left the room.

“I thought that you would eat the girl happily, prince.” Someone chuckled when I left the room.

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “Stop the jokes, Louise. I don’t want to take advantage of her like that.”

“Is it so? But I’m sure she would not have minded even if you take advantage of her.”

I looked at her with an exasperated expression.

Louise chuckled again and looked towards the room. “By the way, Andre is out the danger. The doctor said that he needs around two months of recovery, though. You probably will be in trouble tomorrow.”

“I won’t. Andre is injured, but not dead. Furthermore, he tried to rap* my cousin, so his family will not have a valid reason to accuse me. They can only swallow their fury this time.”

Louise put on a startled expression and laughed.

“You were pretty terrifying tonight, prince. To be honest, even I was scared.”

“Sorry about it, I failed to control my emotions.”

“Miss Katherine was very enraged. She calmed down a bit when I told her what happened, but I’m sure she will find trouble with you tomorrow.”

I could only smile bitterly.

Seeing it, Louise shook her head. She then looked at me with a gaze filled with curiosity. After hesitating for a moment, she opened her lips.

“Prince, if you don’t mind, can you agree to another duel with me?”

“Huh?” I tilted my head.

“… I was confident I could win if we fight again, but when I stopped you before, I got the feeling that I’m far weaker than you. So… I want to learn how big is the difference between us.”

I looked at her with a profound gaze and nodded.


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