FPD Chapter 600

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Reduced to Powerlessness



The goddess screamed in agony. She could feel how her soul was being eaten, devoured bit by bit.

Every second, part of her soul was absorbed by my fiancée, turned into pure soul energy that nurtured my fiancée’s soul.

The process was so painful and agonizing that even a god could not endure the pain.

Hearing the goddess’s screams, Safelia could not help but shiver in terror. She looked at me and opened her mouth as though to say something, but she closed her eyes and stayed silent.

She could feel that I was very angry with the goddess, so she knew that she should not ask me for mercy right now.

In truth, though, I was not very angry.

After all, the goddess did not damage Clara’s soul in the slightest. Otherwise, any of the countermeasures I had left in Clara’s soul would have been activated.

That was the reason I was not in a hurry to stop the goddess’s plan. Since the start, I was planning to make use of it to my advantage.

To Clara’s advantage.

If the goddess wanted to devour Clara’s soul, then I would let Clara devour her soul.


The goddess screamed and looked at me with an expression of utmost panic. She grabbed her head and used her abilities in an attempt to protect her soul, but it was useless.

She could only scream in agony.

And soon, even her scream stopped.

Just when her soul was about to be devoured, Safelia shouted.

“Master, please! You promised it!”

… Right, I almost forget about it.

I smiled wryly and nodded.

“… You are right, I promised to spare the goddess’s life.”

Extending my hand, I grabbed what remained of the goddess’s soul and took it out of Clara’s body.

Then, I looked at Ysnay.

“Can you help me?”

Ysnay rolled her eyes.

“Such a troublesome student.”

With a wave of her hand, mana, dust, and rocks were gathered in front of her. Then, she overwrote their information, transforming these materials and giving them shape.

A few seconds later, the figure of a small child appeared in front of us.

“Done,” Ysnay said. “This body should be the same as a normal human of this world.”

“Perfect.” I nodded. Then, I sent what remained of the soul inside the newly created body.

And at the same time, I put a seal on it.

From today onwards, the Goddess of Order would be unable to cultivate in any way. She would be unable to gather mana or to use any kind of supernatural power.

Instead, she will have the lifespan of a normal person. And after that, she will die.

It will be her punishment. After being one of the most powerful beings in this world, she will be reduced to a powerless girl.

When Safelia’s heard my explanation, she nodded and put on a complicated expression.

“… That is enough. Thank you, master.”

“It’s nothing.” I smiled. Then, I waved my hand, teleporting the goddess to a faraway orphanage in one of the human countries.

As for what will happen after this, I don’t care about it.

After taking care of the goddess, I looked at Clara again.

The goddess had already left her body, so her body was back in her control. However, due to the amount of her soul energy that she had absorbed just now, Clara was deeply asleep.

“Mm… Should I make use of this opportunity and turn her into my dependant as well?”

That is a good idea.

A few days had passed since Aya, Daisy, Louise, Marana, and Akilah turned into my dependents, so I can make another three or four dependents again.

It’s not a bad idea to make Clara the next.

I bit my finger and let a drop of my blood drop. Then, that blood turned into a tridimensional magic array.

A few seconds later, the process of fusing our souls started.

Just like that, Clara became Immortal as well.

Ysnay put on a complicated expression when she saw that.

“Another one, huh.”


“… A bit, I will not deny it.”

“Well, I’m not planning to do it with you.”

“… I know.”

Seeing Ysnay’s bitter smile, I heaved a sigh. Then, I passed Clara’s unconscious body to Safelia.

“Can you take care of her until she wakes up? I need to go to a certain place now.”

“Of course, master.”

“Thank you. You can explain the situation to her after she wakes up. I’ll take care of some things first and then I’ll talk to her.”


Having said these words, I turned around and looked in a certain direction.

My gaze pierced through space, reaching a secret passage below the palace.

Two familiar people were running through that passage.

The emperor and the empress.

I guess it’s time to end this, huh.


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