FPD Chapter 602

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Revenge (2)


“Welcome, my love.” The empress’s words resounded in the underground refuge.

I nodded calmly, all while looking at the emperor and stopping his sword calmly.

The emperor was startled. First, he put on an expression of surprise, then his expression changed to confusion by the fact that someone had invaded the place that he thought was impenetrable.

Soon, though, his confusion disappeared, only to be replaced by humiliation and anger.

The words that the empress just said could not help but resound in his mind.

‘Welcome, my love.’

These words were like a curse destroying him from inside out.

“Bastard!” The emperor roared. He bellowed and filled his sword with mana, trying to cut me down.

But as an eleventh-layer practitioner, there was no way that he could hurt me.

Swinging my sword calmly, I parried away the emperor’s attack and sent his sword flying away.

Then, I kicked him in the belly, making him collapse to the ground.

“His majesty!”

The guards in our surroundings reacted immediately. Seeing the emperor in the ground, they took out their weapons and attacked me simultaneously.

However, I just swung my sword again, sending a flying slash that beheaded them simultaneously.

I did not need even one second to finish them off.

“Clark…” The empress sighed in relief. To be honest, even though she did not seem nervous when the emperor attacked, the truth was that she was shivering inwardly.

The only reason that she did not cower in fear was that she knew that I was here.

In fact, just after the emperor confronted her and asked her why she betrayed him, I sent a mental transmission to the empress, telling her that she did not need to worry and that I could protect her.

That was the reason why the empress dared to tell all these things to the emperor.

Looking at the emperor kneeling on the ground with blood on his lips, the empress smirked disdainfully.

“Surprise, Grand? I’ sure you were not expecting this.”

“Cough, cough… Lilia, do you know what are you doing!? How do you dare to betray me like this!?”

“Of course I know, I’m going to kill you. Afterward, Alan will be the emperor and Clark will move to the palace after marrying Dina. Then, we will be able to continue our relationship without any fear. As for betraying you? Hehe, my son tried to kill you anyway, it doesn’t matter right now.”

“Bitch! I’ll kill you!” The emperor cursed. He then looked at me with an expression of rage. “And you too! I swear I’ll kill you! I will tear your body into pieces and feed the dogs with it! You will wish not to be born!”

“Really?” I shrugged with a small smile. “And how are you going to do that?”

“Don’t pay him attention, Clark. Just kill him and let’s leave this place. Actually, I’m feeling pretty excited right now. What do you think if you and me…”

I was speechless when I heard the empress’s words. Hey woman, did the blood excited you? Are your tastes this heavy?

However, these words were very effective against the emperor.

After hearing them, his face turned pale, his expression turned livid, and his eyes turned red as though they wanted to shoot flames.

“Bitch! I’ll kill you!”

The empress chuckled and looked at him with a sneer. Then, as though they wanted to continue provoking him, she hugged my neck intimately and kissed me on the lips.

Her expression was so intimate that she seemed like a sweet wife greeting her husband.

“Bastards! BASTARDS! I’LL KILL YOU!!!”

To be honest, seeing the emperor like this was rather funny. Seeing him being humiliated in this way by the empress was very entertaining.

However, it’s already time for today’s main dish.

He is not the only person that I want to humiliate today.

Thus, I started the climax of this play.

“How does it feel, Your Majesty? Knowing that your wife slept with another man and that she prefers him over you.”


“It hurts, right? Mm, that is good. Otherwise, I would not be happy with my revenge.”

My words startled the emperor. He looked at me with rage and confusion, wondering the meaning of my words.

At the same time, the empress looked at me confused.

“Revenge? Clark, what do you mean?”

I chuckled.

“Nothing much. It’s just that I had another motive to approach to you, Your Majesty. I wanted to make the emperor pay for what he did to my mother. I wanted to make him suffer.”

My voice was calm, however, it sent waves in the heart of the emperor and the empress.

After all, my words meant that things were not as simple as they thought.

“W-What are you talking about, Clark?” The empress’s voice shook. She could not help but take a step back at the thought of being used, and her face turned pale.

At the same time, a feeling of dread and terror filled her heart.

I smiled and looked straight into her eyes.

“Actually, my true name is not Clark.”

Then, I snapped my fingers.

Immediately, my hair and eyes became blue again. Moreover, the spell stopping the emperor and the empress from recognizing me faded out.

In an instant, Clark had disappeared completely and was replaced by the fourth prince of the empire.

“You should call me Claus, Your Majesty.”

The face of the empress turned ashen white.


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