FPD Chapter 608

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Last Date (2)


The place where Ysnay brought me was a high-class love hotel. It was the kind of place where nobles came to bring their mistresses.

Obviously, she wanted to make today as memorable as possible.

To be honest, I was a bit disgruntled doing this, but I did not mind it too much.

After all, this was a small price to pay for what Ysnay did for me.

Plus, it’s not as though I’m losing something. I’ll just treat it as a one-night stand.

After we entered the room, Ysnay grabbed my hand and looked at me with a mischievous smile.

“What do you think, it’s a nice place, right?”

I looked at the huge bed in the room and the beautifully decorated walls and nodded.

“It is.”

“I’m happy you like it.”

After saying that, she moved forward slightly and kissed my lips.

The kiss was very short, but Ysnay seemed strangely nostalgic after it. Perhaps, she was remembering the days when we still were lovers.

However, when she saw that I did not move, her expression turned downcast.

“… Willian.”

“What is it?”

“… Please, I just want a beautiful memory. Can’t you give me even that? Even if it’s for pity, please, just for today.”

I looked straight into her eyes and sighed.

“Very well.”

Then, I kissed her lips.

Ysnay’s lips were very soft, and her body emitted an attractive fragrance that seemed to wake up my entire body. Just kissing her lips felt so amazing that a normal man would have become crazy.

However, that was just the start. Quickly, Ysnay started to take off my clothes as I took off hers. In a question of seconds, both of us were completely naked.

She then hugged my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist as I held her body tightly.

Our naked skins rubbed against each other, and our lips meet repeatedly, creating slurping sounds as our tongues started a battle to take the lead.

When our lips separated, Ysnay let out a soft groan. She then closed her eyes and raised her hand as I licked her neck greedily.

“… Willian… Uhnn…”

Hearing her pants and moans filled me with excitement. Although I hated to admit it, Ysnay’s body had such a crazy sex appeal that even I was almost unable to control myself.

Licking her neck, kissing her shoulders, biting her earlobes. I explored her body freely, enjoying her reactions every time that I touched a sensitive part.

Ysnay, in turn, groaned and replied to my caress happily. Her eyes had turned hazy, and her arms and neck tightened greatly around my body, as though she wanted to make sure that this was truly happening.

In the middle of all of that, I finally pushed Ysnay against the bed. Ysnay immediately looked at me with her deep black eyes and smile.

“Do it… I have wanted to do this for many years.”

“I understand.”

Without hesitating, I pointed my member to her crotch. Then, I thrust my hips forward.

In an instant, her lower lips opened to receive my weapon. Then, my penis was swallowed by a heavenly pleasure that seemed to make my mind blank.

“Nnngmm…” Ysnay moaned. Her lips opened slightly, letting out seductive sounds that resounded through the room.

At the same time, I started to thrust my hips fiercely, attacking her as violently as possible without showing the slightest mercy.

Ysnay did not seem to mind, though. Instead, she seemed happy to receive my attacks, moaning and screaming in pleasure every time that my rod hit her deepest part.

“Uhnn… ahn… Ugh…”

Her body reacted joyfully to my movements, her vagina wrapping around my penis and her body tightening every time that I thrust my hips forward. Electrifying pleasure traveled through both of our bodies, making both of us lost in the pleasure of sex.

Strangely, the pleasure seemed to increase with each thrust. It was so intense that I had never felt anything like it in this life. To be honest, it was perhaps the best sex ever.

I immediately knew that Ysnay was playing some trick. She had to be using some method to make it feel so good.

However, I did not mind. If I have to do this with her, I want to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Instead, I gave my all as well, using my mana freely to stimulate her body and making Ysnay scream in pleasure and joy.

“Ahnn…. S-So good… Uuuu…. AHnnn…”

Ysnay screams became louder and louder, and her sweet voice resounded every time my penis rubbed her vaginal walls. Our intertwined bodies shivered in carnal pleasure, drowning in this sinful feeling.

Eventually, I feel my excitement reaching a peak. I knew it was a signal that I was about to cum.

I noticed that Ysnay was about to cum as well, so I did not bother to stop myself from cumming. Instead, I accelerated my movements, thrusting harder and harder until Ysnay’s body finally tightened violently.


With a scream, Ysnay shivered.

At the same time, I shot a lot of semen inside her.

However, that was just the start. After we orgasmed for the first time, we resumed our movements. This time, Ysnay pushed me down and started to ride me with an erotic smile on her face, tightening her vagina around my penis to give me the greatest pleasure possible.

Seeing her beautiful naked body ridding me like that gave me great psychological pleasure. I could not help but held her waist tightly and thrust my penis upward, cooperating with her movements excitedly.

Ysnay smiled and closed her eyes. Her body moved up and down as she put her hands on my chest and moaned happily.

Every movement and moan was so seductive that it seemed to make my mind hazy. Even someone with my self-control felt so incredible that I wanted to shout in pleasure.

Ysnay moved up and down once and again. Eventually, she collapsed on her body and kissed my lips as her waist continued moving. I hugged her tightly and kissed her back, continuing with my thrusts.

Finally, I felt myself coming close to another orgasm.

And seeing Ysnay’s face melting in pleasure, I decided to shoot my semen inside her again.

Once, twice, thrice. With each shot, Ysnay’s body twitched joyfully, and her throat let out soft and passionate grunts.

Finally, when our second orgasm finished. Ysnay looked at me with hazy eyes and grinned.

“… I love you, Willian.” She said softly.

I fell silent and did not reply. Instead, I started a new round of thrusts.

Both of us did not sleep that night.


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