FPD Chapter 610

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An Ill-Fated Relationship Lasting Thousands of Years (1)


Three days have passed since the coup d’eta, and traces of destruction could still be seen all around the capital.

In some places, you could still see the bloodstains left by the people that died or were injured that day, and in other places, you could see people crying and lamenting over the loss of their loved ones.

Even so, the people of the capital did their best to continue with their daily lives. They opened their stores and went out to the market, making the city very lively.

After three days of crying, the tears of most people had dried up, and they only felt a faint pain in their hearts when they remembered the people that were gone.

It was surprising how quickly mortals could recover from the pain.

However, Ysnay was not paying attention to any of that right now.

Her footsteps were calm, and her expression was ice-cold. Strangely, the world itself seemed to shake every time that she took a step, but nobody in her surroundings noticed it.

It was a result of her letting loose her powers over fate. Fate itself shook in submission to each one of her movements.

Even without herself altering fate, fate itself subtly changed to adjust to her needs. It was something that only someone like her, whose abilities over fate were virtually unequaled, could do.

But unfortunately, no matter how much fate changed, she could not alter what she wished to alter.

Her beloved, Willian, was too strong. So strong that her abilities over fate were unable to affect him directly.

In fact, most Immortals were like that. Only the weakest ones among Immortals could be affected by her fate. As for the others, she could only use her abilities indirectly if she wanted to affect them.

That was something that she learned for the first time tens of thousands of years ago.

These memories were still fresh in her mind.

The first time she faced ‘Willian’ as an enemy.

Ysnay remembered that day as though it was yesterday. The day when the love of her life returned from death to kill her.

Back then, Ysnay’s desire to have everything in her control was so strong that she decided to kill the man that she loved, just by the fact that she could not control him.

Thus, she put a knife in his heart mercilessly as he watched her with a disappointed expression.

Thinking about it now, her lover could have stopped her easily back then. Most likely, the reason he didn’t was to cut off his love towards her.

That death ended their relationship as husband and wife.

And when he returned, he was angry and filled with thoughts of revenge.

The first time was a few years after she killed him. He appeared in front of her, holding a sword in his hand as he approached her step by step.

Ysnay, who had recently achieved Immortality and killed him once, was drunk in her power. She, who did not know anything about Immortals but what her lover had told her, was overly confident in her ‘fate’ and tried to use it to kill him, expecting to get rid of him easily.

The result was a sword slash that killed her and cut the entire world into two.

That was the first time that Ysnay experienced ‘death’.

However, her path to Immortality allowed her to ‘live’ again.

Her path to Immortality was called [Endless Fates]. It allowed her to imprint herself in the universe’s information through certain events. The most important the event, the greatest the result.

She could become the ‘cause’ of a fate, and that way, she could keep living as long as the ‘effect’ of that ’cause’ continued existing.

If she saved a world from destruction, then as long as that world continued existing, she could use that ‘effect’ to keep herself alive.

Moreover, she could imprint herself in as many ‘causes and effects’ as she wanted; and if she was killed, she could use these imprints to go back to life.

Back then, Ysnay had just discovered that ability. She had not told her lover about it, so he left after he cut her into two, unaware that she was not truly dead.

And she came back to life two days later.

Filled with fear of death, Ysnay somehow managed to escape the destroyed world while doing her best to hide from her lover.

Unfortunately, back then she was not as good at using fate as now, thus, she failed to cover her traces perfectly.

And her lover noticed them.

A few days later, he appeared again. Then, without waiting for Ysnay to explain herself, he brandished his sword, killing her again.

And she revived again a few days later.

Only to be killed again.

And revive again.

Every time, Ysnay managed to live a bit longer, but in the end, she could not escape the chase of her lover.

She even fooled other Immortals to help her, convincing them to help her to face her lover and defeat him.

But to her surprise, her lover was much stronger than she thought, and his title as [Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity] filled many powerful entities with fear.

Even when she joined forces with three Immortals to kill him, it only increased the number of sword slash that he needed to use from one to four.

Even when she provoked a powerful Immortal and baited him to fight her lover, her lover forced him to run away in fright and afterward killed her.

Once, and again, and again.

He killed her a total of twenty-seven times.

Until one day, he was too tired to continue.

When he realized that killing her for good was impossible, he shook his head and left, altering his memories about everything to forget it.

He forgot even her name, leaving behind only the disappointment, pain, and feeling of betrayal that he felt when she betrayed him.

Back then, Ysnay was happy. She was truly happy that she finally got rid of him. She was happy for getting the opportunity to enjoy her endless life.

But then, one hundred years passed.

And one thousand.

And ten thousand.

And finally, Ysnay realized.

How painful ‘loneliness’ was.

She tried many ways to satiate her loneliness. She met new people, she feigned to be a mortal to interact with other mortals, she approached other Immortals in search of a friend, and she even tried to create another Immortal like her so they could share their eternity together.

But she could not find solace no matter how much she searched for it. Her power made her see mortals like nothing more than ants, other Immortals were too prideful and wary to even trust her, and creating an Immortal was so difficult that it was virtually impossible.

It was then when she realized something.

Inside her, there was something that could quench her loneliness.

The memories about the man that she loved.

At that moment, only the memories about the love that she once felt could relieve her.

Even the memories of the days when she was chased by her loved one could bring a smile to her lips.

Thus, she went to search for him.

She searched for many years, hundreds of years, wandering through the infinite universe and the countless dimensions until she finally found him.

Excited, she rushed towards him. She wanted to hug him, to hold him, to kiss him. Even being cut down by his sword would have been alright.

Unfortunately, when she met him again, he looked at her in confusion and wariness.

Then, three words came out of his mouth.

“Who are you?”

Until this day, these were the three more painful words that Ysnay had ever heard.


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