FPD Chapter 611

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An Ill-Fated Relationship Lasting Thousands of Years (2)


How many years had it been? Fifty thousand years? One hundred thousand years? Ysnay could not remember it clearly.

Time was something very vague for Immortals, especially for the oldest ones.

In fact, even the concept of ‘year’ tended to vary from Immortal to Immortal according to the world where they were born.

However, something that was still clear to Ysnay was what she felt when she heard these three words.

‘Who are you?’

Ysnay felt as though her heart was pierced by a sword.

The man that she loved, the only person that she had loved in her entire life, and the person that remained in her thoughts for thousands and thousands of years, failed to recognize her.

In fact, even when she mentioned her name, he still did not know who she was.

Ysnay panicked. She hurriedly told him about their life together. About the things that they had gone through. She tried everything that she could to make him remember her.

But then, she noticed that his eyes had turned ice-cold.

“I remember.” He said. “You were the one that betrayed me.”

Ysnay stiffened completely.

However, her lover was not done.

He looked at her with an indifferent expression before shaking his head and turning around to leave.

“I wiped off what happened back then from my memory. Right now, it’s nothing more than useless information. I don’t know what do you think of me, but to me, you are nothing more than a stranger.”

These words broke Ysnay’s heart.

The pain that she felt that day was still vivid in her mind. It hurt so much that she ran away, wandering through the universe for many years in a daze.

Until coincidentally, she met him again.

This time, he recognized her.

He still did not know her name, nor anything else related to her. He only recognized her as the Immortal titled [With of Endless Fates], and the woman that once betrayed him.

But to Ysnay, even that made her joyful.

She realized that she wanted to be remembered by him, to stand beside him, to live with him.

In this enormous and lonely universe, only he seemed to be able to make her feel that she was not alone.

Thus, Ysnay decided.

No matter the price, she would return to his side.

Thus, she tried. For thousands and thousands of years, she observed him, talked to him, and helped him in an attempt to recover his trust.

Every time he died and started a new life, she would find him in the endless universe and spend a lifetime with him, finding happiness in his company.

But unfortunately, Immortals are stubborn. Once they came to a decision, it’s almost impossible to make them change their minds.

She realized it when she was with him. Even after thousands of years together, their relationship had not progressed even a bit.

He still treated her just as warily as at the start, and he still was unable to remember her name.

To him, she was still a ‘stranger that once betrayed him’.

Every time that she was reminded of that, Ysnay felt a deep pain in her heart.

For the first time in thousands of years, she wished to become stronger. She wanted to become strong enough to change the ill fate between them.

She wanted the opportunity to correct what she did wrong.

But no matter how much her powers grew, it was useless.

Changing the fate of an Immortal as powerful as her lover was a near-impossible task.

Until one day, her powers stopped growing.

No, they still grew, but it was much slower than before.

She had reached her limit.

That was when Ysnay understood that she would never have the opportunity to change the past.

And she soon noticed another thing.

She was getting tired.

Sometimes, she thought that it was better just to ‘disappear’.

Ysnay knew what it meant.

Immortals called it ‘Lifespan’.

Immortals had infinite lives, but no Immortal lived forever. At least, she did not know of any.

Because eventually, they would get tired of living, choosing suicide or just entering in a deep and eternal sleep.

Ysnay understood that she was already reaching her limit.

However, she did not want to give up yet.

She still wanted to be beside the person that she loved again. Even once would be enough.

But to her surprise, she found that her lover had done the Impossible.

He had found a way to share Immortality!

Ysnay was filled with despair when she learned of that.

Because she realized that once he shared his Immortality with someone else, her chances of regaining his love and trust would disappear completely.

Even so, she did not give up.

She was not planning to give up.

She still had hope.

“I still can earn a place beside you, my love,” Ysnay murmured softly.

But it would not be easy.

He was wary of her. Extremely wary. Anything that she tried would face his resistance.

Hence, she had to be very careful. Every movement, every step, must be taken with the utmost carefulness.

“It’s our last battle, my love.”

A battle of intelligence and wits, where winning meant getting a place beside her beloved and losing meant disappearing forever.

“Thus, let’s bet everything in this final gamble.”

Mortals and Immortals, men and women. Everything would become a chess piece in her last game.

Curling her lips up, Ysnay waved her hand, grabbing the threats of fate around her and twisting them to her convenience.

Then, fate was altered, and she disappeared from the capital.

When she reappeared again, she was up in the sky, observing the world from up above.

Her name was Ysnay Fate, known as [Witch of Endless Fates].

And today, her last struggle would start.


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