FPD Chapter 614

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Wedding Night (1)


Unfortunately, no matter how much I wanted to enjoy the rest of the day pampering Dina, the cumbersome and tiresome banquet after the wedding made it impossible.

Moreover, as Dina was the new ruler of the empire, the formalities she had to go through after the wedding were a lot.

Just the nobles that came to congratulate her could be counted in the hundreds. And it was without counting the nobles and envoys from other nations.

Fortunately, our wedding had been a bit sudden, thus, a lot of nobles did not manage to arrive in time. (The date had been announced before during the tournament to decide Dina’s husband, but back then she was just a princess, no the emperor, so many people did not plan to come to her wedding initially).

Thanks to that, we managed to finish most of the formalities before it was night.

When we finally managed to retreat to our bedroom, it was already almost night.

Even Dina was a bit tired after all that hassle, but despite that, she was smiling happily. Occasionally, she glanced at me before looking down and blushing.

As soon as we arrived at our bedroom, my sister grabbed my shirt and looked at me hazily.



“Brother, brother, brother, brother….!” Dina called at me many times and giggled happily. She then jumped towards me and kissed my lips with a soft smile on her face.

“Brother, I love you.”

“This silly girl.” I shook my head and pinched her nose. Then, I kissed her lips back as I hugged her delicate waist.

When our lips separated, Dina’s face was red and embarrassed.

But then, she furrowed her brows before smiling wryly.

“Can you return to your normal appearance? To be honest, I feel a bit uncomfortable with your current look.”

I was startled. But then, I remembered that I was still in my look as Clark.

Thus, I waved my hand. In an instant, my face had returned to the face of Claus Quintin, the Fourth Prince of the Empire and younger brother of Dina Quintin, the current empress.

Once I returned to my normal look, Dina smiled and caressed my hair, looking straight toward my eyes.

“As expected, I like the current you more.”


“Really. I mean, I know that I can’t marry you when you are like this, however, I would have liked it more if I married Claus, nor Clark.”

This girl…

“To be honest, I don’t mind either way. As long as you don’t mind making my true identity public, I can reveal it.”

Dina’s movements stopped. For an instant, her eyes lit up as though she was truly considering it.

But then, her expression dimmed and she shook her head.

“Let’s not. It will bring a lot of troubles for both of us.”

I don’t mind that level of trouble, though.

Well, if she doesn’t want, I don’t mind respecting her choice.

Perhaps feeling my thoughts, the corner of Dina’s lip rose slightly and she put her hand on my cheek.

“Idiot little brother, this is enough for me. The fact that I can marry you and give birth to your children already makes me the happiest woman in the world.”

“But I want to make you happier.”

Holding her cheeks, I leaned my head forward and kissed her lips.

Then, I kissed them again, and again.

At some point, both of us were lying on the bed, kissing each other as Dina panted with a shy and embarrassed smile.

But although I truly wanted to love her right now, there was something that I needed to do first.

Separating my lips from her, I looked straight into her eyes and grinned.

“Sister, I need to tell you a story first. Do you want to listen to it?”

Dina was startled. But when she saw that I was being serious she nodded.

I then separated my lips from her and sat on the bed. Next, before she could react, I lifted her and put her on my lap.

Finally, I hugged her waist and put my chin on her head.

“Let’s start then. It’s the story about a boy that accidentally was born again.”

Just like that, I told her my story. About my true identity, about the things that I had lived, and about what I wanted to achieve.

Finally, I told her about my goal of sharing my immortality.

During the entire time, Dina’s face was completely serious. Even though the story sounded crazy, she never laughed, and she never asked if it was a joke.

When I finished, she smiled wryly and looked at me with a complicated gaze.

“Well, I already suspected that you were different than others… But this is more than what I expected.”

I chuckled and kissed her head.

“Then, what do you say? Do you want to become one with me? To share life and death, for thousands of years, living together as Immortals?”

Dina’s body trembled. She looked at me and grabbed mi clothes tightly. Finally, she nodded with tears in her eyes.

“Y-Yes, I want! Of course, I want!”

“Great.” I then leaned forward and kissed her lips hotly.

Immediately afterward, a drop of blood fell from my lips, forming a tridimensional magic array.

Then, the contract was started.

When the contract finished, Dina was looking at me with a hot gaze.


I smiled and kissed her lips. Immediately, Dina hugged my neck and pressed her body tightly against mine.

I stopped hesitating. Feeling the temperature of my sister’s body, I pressed her against the bed, ready to start enjoying our wedding night.


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