FPD Chapter 616

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Wedding Night (3)


I slowly thrust my hips forward, moving my little friend towards her moist cave. I did not enter immediately, instead, I slowly moved my penis up and down, caressing her entrance and sending signals of pleasure to her brain.

After a few seconds, Dina began to moan again. I looked into her eyes and kissed her mouth, intertwining our tongues and increasing her pleasure and excitement.

Then, I slowly continued my thrust.

Dina opened her eyes wide when she felt something invading her. She hugged me tightly and tensed up her body, so I stopped. I then caressed her body softly to relax her and continued kissing her mouth and sucking her lips.

When her body relaxed again, I continued entering inside her.

Dina moaned in pain and pleasure and twisted her body uncomfortably. I continued pleasuring her body while entering slowly at her cave until finally, I felt something obstructing me.

I immediately knew the identity of that obstruction.

Her hymen.

I did not break through it immediately. Instead, I paused and stimulated Dina’s body to make her as relaxed as possible. After a few seconds, I noticed that most of her nervousness was gone, and she was beginning to breathe heavily.

I immediately knew that it was time.

Thus, I thrust my hips forward.

At that instant, I felt something breaking, and then, my penis advanced until the end of Dina’s vagina.

Dina’s walls tightened around my penis, and immense pleasure filled my entire mind.

“It hurts, brother!” Dina groaned and tightened her lower body to try to stop my invasion, but it only increased more the pleasure I was feeling.

Fortunately, my self-control was pretty good, so I did not continue my attack immediately. Instead, I waited without moving until her body got used to the pain.

She began to twist her body softly to escape from the pain as she ground uncomfortably, but I stopped her with a kiss and pinched her nipples and clitoris, diverting her attention from the pain.

Then, I began to move slowly.

In and out, in and out. Slowly, love juices began to flow out of Dina’s womb to lubricate her walls, increasing the pleasure she was feeling and making my movements easier.

Eventually, the expression of pain disappeared from Dina’s face, replaced by a slightly hazy and slightly lewd look.

Just then, Dina let out a soft moan.


Her moan immediately filled me with excitement, making me increased the speed of my thrusts.

Slowly, the pleasure began to overcome the pain that Dina was feeling, and before long, she also started to move.

Her movements were inexperienced, but at the same time, I could not help but find them cute.

The two of us completely lost ourselves in the pleasure of lovemaking. Our moans and deep breaths spread through the room and the sweet smell of our sweat mixed with our love juices invaded our noses.

“Claus~… My brother… Ahn… Claus…”

I sealed Dina’s lips with mine again and began to piston even faster. I could feel something beginning to build inside of me, but I suppressed it. I concentrated only on feeling the body of Dina and hearing her moans and groans of pleasure.

The erratic movements and the soft groans of Dina made me very excited. Knowing that I was making love to my big sister and that she was twisting her body lewdly below my body filled with an incredible sense of conquest.

But despite Dina’s efforts, in the end, she was inexperienced when it came to sex. Before long, she became tired and her movements stopped completely. She could only receive my thrusts passively and moan in pleasure every time that my hips hit her pelvis.

At that moment, I moved my mouth to her breasts and sucked her right breast fiercely as I bit her nipples slightly.


Dina’s eyes opened widely and a moan escaped from her lips. The combination of pain and pleasure caused her body to twitch and her lower cave to clench my penis tightly.

I grunted in pleasure and thrust my penis fiercely, making Dina moan once and again. Her body turned completely soft, and her eyes became hazier and hazier.

Her mind began to turn white, and she could only murmur my name repeatedly between moans. When I saw that, I realized that she was close to cumming again and sped up my thrusts.

“Ahhhnnn!” Dina grabbed the sheets of the bed with a hand and used her other hand to grab my back. I felt her nails piercing my skin slightly, but my lower body continued moving despite that.

“Claus ~… Something… Something is coming~…” Dina screamed with a nervous and expectant tone. I hugged her body and pressed her against the bed with all my strength. Finally, I thrust inside her deeply.

Instantly, her body shivered completely, and her expression melted. At the same time, her cave clenched my penis fiercely as though it wanted to suck my seeds out.

I grunted and continued thrusting my penis until finally, I felt something building in my abdomen.

Without hesitation, I decided to release it and started to thrust my penis inside her even harder than before.

In the next second, a load of semen was shot inside Dina.


Dina moaned again when my semen was shot inside her womb. Feeling the warm semen inside her, her body twitched slightly and she groaned as she hugged my body tightly.

A sigh of satisfaction escaped from my lips. Seeing in that state, I felt a great sense of achievement.

But suddenly, I heard my sister whisper something.

“… Claus, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I returned the kiss and caressed her body while muttering sweet nothings in her ear. Dina then curled her lips up happily and blushed.

To be honest, I found her expression so adorable that I wanted to continue making love to her.

But unfortunately, I noticed that she had fallen asleep.

Well, it was normal. After all, today had been a tiring day. Plus, we did the ritual to share our immortality too, so she must be very tired right now.

Stroking her face gently, I burned a slight fragment of my soul and sent it inside her body, increasing her cultivation up to the fifteenth layer and at the same time relieving her tiredness.

Afterward, I just looked at her with a smile on my face.

I still wanted to continue having sex, but I was not in a hurry. After all, we will be together eternally.

I will have plenty of time to enjoy her body.


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