FPD Chapter 617

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Inoming Civil War


We spend the next two days without leaving the room. Even when we needed to eat, Daisy or one of the servants would bring us the food.

The room also had a bathroom, so we did not need to leave to take a bath either.

As for the reason why we did not leave the room, I think that the answer is obvious enough.

I mean, we were a pair of newlyweds. It was obvious that we would be glued to each other.

Our actions were a bit troublesome because the capital had just experienced an attack, but fortunately, our grandfather was very understanding of our situation and took care of the empire while we were busy exploring each other’s bodies.

In all honesty, we were planning to stay like that for around one week, perhaps even more. But unfortunately, a sudden piece of news forced us to change our plans.

“Alan declared war!? What is that idiot thinking about!?” Dina shouted in rage when she heard the news.

Part of the reason was that she found Alan’s actions absurd, and part of the reason was that the news interrupted our time together. Now that a war was about to start, it was obvious that we could not continue indulging ourselves in sex and pleasure.

Perhaps due to it, Dina seemed in a very bad mood. So much that the person that brought the piece of news trembled in fear and hurriedly explained the situation.

According to him, just one day ago, Alan declared that he would be waging war against the empire and he started recruiting troops.

Moreover, he received the support of the Carmell Family, the Riea Family, the Daemon Empire, and even some human nations neighboring the Empire.

The situation was very bad no matter how you looked at it.

Or at least, it seemed bad.

For the people in the known, it was a fact that Alan’s rebellion did not have hope.

After all, when it came to high-level combat power, he was completely suppressed.

I just needed to make a trip to their basecamp and I could eliminate them easily.

Dina also understood that, so she frowned deep in thought.

In the end, she looked at the messenger and gave out her orders.

“Gather all the ministers and nobles in the capital. Tell them that it’s an emergency meeting.”




One hour later, most of the ministers and nobles in the capital were gathered in the palace’s hall.

Dina was seated in the highest seat in the hall, cementing her position as the emperor (Although it had not been made official yet). I was standing at her right in my identity of Claus, and my grandfather, Creig, was at her left.

As for Dina’s ‘husband’, Clark, he was not here. The excuse was that he promised not to interfere with the empire’s affairs, but in truth, I just found it troublesome to be controlling a clone constantly.

When all the nobles were in the hall, Dina began the meeting.

“I think that all of you know why you are gathered here, right?”

The nobles looked at each other and nodded.

Some of them had nervous expressions, and others were deep in their thoughts. There were even some with fierce expressions, as though they were ready to face the war.

It was obvious that every one of them had heard the news already.

“Good.” Dina nodded. “Then I don’t need to explain much. Alan is a traitor, and the families supporting him are traitors as well. The bastard even dared to ask the daemons for help! He doesn’t deserve to continue living!”

“Your Majesty, give out your orders!” One of the nobles stepped out excitedly. At the same time, the others started to speak up one after another.

Now that Dina was the new ruler of the empire, many of them were eager to show their loyalty. For them, this was a great opportunity.

Plus, most of them knew about the true situation of the war. They knew that we had the absolute advantage.

Dina thought for a moment and looked at me. When she saw that I nodded, she spoke up.

“Very well. Every noble will contribute from one hundred to two thousand soldiers according to your capabilities. They must be ready before one week! Understood?”

“““As Your Majesty wills!”””

“Good. Also, my little brother, Claus Quintin, will be in charge of this expedition. From today onwards, he will receive the title of the [Empress’s Sword], and he will be the highest general of the empire!”

This time, the words of the empress caused a great shock.

Her words meant that she gave me absolute authority over the empire’s military. It was more powerful than any noble possessed.

I could see that some of the nobles were displeased by that. Obviously, the empress’s words touched their interests. But in the end, none of them objected to her words.

After all, Dina had just become the ruler of the empire. No noble wanted to offend her right now.

They were afraid of being punished as traitors just to make an example of them.

By the way, it was me who asked her for this title. It will make some things easier for me in the future.

When Dina saw that nobody refused her words, she nodded satisfied and spoke up again.

“Great. This situation is of the utmost urgency, so I hope you can bring your troops as quickly as possible. We can’t let Alan gain the advantage in the war. Now, if none of you has anything to say, you are dismissed.”


Without hesitation, the nobles nodded and left the hall one after another.

Some of them were already taking out communication magic stones to pass out their orders.

After all, this was the first important order since Dina became the empress. Many of them wanted to use this opportunity to give her a good impression.

If they did well this time, they could even get the recognition of the new ruler of the empire, and with that, the future of their families would be guaranteed as long as Dina was the empress.

When the nobles were gone, Dina frowned and looked at me.

“Claus, is it alright?”

“It is. Don’t worry, sister.”



Dina looked at me fixedly and finally nodded.

There was a reason why she was like that.

In truth, the situation was not as simple as it seemed.

Certainly, Alan’s rebellion was nothing important. In fact, I could take care of it easily.

In fact, if I wanted, I could have killed Alan easily together with his father and mother the day that he tried to kill the emperor.

But there is a reason why I didn’t.

It was because I wanted this war.

Yes, I wanted to provoke this civil war.

And I was planning to use it as bait.

I don’t know exactly what the unknown Immortal is planning, but I noticed that he is using wars as a medium.

Then, what would he do if a great war starts?

If my guess is not wrong, he will try to make use of it.

And to do that, he needs to appear.

And I plan to use that opportunity to catch his tail.

However, he is not my true target this time.

My true target is my old friend, and at the same time, my enemy.

Ysnay must be waiting for an opportunity to make her move. Right now, she must be sharpening her claws to start her attack.

Thus, I gave her the chance that she needs.

Now, I only need to wait if she takes the bait.

This way, when our battle starts, I will be able to take the initiative.

Now, my old friend, what are you going to do?

Let’s see who achieves victory in our battle.


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