FPD Chapter 618

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Recent Changes


After Alan’s war declaration, the entire empire started to prepare for war. Even in the capital, you could see young men being drafted to participate in the civil war.

There was fear and anxiety in the people of the capital now that the war had started, mainly because some of them were still recovering from the last disaster.

In truth, the commoners did not want this war.

But as people without power authority, they did not have a choice.

They could only follow orders.

It was a bit tragic, but it was the reality.

I was preparing for war as well. During the days after the meeting, I prepared everything that I needed for the war.

I would be taking the men of Eternity’s Fangs with me, including the three sisters, Marana, Akilah, and Raven. Louise, Daisy, and Katherine also decided to come with me, as well as my two aunts.

Safelia, on the other hand, decided to stay in the capital together with Clara. Both of them are fifteenth-layer powerhouses right now, so they could help to protect the capital if something happened.

Plus, Headmistress Evelyn, Rose, and my sister will stay as well. With them in the capital, I don’t need to worry unless it’s an immortal attacking.

Four days after the war declaration, I was lying on a bed in my mansion with a mature brown-haired woman sleeping beside me.

She was Hope, the empress’s former personal servant.

After the coup d’eta, she had come to live with me.

Just then, Hope opened her eyes groggily and looked at me with a smile.

“Your highness…”

“I told you that you don’t need to call me Your highness anymore. How about calling me husband instead?”

“Very well, my husband.” Hope giggled softly and kissed my lips. In exchange, I hugged her naked body and pressed her against the bed.

As soon as we started to flirt, we felt our bodies becoming hot.

Thus, A few seconds later, her moans could be heard through the entire room.

After a few rounds of morning sex, Hope finally collapsed in the bed and put on a satisfied smile.

“I wonder if I’ll be pregnant after this.”

I smiled wryly. This woman…

“Why are you in such a hurry to get pregnant? We have an eternity to spend together. You can have as many children as you want.”

“Yes, but I want to have your child now, my husband,” Hope said with a pout. “Could it be that you don’t want it?”

I shook my head with a bitter smile.

“It’s not that I don’t want children, but it’s not the best moment yet.”

Hope fell silent before heaving a sigh and nodding.

“You are right. Now is not the best moment.”

After the coup d’eta, I kept my promise to Hope and brought her with me.

Hope wanted to be my new personal servant, but Daisy refused vehemently. In the end, I decided to make her my butler.

Unlike Daisy, who is in charge of my personal needs, as my butler, Hope is in charge of watching over my house and things like that.

However, that was not the only change that Hope experienced after the coup d’eta.

Three days after that, I made her one of my dependents as well.

She was not the only one. Andrea, Lina, and Claire had become my dependents as well. In other words, I had added four new fifteenth-layer powerhouses to my line-up of wives.

I also explained to them about my origins and the situation that I’m facing now.

Due to that, Hope knew everything about the unknown Immortal and Ysnay. Thus, she understood that it was not the most appropriate time to have a child.

Seeing her disappointed expression, I sighed and put a kiss on her lips.

“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll give you as many children as you want when everything ends.”

“… You promise?”

“I do.” I chuckled and hugged her tightly. “We can start practicing now if you want.”

Hope rolled her eyes and pushed me away.

“Stop it, it’s already almost noon. Miss Elene and Miss Iris will arrive at the mansion in the afternoon. You need to save your strength for when you meet them.”

I smiled wryly and nodded.

Hope was not the only one that saw a change in our relationship after the coup d’eta. It was the same for Elene and Iris as well.

Right now, Elene had become the imperial physician. She was the highest authority in medicine in the entire empire.

Well, she was still just an eighth-layer practitioner and the Imperial physician was usually a tenth or eleventh layer powerhouse, so some people were discontent with her, but I will make her one of my dependents soon, so it will not matter then.

As for Iris, she became my fiancée officialy.

Yes, just like Clara.

Dina used the excuse that, as Iris was originally Bryan’s, my brother, fiancée, it would be a good idea to keep her in the royal family, so she decided to engage her to me (It was my idea).

Iris was so happy when she learned about it that she cried tears of joy. But unlike her, Louise, Andrea, and Katherine became very jealous.

In the end, they only calmed down after I promised to marry all of them. As for who I was going to marry first? Well, they could decide by themselves.

Later, I learned that the girls waged a huge battle to decide who was going to be the first to marry me, and even Claire, Lina, Headmistress Evelyn, Princess E’Athar, and Rose participated. The battle lasted a total of three days until a winner was decided.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, a lot of things had changed since the coup d’eta.

But some people were not happy with these changes.

I needed to talk with these people.

Thus, after I spent an afternoon with Elene and Iris, I visited a place that I had not visited in a while.

Changing my identity to Clark, I walked through the streets of the capital until arriving at a familiar house.

After knocking on the door, a familiar voice answered from inside the house as the owner of the voice opened the door.

But as soon as she saw me, her eyes opened wide.


I smiled softly and nodded.

“Long time no see you, Lluvia.”


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