FPD Chapter 62

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Another Kind of Fight (1)


Louise wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She responded fiercely to my kiss, trying to engulf my mouth with hers.

I carried her inside while hugging her ass. My tongue moved into her mouth and searched for her tongue. Louise panickily tried to hide her tongue, my I quickly found it and intertwined my tongue with hers.

In the beginning, Louise was a bit timid facing my deep kiss, however, she learned quickly and imitated my movements, entwining her tongue with mine and sucking my saliva.

Her breathing quickly turned heavy, and her face turned hot. Louise tightened her arms around my neck and glued her body to mine, melting on my embrace.

I answered biting her soft lips. Louise moaned and closed her eyes.

Our kiss continued for a long while. Once we finished that kiss, we kissed again. Then, we kissed again. Louise was soon addicted to the feeling of kissing and tried to be more active, kissing me with even more lust and passion.

After a few minutes, I separated my mouth from hers and kissed her neck.

Louise lifted her face and let out a moan. I then licked and bit her neck softly, causing her to shiver in pleasure.

Then, I laid her on the bed.

Louise’s eyes had turned hazy. She was looking at me with a passionate expression, hugging my neck and kissing my face crazily. I responded to each of her kisses and slowly caressed her body, moving my hands to her waist and belly, and kissing her ear.

“Uhhh…” Louise whispered in joy and moved her hands to my back.

Seeing her expression, I began to unbutton her green dress. Louise sat on the bed to make it easier for me to unbutton it and began to take off my shirt.

In the blink of an eye, I finished unbuttoning her dress. I Grinned and kissed her lips while pulling the dress down slowly.

Soon, our clothes were gone. I looked at Louise’s naked body and could not help but sigh in admiration.

Louise’s skin was pale white and her body emanated a sweet scent of milk. Her breasts were very big, at the point that I could not cover them with my hands. I lowered her bra and wrapped my hands around them.

“Ahhnnn…” Louise moaned loudly. Her body reacted excitedly to the feeling of my touch. She caressed my chest and searched my mouth with her tongue while I played with her breasts.

Our movements became wilder and wilder. I pushed Louise down on the bed and lied on her. My mouth continued kissing her lips while my hands moved around her body, stimulating her sensitive parts and caressing her soft skin.

Louise’s green eyes were completely moist. Her blonde hair fell on the bed creating a beautiful image that captivated me.

My excitement shot through the roof. Feeling her body trembling below mine granted me an incredible feeling of dominance.

I then moved a hand between her legs. I slowly moved my hand around her thigs until reaching her cave. When my hand touched her entrance, Louise could not help but shiver.

Instantly, lots of love juice flowed out of her cave. My hands were drenched in the love juices of her first orgasm.

Louise closed her eyes and moaned satisfied. She hugged my back and pressed her body against mine.

I looked at her expression and grinned. Then, I bit her ear and muttered sweet words.

“You are very beautiful, Louise.”

Louise looked at me with an expression of love. She then brought her mouth towards mine and whispered something.

“Damn, father will kill me.”

I was amused after hearing her. “Watch your language, girl.”

“Hmph! It’s your fault!”

“Oh? Then, I wonder if I can get you to say more words like that…”

Before Louise could react, my fingers caressed the entrance of her vagina.

“Mmmhhmmm…” Louise moaned softly and looked at me with feigned anger. I smirked and moved my finger again.

Louise was very sensitive. Her mouth quickly let out moans and groans of pleasure, and her cave turned completely wet. I could feel her vagina twitching in anticipation.

But I just smirked and continued teasing her. My finger stroked her clitoris softly before pinching it, making Louise jump due to the pleasure.

I then used my other hand to rub her breast. My mouth also licked and kissed her shoulders and neck. Louise twitched and twisted below me, digging her nails into my back, but she was soon overwhelmed by the pleasure.

Quicker than last time, Louise climaxed again with a scream.

“Huh… huh…” Louise panted after the climax. Her body was twitching due to the strong stimulation it felt, and her eyelashes shivered repeatedly.

But at that moment, she felt something huge and hard between her legs.

Louise opened her eyes surprised. She looked down and saw my penis standing proudly before her entrance, ready to invade the holy kingdom anytime.

“… It’s so big.” Louise exclaimed. She then touched it with her hand timidly.

I smiled and rubbed her entrance with it. Louise let out a gasp of surprise.

She then looked into my eyes timidly.

“I heard that it hurts the first time…”

I was surprised seeing this side of Louise. Louise always seemed like someone proud and decisive. Even when we kissed, she tried to get the initiative despite her inexperience.

But now, she had such a pitiful expression that I could not help but want to devour her instantly.

I smiled and lifted her face with my hand, kissing her soft lips lovingly. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Louise nodded and closed her eyes.

I took it as the signal to start and moved my waist forward slowly.


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