FPD Chapter 621

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Clarice’s Passion


Clarice and I got rid of our clothes quickly. We did not care that we were in Nana’s room, nor that she could wake up at any moment. In fact, if she woke up, we most likely would make her join us.

In just an instant, Clarice’s lust had erupted completely.

She hugged my neck and pressed her body against mine. Her mouth searched hungrily for my lips, as though she was an addict looking for her drugs.

I responded with the same intensity. My hands moved around her body skillfully, caressing each inch of her skin.

Her body had turned completely hot. It was as though oil had been poured in a small flame, creating a giant fire.

I continued kissing Clarice. Her neck, her shoulders, her breast. My mouth moved through her body, tasting her youthful flavor and making her groan in pleasure.

I then pushed Clarice’s body against the door of a nearby wardrobe and grabbed her breasts. Clarice gasped and closed her eyes while letting out a long groan.

Hugging my neck again, she searched for my lips lustfully, kissing me passionately and using her tongue to invade my mouth.

I understood her intentions and cooperated with her, invading her mouth with my tongue as well.

Threads of saliva were created between us, some even sliding down our mouths.

“… Clark…” Clarice muttered my name softly. I could hear the love and lust in her voice. As though she could not wait to feel me inside her.

And I was more than willing to indulge her. I lifted her body in my arms and threw her to the bed, beside Nana, getting ready to start our fierce battle.

I then stood over her with my two hands on both sides of her head. In that position, I looked straight into Clarice’s eyes with a slight smirk.

“It has been a long time since we sleep together.”

“Mm… You are so bad, forgetting about your woman. Do you know how lonely I was?”

Hearing Clarice’s coy words, I chuckled.

“I’m not your husband, though.”

“Bah, you know that I don’t care about him.”

Right, you don’t.

I smirked and kissed her again. Clarice received my kiss happily and hugged my back. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to rub her body against mine, as though asking me to own her.

The scene was so seductive and tempting that I wanted to howl.

There was no need for much foreplay. Clarice was so excited and wet that her love juices were drenching the bed.

Her face was filled with so much lust that it seemed like she was melting.

“P-Please…” She asked me with a tempting gaze. I smiled and kissed her lips. Then, I kissed her neck while my rod searched for the entrance to her sacred cave.

With a grunt, I pierced her in one go.

Clarice gasped. Her body curved upwards, and her sacred cave tightened around my penis amazingly.

The love juices lubricated my penis and allowed it to reach to her deepest part without a problem. It was as though her hole was made specifically for me to use.

It felt as though her vagina was sucking my penis, trying to absorb my energy.

This succubus…

With another grunt, I started to thrust violently.

“Ahn…~” Clarice moaned. She hugged my neck and closed her eyes, enjoying the fierce attacks.

Her body twisted lustfully, creating a seductive image that stimulated my sexual desire, and her breasts shook with each thrust.

I could see her desire in the eyes looking at me. It was as though she was asking me to own her, to make her mine.

And who am I to refuse?

“Clarice!” I thrusted once and again, pinning Clarice on the bed and attacking her insides once and again.

“Clark…~ I-I love you…~ Ahn… Ughn…”

I grinned and kissed her lips again. Meanwhile, my lower body continued thrusting, exploring the beauty of her body.

With each thrust, I felt the walls of her cave constricting around my penis, engulfing my member and sucking it. At the same time, her uterus seemed to have a strange attraction force that pulled me towards the deepest part of her hole.

The feeling was so pleasurable that I wanted to continue like this forever.

I continued thrusting inside Clarice’s vagina, moving up and down and enjoying her honey cave.

My hands then grabbed her legs, caressing the inner side of her thigs and then putting her legs over my shoulders. Clarice could not hold it anymore and let out a pleasurable groan.

My breathing turned rougher. Seeing such a lovely young wife moaning below me made me feel like I was going to explode.

Clarice’s hair was messy while her eyes were filled with lust and her cheeks were flushed. An uncontrollable blazing passion seemed to overflow out of her.

With each thrust, her plumb breast jiggled and shook, showing a fascinating scene.

I pressed my body against her, sticking our chests together. Then, our mouths glued to each other and our tongues started a battle of passion.

Our deep love was transmitted through this kiss. I could feel that Clarice’s excitement had already reached the peak.

I could vividly feel the softness of her skin. Her soft skin had turned hot and shivered softly every time that my holy weapon reached to her deepest part.

Clarice hugged my neck and closed her eyes, groaning softly each time I attacked her. She matched her movements with mine, doing her best to get as much pleasure from this as she could.

Her cheeks were flushed and her ears were utterly red. She looked so beautiful like that that I wanted nothing but to make her scream in pleasure.

I continued my attacks while exploring each place of her body. Caressing her breasts, her waist, her nipples, her legs. At the same time, I bit slightly her neck, making her quiver once and again and give out a sexy moan.

“… Clark… N-No…”

Although she spoke such words, her hands were still hugging my neck and her legs were wrapped around my waist, not letting me go.

Just then, Clarice started to feel a strong pleasure building up inside her. With a groan, she pressed her body against mine and kissed my lips.

I understood that her first orgasm was coming and moved faster and faster. My stick entered and exited her hole once and again, creating perverted sounds that resounded inside the room.

Finally, Clarice was unable to endure anymore and let out a loud cry.


Then, her body shivered and her honey hole tightened around my penis.

An instant later, I felt a rush of love juices gushing out of her vagina.

Clarice’s body quivered for a few seconds. She then let out a long breath and panted softly.

Her black eyes opened slightly and looked at me in satisfaction. A slightly sour smell attacked my nose, coming from the love juices she produced.

After cumming, Clarice’s face was completely red and her body was soft. She hugged my neck and kissed my lips softly with a happy smile.

However, I was obviously not satisfied yet.

As soon as I felt Clarice’s orgasm finish, I started to move once more.

The instant I moved, Claire moaned. Her vaginal walls contracted tightly and her mouth released an extended moan.

My hands silently reached to her breasts, grabbing each one of them and massaging them as I continued to move. I kneaded, stroke, and pinched her nipples repeatedly, even biting them once.

“So good…! Ahn… Good… Clark…. No… Ahn…”

Clarice’s eyes turned blurred as I lunged in and out of her vagina. The unbearable pleasure coming from her cave made her gasp silently.

My chest pressed against her breast, squeezing them flat. Each time I rammed her, her upper body would move, and my chest rubbed against her nipples.

Clarice’s mouth opened slightly, letting out intelligible sounds that came from the depths of her throat.

Clarice had thrown off all thoughts of restraint from her mind. Her waist arched backward to raise her butt so my glans could enter her more easily. Inside, my meat stick scrapped against her tender and plump flesh, provoking her a strange soreness that made Clarice crazy.

Currently, her mind was completely immersed in sex, forgetting everything else. Only I and the pleasure I was giving her existed for her.

An intoxicating look appeared on her face. Clarice could not help but let out another moan.

Meanwhile, she shook her waist up and down, enjoying the happiness brought by these movements.

Soon, Clarice felt herself approaching her second orgasm. Immediately, she hugged my body tightly and bit my shoulder.

I cooperated with her and pistoned faster and faster, stronger and stronger until I felt my ejaculation coming as well.

As I looked at the crazed and lustful appearance of Clarice, a faint prideful smile rose up in my face. Then, when I felt she was about to cum, I brought her legs to her breast, which rose her buttocks upwards and allowed me to reach even deeper in her cave.

Immediately, Clarice shivered all over. She felt a huge wave run through her vagina as my hot member broke into the deepest part of her.

“Aahhhhhnnnh…! Clark…!!”

With a long scream, Clarice cummed.

At the same time, I pushed my rock hard penis to the deepest part of her and shot everything inside her womb.

An entranced expression appeared on Clarice’s face. With a soft moan, she closed her eyes and shivered.

Finally, her body lost all strength as she lay feebly on the bed.

“Clark…” Clarice looked at me hazily and smiled.

I smiled back and kissed her lips. But just then, I felt a gaze on me.

Looking beside us, I saw Nana looking at us with a curious expression.


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