FPD Chapter 625

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New Power


Carmell Earldom.

One of the three biggest territories of the Arcadian Empire, home to the Carmell Family, and perhaps for many, the riches place of the entire empire.

As a family whose roots were merchants, the Carmell Family was the greatest merchants in the empire. There was nothing that they did not trade, including legal and illegal stuff.

Due to it, this family owned riches that made even the imperial family envious. They were perhaps the richest family in the entire world.

And their riches were reflexed in their territory.

The Carmell Earldom was a prosperous territory where even the poorest commoner had enough money to not starve. In this place, it was hard to see beggars, and the people living here lived happily.

In all honesty, the Carmell Family was excellent at managing their territory. Due to it, they were very loved by their subjects.

Hence, when the Carmell Family announced their plan to support Prince Alan’s rebel army, few people in the territory objected.

Despite the fact that many of them did not want to go to war, they accepted the draft order calmly and were ready to serve the Carmell Family.

In just one week, forty thousand men had been gathered.

And that was just counting the men of the Carmell Earldom. Besides these forty thousand men, Earl Riea contributed another twenty thousand, and some of the countries bordering the empire contributed another twenty thousand men.

In total, there were a total of eighty thousand men in Prince’s Alan’s army.

It was almost twice as big as the army that Claus was leading.

Plus, Prince Alan had also received support from the daemons. They had sent a few powerhouses to help Alan to win against Claus.

Even so, the atmosphere in Prince Alan’s tent was dark.

“We just received news from the capital.” Earl Riea said with a frown. “Fifty thousand men parted from the capital to subjugate us. They are being led by Prince Claus.”

“Fifty thousand, huh. In other words, we have the advantage in men.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know how effective our advantage will be, Prince.” Earl Riea replied.

“What is the plan?” One of the men of the Carmell Family asked. “Are we going to ambush then? Or are we going to make a pincer attack?”

“We should just attack them directly. It will be faster this way.” Alan replied immediately.

“That is no good, Prince.” Earl Riea and Earl Carmell shook their heads simultaneously. “If we attack them directly, our losses will be enormous even if we win. It’s better if we think in a way to reduce our losses.”

“There is no need to worry about that.” Alan snorted and continued. “Did you forget? We received help from that person. We are not the same people of a few days ago.”

“About that… Prince, are you sure that we can trust him?”

“What are you talking about, Uncle? Do we have any other option?”

Earl Reia smiled bitterly.

Right, they were already at the end of the rope. They needed to grasp every straw possible.

Plus, when he remembered that person and what he gave to them…

Earl Riea clenched his fist tightly. He could feel a power inside him that he had never felt before coursing through his body.

It was so strong, so fierce, and so wild. It was overwhelmingly strong, at the point that he had the illusion that he was invisible.

And that person gave him this power.

Earl Riea did not know who he or she was, but he knew that he was astonishingly powerful.


‘With so much power, he should be able to take care of this matter by himself. Why does he need our help then? Could it be that his power is not enough or is he planning something behind our backs?’

As an old politician, Earl Riea knew that something was wrong with that person.

However, just as Alan said, right now, they could not be picky.

Whatever that person’s intentions were, he was their only hope now.

After he thought of that, Earl Riea stopped hesitating.

“Very well, we will follow your plan then.”

“Perfect.” Alan grinned. “What do you think, Earl Carmell? Do you agree?”

“… I agree as well. You are right. Now that we have this power, we don’t need to be afraid of the powerhouses of the empire any more. Even if the woman that killed the ancestor appears, we will be able to eliminate her.”

“Yes.” Alan smiled savagely. “This time, we will take care of whatever appears in our path.”

At that moment, Alan thought about the hated face of his brother.

He remembered the multiple times that he was humiliated by him, and the despair that he felt when he realized his brother’s overwhelming strength.

This time, though, it would be different.

With this power, he would make him kneel before him and beg for his life. He would show Claus true despair.

Finally, the time of his revenge had come.


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