FPD Chapter 628

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Brother and Chess


Alan’s letter was a surprise, but after thinking for a while, I decided to accept.

I wanted to hear what he wanted to tell me.

The meeting was arranged halfway between the city and the camp of the Rebel Army. This way, both sides could react quickly if anyone plotted something against the other party.

I took Aunt Dayana and Louise with me to the meeting. Both of them were aware of my true power, so they knew that we were in no danger going to the meeting.

Aunt Dayana came with me as my assistant, but Louise was different. The reason that she came with me was to see her father.

There was a high chance that her father would be there during the meeting, so she wanted to see if she could talk to him.

I knew about her plan, but I did not oppose it. Anyway, I can already imagine the result of the meeting.

When the three of us arrived at the place of the meeting, we found Alan waiting for us seated at a table, with Earl Riea and Earl Carmell standing behind him.

In the table, there was a game of Imperial Chess unstarted. It was a game similar to the usual chess, but with some different rules.

When my brother saw me, he smiled politely and pointed to the table.

“Do you want to have a game with me, little brother?”

I raised an eyebrow. Oh? This guy is radiating confidence. It looks like he truly believes that he will win this time.

I smiled slightly and walked towards him. But then, I was startled.

After observing him carefully, I noticed something strange with his aura.

It was the same that I noticed in the daemon powerhouses. A strangely violent aura, filled with a feeling of desolation and destruction.

Not just him, but Earl Riea’s aura and Earl Carmell’s aura were similar as well.

… So it’s that, huh.

To think that he already started to interfere.

I found a clue sooner than I expected.

Curling my lips up in amusement, I sat down across my brother.

“Do you know how to play?” Alan asked me.

“I have never played before, but I know the rules.”

“Is it so? I’ll go easy on you, then. I don’t want to make you lose so pathetically.”

I rolled my eyes.

Who are you fooling?

Most likely, you want to humiliate me as much as possible.

“You don’t need to go easy on me, Eldest Brother. Did you forget? Unlike you, I’m a genius. Winning against you can’t be easier.”

Alan’s lips twitched.

I could see a red light flashing in his eyes, showing his rage and resentment, but it disappeared instantly, his eyes becoming as calm as a lake again.

“Is it so?” He smiled calmly, suppressing his hatred, and started the game.

After moving the first piece, he gestured to me, who moved my first piece as well. Just like that, the game started.

What I told Alan was the truth. I have never played this kind of chess before. I know the rules because I heard them once, but I never bothered to play it.

But just knowing the rules is enough for me. I have played too many similar games, and this one can be considered pretty simple among them. With just a thought, I can derivate thousands of future movements.

To me, this kind of game is child’s play.

Of course, I did not show it. Instead, I played like a ‘novice’, making Alan believe that he had the advantage.

Just like that, we continued playing for a while. Silently and without anyone speaking.

Fifteen minutes after the start of the game, Alan finally spoke up.

“Do you know, Claus? I never took you seriously.”


“Really. I always thought that you were just a talentless bastard. Someone that I could get rid of easily. In fact, I could have gotten rid of you many times, but I found it amusing to mess with you, so I decided not to so I don’t lose my source of entertaining.”

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Alan as though he was a fool.

Do you really think that you could have gotten rid of me if you wanted? Haha, pitiful idiot.

Ignorant of my thoughts, Alan continued his words.

“That was my greatest mistake, Claus.” He said. “When I finally took you seriously, you had already grown too strong. Heh, I always thought that you were talentless, but instead, you hid your talent deeply, deeper than anyone could have expected. And finally, when you revealed it, there was nothing that anyone could do to stop you.”

“It sounds like I am an amazing person.”

“Perhaps you are.” Alan chuckled. “However, I won’t underestimate you anymore.”

Alan stopped playing and looked straight towards me.

In the same way, I also looked at him.

“This time, Claus, I will make sure to kill you until not even dust remains. I will make sure that you don’t have any opportunity to survive. And then, I will kill every person related to you.” He said with a voice filled with hatred and malice.

I looked at Alan fixedly and then, I smiled.


With a playful smile, I extended my hand and moved a chess piece.

“I’m not sure why you are so confident, eldest brother, but there is no way that you can defeat me. Never in this life.”

“… You sure are confident, huh.”

“I am.” I chuckled. “Just like with this game. If I want to defeat you, I can do it easily. As simple as breathing.”

Alan was startled. He hurriedly looked at the game and his expression immediately changed.

He had not realized it until now, but after I moved this piece, he noticed.

No matter what piece he plays, he couldn’t win.

In at most twenty turns, it will be checkmate.

Alan’s expression turned grim.

Smirking, I stood up from my seat and turned around to leave.

“If you only wanted to tell me this, brother, then I’ll leave. I need to get ready to parade your head in the capital, you see.”

“Bastard…” Alan grabbed a piece of chess and crushed it in his hands.

I chuckled amusedly and left the tent with Aunt Dayana and Louise following behind me.

Before leaving, though, Louise looked at Earl Riea.


However, the earl ignored her as though he did not hear her.

Louise bit her lips and sighed. Then, she left with me.

When I saw that, I grabbed her hand and indicated her to not worry.

Then, we returned to the city.

But once I returned to the city, I left again.

Stepping across space, I appeared in the rebel camp.

There is something that I need to check in here.

Let me see if I can finally catch your tail.


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