FPD Chapter 632

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Alice’s Choice (2)


Alice was very beautiful. Her delicate skin and white hair made her look like an otherworldly fairy, and her glowing eyes and glistening lips were so seductive that you could not help but be attracted by them.

Looking at her embarrassed expression as her naked body stood before me, I could not help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

Then, I took a step forward and caressed her cheek gently.

Alice shivered slightly. She closed her eyes and shrank her body back like a scared kitten.

Although she did her best to hide it, she was visibly nervous. Her eyelids trembled repeatedly, and her body shook slightly every time that my hands touched her skin.

To be honest, I found her reactions very attractive.

Smiling, I brought my lips towards her lips, sucking them gently.


Alice stiffened in surprise, her closed eyes opened again and she looked at me in surprise.

I wanted to laugh when I saw her like that, but instead of that, I sucked her glistening lips and licked them gently as my hands moved towards her body, tenderly touching and caressing it as if I was handling a precious treasure.

“… P-Prince…”

Alice’s trembling voice filled with embarrassment resounded in the room.

She grabbed my clothes tightly, gasping and leaning against my body. Alice seemed like a bullied child searching for protection.

Seeing that ignited my sadistic desires. With a smirk, I looked at her and smiled.

“What do you want me to do, Alice?”

Hearing my question, Alice turned red and lowered her gaze.

But then she looked at me and opened her mouth slightly.


Understanding her intention, I leaned forward and brought my lips to hers again. I bit her lips slightly before using my tongue to force her lips open, inserting my tongue inside.

Perhaps it was due to the surprise, but Alice opened her mouth wide as soon as she felt my tongue invading her, allowing my tongue to enter her mouth as it sucked her tongue, tasting each corner of it.

Alice’s body quivered completely, immediately turning soft. But despite that, she did not move her lips away, showing that she did not dislike this.

Amidst our deep kiss, I started to move my hands, caressing her naked butt and smooth waist. I immediately could hear a muffled gasp and moan coming out of Alice’s throat, proof that she was feeling it.

When I felt our oxygen running out, I moved my lips away. I then moved towards her white neck, kissing, biting, and licking it passionately.


Alice’s skin had a fresh taste, perhaps because she had bathed recently. Moreover, I could feel a sweet scent coming from her skin a hair, probably from the soap she used.

My tongue traveled from her neck to her collarbone. Then, it moved even lower, reaching to her slightly raised peaks.

When Alice felt my tongue over her breasts, her body trembled violently, and her face turned redder than it was.

“P-Prince!?… T-They are small, right?”

“… Did you dislike it?”

“… N-No… B-But… T-They are small, right?”

“They are beautiful,” I replied and kissed her breasts gently. Then, I bit her already erect nipples softly.


A soft moan escaped from her lips. Her moan and the sucking sound coming from my mouth resounded in the room, creating a lewd atmosphere that ignited my desires.

I indulged in sucking her breasts and caressing her skin. I tasted them without stopping, enjoying her cute reactions and soft moans.

I could feel that Alice’s mind was already full of lust. Even her lower cave had turned completely wet, staining my pants slightly.

“Let’s go to the bed.” I breathed on her ear and lifted her body. Alice looked at me and nodded cutely. Then, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, hugging me tightly.

I did not mind it and carried her just like that, dropping her on the bed.

Despite the fact that the room was simple, this bed was more than enough for two people, and it was rather comfy, so it was perfect for Alice’s first time.

I undressed in front of her, taking everything off quickly. I could see Alice looking at me intently, her face completely red with embarrassment and shyness.

To be honest, it was entertaining to see the usually confident Alice so shy and embarrassed like this.

Once I was undressed, I laid over her and started a new round of caressing and kissing, licking her skin from her shoulders to her abdomen, and creating hickeys all over her skin.

I kissed and licked her forehead, her nose, her ears, and lastly her lips. Every place of her was kissed by me, making her completely mine.

Alice let me do whatever I wanted without stopping me. She only shivered and trembled occasionally as she looked at me with a hot gaze.

Seeing that it was already time, I put my knees between her legs to slowly separate them. I could feel her body trembling slightly, both of nervousness and excitement.

“Are you sure about this, Alice?” I asked one last time.

Alice did not speak and just nodded, her firm eyes being enough of an answer.

Seeing that, I did not hesitate anymore and put my penis against her most sacred place.

By this point, Alice was so wet that there was no need for more foreplay. Thus, I aimed my hard-rock cock at her entrance and pushed it forward, pressing it slightly against her slight.

“It’s big and hot…” Alice murmured when she felt the hardness and hotness of my cock. Looking down, she was surprised when she saw its enormous size preparing to enter her.

I smirked and started rubbing the glans against the entrance of her cave, lubricating my penis with her love juice. Then, I looked at her with an amused smile and spoke up.

“… You know that there is no going back after this, right?”

Alice nodded.

“I-It will hurt, right? P-Please hug me tightly…”


Kissing her lips to ease her nervousness, I hugged her petite body as I started to insert my penis into her cave.

“Uuuuu…. I-It hurts…”

Her hands grabbed my arms tightly and her expression contorted in pain. However, I had not broken her hymen yet.

Continuing, I pushed my cock deeper inside her, feeling the tightness of her vagina as my cock entered inch by inch.

Finally, I felt her hymen blocking the way. At the same time, the tight feeling of her vagina clamping my cock excited me.

Without hesitating anymore, I pushed my hips even further, taking her virginity.


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