FPD Chapter 635

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War (1)


The next day, I was standing in the walls of Narita City, looking towards the horizon.

Outside the walls, I could see the imperial army in formation, ready to face the rebel army.

A total of fifty thousand men were going to face the enemy eighty thousand men. Just in terms of numbers, it seemed that our army was at a disadvantage.

However, the truth was the complete opposite.

In the first place, we were fighting a defensive battle, so a smaller number of troops was not much of a problem. Plus, it was common knowledge that we were superior when it came to top-level powerhouses.

Of course, that was without taking into account the boost in power that some people in the rebel army received, courtesy of the Immortal known as [Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction].

But only a few people knew about it. And every one of them knew about my true power as well. Due to that, the morale of our army was pretty high.

In fact, some of them were already thinking about what they were going to do after the war.

I could not help but smile wryly when I saw that.

If only they know.

Perhaps the rebel army is not much of a threat. But the beings planning to make use of it are different.

And none of these beings cared about the lives of some measly tens of thousands of people.

Most likely, a great number of these soldiers will perish after being involved in our battle; the battle between Immortals.

… For a brief instant, I considered if I should just resolve everything by myself and leave them out of it. Perhaps, if I face the rebel army by myself, their deaths can be avoided.

Anyway, these mortals will not be of any use in a battle against Immortals.

However, I shook my head in the next instant.

Doing that will put me at a disadvantage. If I do that, then I would expose myself to the plans of Ysnay and [Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction].

No, it’s better if I wait until they reveal their hands. That way, I will gain a small advantage in our confrontation.

And perhaps, that small advantage can be the key to victory.

Just then, I felt several auras approaching me from behind.

When I turned around, my two aunts approaching me, with Katherine and Louise beside them.

“Everything is ready, Claus.” Aunt Dayana was the first to speak. “We are just waiting for the arrival of the enemy army.”

I nodded.

“Where is Daisy?”

“She is in the city lord mansion, protecting my mother and sister as you told her,” Louise spoke this time. “Also, I asked her to stop them if they try anything rash, like contacting my father.”

“That is good,” I sighed in relief.

Today’s battle is going to be very dangerous, and I don’t want to put any of my girls in danger.

That was the reason I told Daisy to protect Mia and Claire. That way, the three of them will be out of danger.

Of course, they are not the only ones that I want to protect.

“You should leave as well,” I told to my aunts before looking at Louise and Katherine. “You two, make sure to protect my aunts.”

“… Claus, can’t I stay? I want to help you in battle. Plus, you know how strong I am now.” Katherine asked with a complicated expression, but I shook my head.

Even If Katherine was a fifteenth-layer powerhouse after becoming my dependent, that was nothing in front of an Immortal. Not even cannon fodder.

I don’t want to put her at risk unnecessarily.

Just then, someone suddenly appeared beside me.

It was a black-haired cat girl with an expressionless look. She bowed slightly to Aunt Dayana and the others before looking at me.

“Brother, the rebel army started to move.”

I nodded to Raven’s words and looked at my aunts, Katherine, and Louise.

“It’s time.”

The girls put on complicated expressions and nodded. In the end, Aunt Dayana sighed and walked towards me.

“Claus, be careful.” She then put a kiss on my lips.

“I will.” I smiled at Aunt Dayana and kissed her back. Then, I looked at Aunt Sera, Katherine, and Louise before walking towards them and giving each one of them a kiss.

After that brief farewell, the four of them left..

Once they were gone, I patted Raven’s head softly.

“Go, get ready for the battle.”

“Understood, big brother.”

“Also, you remember my instructions, right?”

Raven hesitated slightly before speaking with a reluctant tone.

“… Once the Immortals appear, my sisters and I have to leave immediately.”

“It’s good you remember.” I looked at Raven with a firm expression. “Don’t forget it, Raven. I don’t want anything nad to happen at any of you.”

Raven nodded, but her expression was not very good.

In fact, most of the girls opposed when I told them that they could not participate in the battle against the Immortals, Katherine, Raven, Marina, and Akilah opposing it the most intensely.

However, I remained firm.

I’m not sure if I will able to protect them after the Immortals appears.

Thus, I need them in a safe place.

Of course, I left several security measures around them just in case, but even so, I don’t want to put them at unnecessary risk.

At that moment, the rebel army appeared on the horizon.

Eighty thousand people marched orderly in the direction of the city, carrying an aura filled with confidence with them.

When they arrived in front of our army, someone stepped out of the rebel army.

I recognized him instantly. He was Earl Carlson Riea, Louise and Claire’s father, and Mia’s husband.

As though sensing my gaze, the earl looked in my direction as soon as he appeared. Then, he spoke up, his voice resounding through both armies.

“Prince, order the army to surrender. Otherwise, these good men will be buried here today.”

I sneered.

“Are you sure they are the ones that will be buried today, Father-in-law?”

“… It looks like you are not planning to surrender, huh. Very well, then watch how the men that you brought here are annihilated.”

With these words, the earl snorted went back to the rebel army.

At the same time, a voice that I recognized belonging to my brother, Alan Quintin, sounded out.

“Men, Attack!!!”

Just like that, the battle between the two armies started.


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