FPD Chapter 636

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War (2)


Roaring, the rebel army charged forward. Tens of thousands of people were like a giant human wave trying to swallow the imperial army.

The first to arrive were the enemy cavalry. They charge furiously in their horses, brandishing their spears to try to create chaos in our formation.

However, the imperial army remained firm. The soldiers at the front held their shields firmly, clashing with the charging cavalry and using spears to stab them once they were stopped.

Even when the calvary created gaps in the defenses, the soldiers behind would step forward to fill the gaps, keeping the defensive formation as firm as a rock.

However, it was impossible to keep the entire enemy cavalry at bay. Occasionally, some powerful enemy practitioners would break through the wall of shields, entering our army formation and killing right and left, creating chaos and confusion.

While our soldiers were dealing with them, the enemy infantry arrived.

At that moment, both armies clashed.

Blood flowed, accompanied by cries of pain and roars of anger. In just an instant, hundreds of people were killed, both armies suffering casualties.

The rebel army lifted their swords and slashed the imperial army’s shields, while the imperial army tried to keep the rebel army at bay as they stabbed them with their spears.

At that moment, the rearguard of the rebel army acted.

In an instant, hundreds of offensive spells were fired towards the imperial army, accompanied by thousands of arrows shot by the rebel’s archers.

Fireballs, wind blades, lightning strikes, and poisoned arrows rained into the imperial army, creating successive explosions and sending blood and limbs flying.

However, the imperial army reacted almost immediately. As soon as they saw the enemy spells and arrows flying towards them, they erected hundreds of mana barriers to defend against them.

Due to that, the damage caused by the magic spells was minimum. Only a few hundreds of people were killed.

After that, the imperial army’s mages counterattacked. Once more, fireballs, wind blades, and lightning strikes flew through the battlefield, but this time towards the rebel army.

This time, though the result was different.

Because the rebel army was charging, they were more spread out and scattered. Due to it, it was harder for their mages to protect every one of them.

And the ones that could not be protected were directly killed when the spells and arrows fell.

Just like that, arrows and spells flew from a side to the other as the men of both armies clashed. Every second, tens of lives were lost, creating a sickening stench of blood and death that spread through the battlefield.

None of the two armies was able to get a significant advantage over the other. Although the rebel army had the advantage in numbers, the imperial army was defending; and in this kind of war, the defending side generally had an advantage over the attacking side, making the rebel army’s numbers advantage less significant.

At that moment, Marina, Akilah, Raven, and the men of Eternity’s Fangs moved.

Like a sharp spear, they pierced the rebel army’s formation, advancing quickly through the rebel army’s right flank while they cut down enemy after enemy.

The excellent cooperation of the men of Eternity’s Fangs made it hard for the rebel army to stop them. Moreover, the cultivation of the men of Eternity’s Fangs was pretty high, making them very deadly compared to normal soldiers.

With the appearance of Eternity’s Fangs, the war quickly tilted in the imperial army’s favor.

Seeing their companions being killed one after another, the rebel soldiers panicked. Soon, the entire right flank of the rebel army started to show signs of collapse.

That created a chain reaction that increased the rebel army’s disadvantage. The imperial soldiers started to follow Eternity’s Fangs’ lead and they pursued the rebel soldiers, killing every soldier that was too slow to escape.

Seeing the situation of the right flank, the rest of the rebel soldiers started to panic as well, snowballing the situation!

The battle had quickly become one-sided, with the imperial army having the advantage!

“Kill them!” Marana, leading the men of Eternity’s Fangs, shouted excitedly. “Don’t spare any one of them. Let them know that it was a mistake to leave their homes to come to fight us!”


For an instant, it seemed like victory would come to the imperial army.

However, I knew that it could not be so easy.

And just as I expected, the rebel army decided to reveal one of their trump cards when they saw the situation.

All of sudden, two people flew out of the rebel army’s camp.

Both of them had powerful auras that spread through the battlefield. Powerful mana surged out of their bodies, intimidating enemy and ally soldiers alike.

Both of them were fourteenth-layer powerhouses.


The two powerhouses attacked without hesitation, sending a palm strike and a sword strike in the direction of the imperial army!

Just these attacks alone were enough to wipe out hundreds of people!

But before their attacks could reach the soldiers, three even stronger auras, appeared from the imperial army side, each one with fifteenth-layer mana.

Grunting, they stopped the attacks before attacking the two rebel powerhouses.

Marana, Akilah, and Raven had moved!

Until now, they had not revealed their true strength because they were waiting for the enemy powerhouses; but now that the enemy powerhouses appeared, they could finally unleash their power.

The expressions of the two fourteenth-layer powerhouses changed. They hurriedly defended against the girl attacks as they hurriedly retreated. After all, Marana, Akilah, and Raven were fifteenth-layer powerhouses, moreover, they were three. The rebel army powerhouses were inferior both in cultivation and in numbers.

However, how could the girls let them escape so easily?

“Where are you going!?” Marana shouted. Immediately, her belt-like sword was swung out, creating a powerful sword wave that flew towards the two powerhouses.

At the same time, Aya’s body flashed, disappearing silently and then appearing in front of the two powerhouses, blocking their way.

The two enemy powerhouses were forced to stop by the two girls. Immediately, they were surrounded by the three Red Skull Sisters.

“Hehe, they didn’t look very powerful, sister,” Akilah said with a grin, her hand holding her blood-stained rapier over her shoulder. “I think I can kill the two of them by myself.”

“Don’t underestimate them. Remember what the boss told us.”

Akilah frowned and nodded. She then narrowed her eyes and looked at the two enemies.

Tanking a deep breath, she took a step forward and attacked.

But suddenly, the two powerhouses smiled.

Immediately, a terrible sense of danger assaulted the girls.

Before they could react, power erupted out of the two powerhouses. It was a terrifying power exuding an aura of death and destruction.

It was the rebel army’s trump card, the power granted to them by [Bringer of End].

Finally, the show was about to start.


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