FPD Chapter 637

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War (3)


The outburst of power coming from the two rebel powerhouses surprised Raven, Marana, and Akilah. For an instant, their expressions turned slightly pale.

“Dammit, retreat!”

Akilah and Raven did not hesitate to follow Marana’s orders. As soon as they felt the power coming from the two powerhouses, they knew that it was bad.

One second later–


The place where they were just a moment ago exploded, creating a crater of hundreds of meters.

“Damn…” Marana’s back was filled with cold sweat. “Is it what the boss meant when he said that the enemy powerhouses would be a bit stronger than they should?”

“Sister, this is not a bit stronger…” Akilah’s face was ashen white.

She could feel that the power coming from the two fourteenth-layer powerhouses was way over theirs. It seemed like they were on a completely different level.

How were they supposed to face something like this?

While Marana and Akilah were in a panic, the two powerhouses moved.

In an instant, they closed the distance between them and the girls and attacked!

“Ugh!” Marana, Akilah, and Raven gathered their mana in front of them and created a barrier to defend against the attack, but despite that, they felt a sweet taste on their throats.

Even with the three of them joining hands, they found it hard to defend against the two powerhouses’ attacks!

“Damn, how are we supposed to fight these monsters!?” Akilah cursed in a panic. At the same time, Marana’s expression turned grave.

They already knew that the enemy powerhouses would be stronger than normal. After all, their lover and boss, Prince Claus, had told them about it last night.

However, he also told them that they should be able to deal with a few of them by themselves.

‘… Boss, I think you are overestimating us a bit too much.’ Marana smiled bitterly.

This was not something that they could deal with.

However, now they did not have any other option but face them.

She could only hope that their lover notices their predicament and comes to help them.

“You are not so strong now, right?” One of the powerhouses looked at the girls and grinned. “Hehe, how does it feel to have a taste of true power.” He then clenched his fist and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

“Stop playing around.” The other powerhouse frowned with an ice-cold expression. “Let’s take care of them quickly and help the soldiers. It would be perfect if we can lure Prince Claus or his teacher out.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The first powerhouse grunted before looking at the girls with a smirk. “Sorry, ladies, it’s no personal.”

Then, he clenched his fist and attacked!

The expressions of the girls changed. They hurriedly jumped aside to avoid the attack, but even after they avoided it, the shockwaves of the punch impacted them, making them grunt in pain.

But they did not have time to worry about that. While they were avoiding the fist attack, the second powerhouse had attacked!

The girls saw a giant sword slash becoming bigger and bigger as it descended towards them!

Marana hurriedly used her belt-like sword to block it. However, the difference in strength showed immediately.

As soon as the two weapons clashed, Marana’s eyes opened wide, and then, her body was flung away and she was smashed against the ground!

“Sister!” Akilah screamed in panic and rushed towards her, however, a fist intercepted her.

Akilah’s face turned pale in fear. Helpless, she could only raise her rapier and try to stop the attack.

However, the result was the same as with her sister. After blocking the fist, the brown-haired girl was flung away and crashed against the ground.

“Gah!” Akilah groaned and spat a mouthful of blood. She felt her consciousness becoming hazy after receiving that attack.

Through her blurry consciousness, she could see the two powerhouses smiling coldly as they walked towards Marana and her, ready to deal the final blow.

But at that moment, Akilah saw something surprising.

At some point, Raven had appeared behind the two powerhouses, wielding a pair of daggers with an expressionless but furious face.

Akilah’s first instinct was to shout to her to run away and ask for help from Prince Claus, however, she soon noticed that something was strange.

Raven… She seemed different than usual.

At some point, an insane amount of energy was surging from her body, distorting the space around her.

It was a kind of energy different than mana, but it was also different than the strange energy that the two powerhouses were using. If she had to compare it, it felt like…

‘… Like the prince.’ Akilah thought to herself.

Yes, it was like the energy that Prince Claus used.

Akilah did not know it, but right now, Raven was using her link to Claus’s soul to call upon his power.

Even Raven herself did not know how she did it, but she knew that this was the only way to defeat the two enemies in front of her.

Thus, she called upon the power of her beloved big brother and filled with daggers with it.

Then, glaring angrily at the two people that dared to hurt her big sisters, Raven opened her mouth.

“[Soul Reaping Slash].”

With a seemingly slow movement, Raven’s daggers were swung down.

Immediately, the two rebel powerhouses felt an overwhelming sense of threat.

Not only them; every person on the battlefield felt as though they were looking at death face-to-face.

“W-What is this!?” The sword-wielding powerhouse turned pale. To his terror, he noticed that he could not avoid the daggers no matter how much he tried!

He hurriedly focused all his strength on his sword, trying to use it to block the daggers. At the same time, the second powerhouse clenched his fist and unleashed a powerful punch in Raven’s direction to stop the daggers.

But it was useless.

The daggers passed through the sword and the fist soundlessly, as though they were an illusion, then, they cut the two powerhouses.

There was no shockwave, no explosion, and no blood.

The only thing left behind was the expressions of terror imprinted on the two powerhouses’ faces.

And in the next second, both of them collapsed on the ground, without any sign of life.

Strangely, there was not any single injury on them.

However, their souls had been snuffed out.

That day, Raven officially became an Irregular.


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