FPD Chapter 638

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One Vs Many (1)


“So she really did it, huh.” I smiled happily from the walls of Narita City.

In the distance, I could see Raven wielding overwhelming power against the two rebel powerhouses. It was a power that was definitively above the limits of the world.

In other words, it was a power worthy of being considered an Irregular.

… Well, she was my dependent and shared my immortality, so she should be regarded as an Immortal instead.

I’m not very surprised about this, though. After all, I already knew that Raven could do this.

After all, I had seen signs of this when Raven copied my method to share Immortality and used it on her sisters.

Back then, she used her link to my soul to siphon a part of my mana and soul power, and then, she used it as though it was hers.

Perhaps she did not know the significance of such a thing, but I did.

Through this method, Raven could wield power beyond the fifteenth layer, power at the level of gods.

That was the reason why I was not worried about the Red Skull Sisters fighting the rebel powerhouses that had received power from [Bringer of End].

From the start, I was confident that Raven could defeat them.

Of course, I was prepared to intervene if something went wrong, but as expected, it was unnecessary.

Right now, Raven should be as powerful as a high-level god. Only the most powerful gods should be stronger than her.

“Unfortunately, that is still not enough in the face of an Immortal,” I said with a sigh.

The power of Immortals is incredibly overwhelming. Many Immortals can easily wipe the ground with hundreds of people as strong as the current Raven.

The current her is still unqualified to face beings like them. Perhaps she will be able to do it after ten thousand years.

It’s shame we don’t have that time.

“It would have been great if I can have another helping hand when facing Ysnay and Bringer of End], though,” I spoke to myself.

Well, there is nothing I can do about it.

The battle between Raven and the two rebel powerhouses was visible to the entire battlefield. Due to it, both the imperial army and the rebel army knew about what happened.

Obviously, the two powerhouses’ defeat was a hard blow to the rebel army’s morale. It was already low before, but it became even lower now.

Just a few seconds after that, the balance of the battle that was already tilting towards the Imperial Army’s favor, leaned completely towards it.

With cheers and roars of victory, the Imperial Army started to brandish their spears as they chased after the rebel soldiers. At the same time, more and more rebel soldiers started to run away.

If the situation continued like this, then the rebel army would be routed soon enough.

But I knew it could not be so easy.

In fact, the battle was just starting.

And just as I expected, the rebel army made their move.

In an instant, several powerful auras surged from the rebel army’s camp!

One, two, three… Ten, fifteen, twenty…

A total of twenty-three auras appeared!

Moreover, every one of them was just as strong as the powerhouses that Raven just killed!

Just their auras alone were enough to make the world tremble. When the twenty-three figures appeared above the battlefield, the mana in tens of kilometers around them became agitated.

A wild, violent, and destructive aura surged out of the powerhouses’ bodies, spreading to the entire battlefield and intimidating the soldiers at the point where many of them dropped their weapons involuntarily.

Even the three Red Skull Sisters turned pale white. Involuntarily, they took a step backward.

However, Raven soon clenched her teeth and held her daggers firmly as she forced herself to face the powerhouses.

She did not have the confidence of being able to defeat so many enemies even with the power that she recently got, but despite that, she refused to show fear.

After all, she knew that I was watching the entire situation, waiting for the perfect moment to appear.

And just as she expected, I appeared.

Taking a step forward, I compressed space below my feet, appearing directly in the sky in front of the twenty-three rebel powerhouses.

As soon as I appeared, I felt a gaze full of hatred lock on me.


Looking in the direction of the gaze, I saw my big brother, Alan Quintin, looking at me with an ice-cold look.

“How are you, big brother?” I asked with a relaxed smile. “Somehow you feel different… A new haircut perhaps?”

Alan’s expression stiffened. However, he quickly recovered and looked at me with a vicious smile.

“Can you feel my new power, little brother?” He chuckled. “You were not expecting this, right? Perhaps, now you are wondering how in the hell I managed to get this power.”

No, I’m not. I already know everything.

“Unfortunately, I don’t want to tell you.” My brother continued with a sadistic smile. “How does it feel to know that your death is approaching? Are you afraid?”

I did not reply. Instead, I looked at the powerhouses behind my brother curiously.

I recognized several of them, including my father-in-law, Earl Riea, and some members of the Carmell Family.

Moreover, there were some daemons among them as well.

All of them had received power from [Bringer of End].

“It looks like you decided to ally with daemons, big brother.” I finally spoke up. “Are you not ashamed?”

“Ashamed? Why?” Alan tilted his head with a smirk. “It won’t matter after I become the emperor, Claus. Once I cut your head off and dismember that slut seated on the throne, nothing of this will matter.”

I frowned. Hey, how do you dare to call my wife a slut?

Suppressing the urge to kill him immediately, I sighed.

“Any last words, big brother?”

Alan was startled. But then, he started to laugh maniacally.

“Hahahaha! Claus, could it be that you still think that you have a chance of victory? Hahahaha, I will make sure to rip off that rude mouth of yours before killing you!”

Sigh, this idiot.

It’s a loss of my time to kill you.

Shaking my head, I unsheathed a sword from my waist and took a step forward calmly.

“Don’t worry, big brother, I will not kill you yet. I need to make you suffer a bit first.”

“Bastard, let me see if you can still speak like that after I rip your tongue off! Charge! Kill that bastard and victory will be ours!”

With these words, the twenty-three powerhouses released their mana and killing intent.

Then, twenty-three attacks flew towards me.


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