FPD Chapter 64

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You Can’t Escape


The next morning, Louise opened her eyes groggily.

She felt a bit tired for some reason. Moreover, she realized that she was not in her room.

A bit startled, she looked around the room, she then saw a pair of deep blue eyes focused on her.

“Morning.” I said with a smile.

Louise opened her eyes wide. For a brief moment, she did not understand what was happening.

Then, memories of last night rushed to her head.

Instantly, Louise’s face turned bitter.

“… Damn, father will kill me.”

I was rather amused and replied in the same way as last night. “Watch your language, girl.”

Louise looked at me and rolled her eyes. She then stood up and looked around the room for her clothes. “I can’t believe we did something so crazy. Moreover, you shot inside me. What if I end pregnant? I have a fiancée dammit.”

I chuckled and hugged her from behind. “I’ll marry you if something like that happens.”

Louise shot me an angry look. It was obvious that she was not amused by my joke.

I chuckled again and kissed her lips. Louise struggled for a brief while, but she quickly gave up and returned the kiss.

“Don’t worry. I made sure that you don’t get pregnant. Nothing will happen.”

Louise shot me a doubtful look. When she saw I was serious, she sighed. “Sigh. To think I ended falling in your hands.”

“I think it was pretty nice. If you want, we can do it again.”

Louise’s face turned red. “Impossible! This will not happen again!”

I looked into her eyes with a smile. Louise met my gaze head-on, but before long, she moved her gaze away.

“Prince Claus, you know we are enemies. Father will never agree to this. Moreover, we will eventually clash. It’s better to end this relationship now.”

I caressed Louise’s cheek and kissed her lips. Louise was unable to escape from my kiss and could only receive it.

We kissed for a while, but when Louise felt my stick hardening, she pushed me away while panting softly. We were still naked, so Louise felt the hardness of my weapon directly.

She then put on a complicated expression and wore her clothes. “I’ll not tell anyone about what happened last night. I hope you can keep the secret too.”

I put on a serious expression and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll not tell anyone.”

Louise stared at me and heaved a sigh. She then tidied her clothes and hair and walked towards the door.

But before she could leave, I called her.


Louise turned around.

Instantly, she felt my body against her.

I hugged her tightly, smelling her sweet essence and feeling the heat of her body. Then, I gave her a peck on her lips and smiled.

“I’ll not let you forget about me.”

Louise was startled. She then pushed me away and turned around.

Before she left though, she whispered something.

“… Idiot.”

I curved my lips up and gazed at her back.

Do you think you can escape from me so easily? With such a thought, I put on my clothes and walked towards the room where Andrea was sleeping.

Andrea was still asleep when I entered. It looks like last night’s drug burdened her body more than I thought.

I wrinkled my brows for a bit and sent a bit of mana into her body. Andrea put on an expression of comfort and heaved a long sigh.

Then, her eyebrows twitched and she opened her eyes.

“… Cousin?” Andrea asked sleepily.

I smiled tenderly and patted her head. “Finally awake, sweety?”

Andrea was surprised. I never called her like that before.

But in the next second, she remembered what happened last night.

Instantly, her face turned bright red.

“Kyaaaaa!” With a cry, Andrea jumped from the bed and hid below a blanket.

“Hahahaha.” I laughed refreshed seeing that. I always loved teasing Andrea, but her reaction to last night’s events was greater than I anticipated.

Andrea looked at me from below the blanket and groaned. “… I want to die.”

I shook my head amused. Andrea had turned completely red. When she remembered all the perverted things she did last night, Andrea did not know how to look at me.

“… Cousin, Can you forget about last night?”

“Impossible.” I said firmly, but my face was smiling. I then walked towards Andrea and removed the blanket before she could react.

Andrea froze. I sighed and hugged her, putting my forehead against hers.

Andrea lowered her head timidly. She then opened her mouth and spoke in a trembling tone. “C-Cousin, do you think I’m a pervert?”

“Of course not, silly. What happened last night was not your fault.”

“B-But, I did all those things, and we k-k-kissed, and you t-touched me there, and, and…”

“Shhh, calm down.” I said and put a finger on her lips. “Don’t worry, I don’t mind what happened.”

Andrea fell silent and put her head on my chest.

After a few seconds, she said something.

“I… you…”

Her voice was muffled by my shirt, but I knew what she wanted to say.


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