FPD Chapter 640

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One Vs Many (3)


“I-Impossible, H-How can you…” Alan’s expression was full of fear. Seeing me kill one of them so easily, his earlier confidence dissapeared.

However, when he saw me smiling and walking towards them, he gritted his teeth in rage.

“Dammit, attack him! I don’t believe he can defeat all of us alone!”

The powerhouses hesitated. Some of them even seemed to be thinking that it was better to retreat.

Alan’s expression turned red in rage when he saw that.

“Dammit, attack! Are you cowards!?”

Roaring in rage, he grabbed his sword and charged towards me.

One second later, Earl Riea seemed to gather his courage and attacked me as well.

The two of them had a great enmity with me. They knew that if they were unable to kill me today, I would make them suffer a fate worse than death.

Seeing the two of them attacking, the other powerhouses seemed to make their mind as well.

“Fuck! Attack!”

“He is just a person!”

“Even a god will have to cower against us, much less a human!”

In the next instant, twenty-two attacks flew towards me.

Alan’s sword slashed towards my body, and Earl Riea thrust his sword from the right. At the same time, a mage created several mana chains and tried to use them to retrain my movements as another mage fired a ray of fire in my direction.

Swords, spears, arrows, and spells flew towards me at the same time! Every one of these attacks had enough power to destroy a great part of Narita City, and the twenty-two attacks combined were enough to erase it completely, leaving only dust behind.

Even so, these attacks were laughable to my eyes.

“Weak.” I snickered and thrust my sword forward slowly.

However, that slow sword pierced space itself before dividing into twenty-two sword thrusts that clashed against every one of the attacks.

The powerhouses were surprised, but they seemed to be aware that their attack was going to fail. Before the first wave of attacks ended, the powerhouses had already launched a second wave of attacks.

Once more, spells and weapons flew towards me fiercely.

At the same time, one of the powerhouses moved through the shadows, appearing behind me and aiming a dagger to my back.



My sword was thrust again, repelling every attack easily. At the same time, I used my left hand to grab the powerhouse trying to stab my back.

Then, before the surprised powerhouse could retreat, I grabbed his head with my left hand.


Ignoring whatever the powerhouse wanted to say, I tightened my grip over his head and smiled.

“Second one.”



I crushed his head.

Blood and gore splat out when his head exploded as the lifeless body of the powerhouse fell on the ground.

Strangely, my hands were just as clean as before killing him. Not even a trace of blood remained in them.

“Nothing happened this time either, huh,” I murmured. “Well, next one then.”



“Damn, Run away!”

The powerhouses were so terrified that their faces turned pale. One of them even tried to run away.


“Did I allow you to escape?”

With a step, I appeared in front of him and blocked his escape route.

“N-No!” The powerhouse turned pale and tried to beg me for mercy, but without caring about his words, I grabbed his head as well.


“Third one,” I muttered calmly as I watched the headless body fall on the ground.

When the remaining powerhouses saw that, their remaining reasoning collapsed.


“R-Run away!”

“Run in different directions or nobody will survive!”

Seeing the escaping powerhouses, I sneered.

Do they really think that I will allow them to escape?

Waving my hand, I slashed with my sword; severing space and cutting a powerhouse into two.

I thrust my sword after that, piercing the neck of another powerhouse, then, I continued with another slash of my sword, followed by a palm attack that flew to another fleeing powerhouse and crushed him into bits.

One, two, three, four. Every one of the powerhouses was killed, one after another.

In the end, only five people remained.

Alan, Earl Carlson Riea, and three people of the Carmell family.

The only five people that had not tried to escape.

“I-Impossible…” Alan muttered in fear, his eyes filled with horror.

At the same time, Earl Riea smiled bitterly.

“So this is the reason he gave us this power and told us to face you instead of facing you himself, huh… Who would have thought that you were this strong?”

I ignored them and furrowed my brows. Strange, why has he not acted yet?

What is [Bringer of End] waiting for?

Could it be that he doesn’t care if I kill all his pawns?

“Then, let me kill them all.” My eyes turned ice-cold as I looked at the last five people.

I did not want to kill Louise and Claire’s father, Earl Riea, like this. But I don’t want to take any risk. At most, I will resurrect him later.

Making up my mind, I raised my sword.

But before I could swing it down, the world changed.

In an instant, a terrifying pressure descended over me, and several powerful presences appeared in the sky above me.

When I looked up, I saw several powerful beings surrounding me with stern expressions.

[Be careful. This guy is very strong.] One of them spoke up.

[We know. Hurry up, prepare the seal!] [Don’t get distracted!]

Mana surged out of their bodies, taking the shape of several magic circles that combined together to form an enormous magic circle with me in the center.

Immediately, I felt space compressing around me, sealing my movements.

I looked at them and heaved a sigh.

“Gods, huh.”

So you have finally made your move, Ysnay.


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