FPD Chapter 641

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Festival of Immortals (1)


The giant magic array created by the gods sealed the space around me to stop my movements.

It was a magic array created by eight gods joining hands, so its power was unquestionable. Moreover, somehow it managed to catch me off guard, to the point where I failed to realize the gods’ interference until it had happened.

Normally, something like that was impossible.

I knew of only a person that could help them to achieve something like this.

‘You have finally made your move, huh, Ysnay.’

Murmuring that in my mind, I looked at the surrounding gods with a calm expression.

“So you finally are here, huh.”

The gods frowned. Some of them put on stern expressions, while others were looking at me with gazes full of wariness.

Around one month ago, a mysterious woman that called herself [Witch of Unending Fates] appeared before them and proposed them a deal.

They needed to stall someone for a while, and in exchange, she would tell them the method to escape the world’s shackles.

Back then, they had wondered who was so powerful that eight gods needed to join hands to stall him.

But now that they were seeing me in person, their hearts sank.

Just now, they saw how I dealt with twenty people with power similar to them easily. If I was able to deal with these twenty powerhouses, how could the eight of them hope to defeat?

[Dammit, I only hope that this array can stop him as that woman said.] One of the gods murmured with cold sweat on his forehead.

I could not help but chuckle when I saw that.

“It’s a shame, but it can’t stop me.”

In the next second, power erupted out of my body.

Instantly, the space around me was torn into pieces. The frozen space that was stopping my movements broke due to the pressure of my power!

[Dammit! Stop him!] [How is this possible?] [Where is the witch!? We won’t be able to trap this monster for long!]

The gods paled. They hurriedly added more mana to the magic array.

But it was useless.

Under their terrified gazes, the magic array started to crack, until it broke completely.


Several gods groaned in pain. The backlash of their spell being broken caused them grave injuries.

But the worst part was that I was free again.

When the gods realized that, their expressions were filled with fear.

[Prepare the spell again! We can’t let him escape!] One of them shouted, but they were dreaming if they thought they could stop me.

With a step, I closed the distance between me and one of the gods, appearing directly in front of him.

Then, I smiled and raised my sword.


With that word, my sword was swung down, piercing the god’s body.

But then, I frowned.

Because to my surprise, the god turned into an illusion, and my sword pierced nothing.

Then, I heard a chuckle coming from behind me.

“Sorry, Willian, I can’t allow you to kill them yet. These guys still have a use.”

“Ysnay,” I sighed. “So you finally decided to appear, huh.”

“Of course, my love. I have to be present for our last confrontation.”

I nodded at her words, and then, I looked at my surroundings.

How strange… Ysnay appeared too soon.

Why did she do that? I can’t see any way she can defeat me. What is she relying on?

“Are these all your preparations?” I asked while looking at the eight gods that Ysnay brought. “Do you truly think they can defeat me?”

“Of course not, dear.” Ysnay smiled. “These eight fools, how can they be compared to you? Even ten thousand of them won’t be able to touch a hair of yours.”

[Hey! What is the meaning of that!?] One of the gods asked in rage, but Ysnay just stared at him indifferently.

“Shut up.” She said.

And to the god’s horror, he realized he was unable to speak.

No, he could not move either. His body had been completely frozen.

He was not the only one. All the eight gods had been immobilized. Just one word from Ysnay was enough to subjugate them.

Then, the witch of fate looked at the battlefield and nodded.

“It’s time, my love.” She said. “Let’s start our last battle.”

I frowned in confusion. But in the next instant, I noticed something wrong.

At some point in time, a great amount of energy started to gather on the battlefield.

It was an amount of energy so enormous that space around it seemed to distort.

“This is…” My expression changed. With just a glance, I realized the source of this energy.

It was from the powerhouses I just killed!

‘Does it mean…? Dammit, it can’t be…!’

I hurriedly looked at the remaining five powerhouses alive and realized that their expressions were filled with terror.

At some point in time, they had lost control over their bodies and the energy inside them started to become violent.

I understood what was happening immediately.


Dammit, [Bringer of End], so your purpose was to kill them from the start!

I moved immediately. In an instant, I appeared before the five powerhouses and tried to stop their self-destruction.

However, at that moment, the energy that had been released when the other powerhouses were killed gathered in a single point.

At the same time, the energy inside the five remaining powerhouses was detonated.



A terrible explosion shook the entire world.

Space was torn apart, and several kilometers around the point of the explosion were destroyed. Just the shockwave of the explosion killed tens of thousands of people.

However, the worst part had not started yet.

Thanks to the explosion, a spatial singularity, a crack, appeared in the world.

And through that crack, two hands extended.

The hands grabbed both sides of the crack, before pulling them apart.

In just an instant, the crack had become big enough for ‘him’ to go through it.

With a friendly smile on his face, the newcomer looked at me and chuckled.

“Long time no see you, my brethren.”

He, [Bring of End and Eternal Destruction], had arrived at this world.


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