FPD Chapter 642

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Festival of Immortals (2)


“Long time no see you, my brethren.” When Bringer of End spoke up, his voice was so friendly that anyone hearing it would have thought that we were friends instead of enemies about to try to kill each other.

However, the terrifying power and breath of destruction surging out of his body revealed the truth.

He did not come here with good intentions.

Space seemed to crack before his mere presence, and the will of the world cried in terror and fear when it felt him.

It seemed to know that this existence only wanted one thing. To destroy this world.

Almost immediately, the entire world trembled. A powerful amount of mana gathered above [Bringer of End], condensing in a lightning strike so powerful that it could smite even the most powerful god in an instant.

But [Bringer of End] only looked at it with a teasing smile. When the lightning strike fell, he waved his hand indifferently, swatting it away as though it was a fly.



Another expression just as terrifying as the one that just happened occurred again. Several mountains where the lightning strike fell were erased from the map.

The gods that had been immobilized by Ysnay turned pale when they saw that.

[W-What is this power…?] [W-We need to escape!] [D-Dammit, why I can’t move!?]

Bringer of End looked at the gods curiously when he heard them.

“Gods? It looks like they have been immobilized though. Wait a moment, this power…”

Immediately, Bringer of End frowned.

He then looked in Ysnay’s direction with an ugly expression.


“Nice to meet you.” Ysnay smiled. “I had heard a lot about you from my lover, Bringer of End.”

“You… I see. So that was the reason why it was so easy to come here, huh.” Bringer of End nodded in realization before looking at me. “So she wants to use me to deal with you.”

I smiled wryly and nodded.

“It looks like that,” I said while holding two people in my hands.

These two people were Earl Riea and my big brother, Alan.

Yes, I had managed to rescue them before they exploded. When they were about to self-detonate, I managed to extract the energy in their bodies and threw it away.

It was a bit hard, but Louise and Claire asked me to spare their father’s life, so I didn’t want to see him die like that.

Of course, I could argue that I was not the one that killed him, but I’ll feel a bit bad with my two lovers knowing that I could have saved him but I didn’t.

As for my brother, I saved him in passing.

I have a few plans for him.

Waving my hand, I threw the two of them in direction of the city. I don’t have time to worry about them now.

The two immortals in front of me are much more important.


“… I thought you promised me to not help [Bringer of End], Ysnay.” I looked at Ysnay with an ice-cold expression.

“Actually, I promised not to interfere with your goal, Willian. But you already achieved it, right?”

I smiled bitterly.

Certainly, I already achieved my most desired wish. So technically, Ysnay helping [Bringer of End] to come to this world and using him against me does not interfere with my goal.

And to be honest, I was already expecting something like this.

Even so, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

But just then, I realized something interesting.

Looking at Bringer of End carefully, I noticed something strange.

He is… weaker than he should be…

Wait a moment, this is…

“… Is this not your true body?”

“You noticed?” Bringer of End raised an eyebrow with a smile. “You are right. This portal is too weak to endure my entire power. Thus, only a clone with a hundredth of my strength has arrived for now. But as long as this portal continued open, more of my power will continue arriving.”

He was right. I could feel an enormous amount of energy flowing to him through the portal. He was becoming stronger with every passing second.

But even so, I sighed in relief.

Great, this is not the worst-case scenery yet.

At the very least, his main body has not arrived at this world.

“It looks like I need to close the portal quickly, huh.”

Narrowing my eyes, I got ready to move.

But before I could, I felt another familiar presence suddenly appearing near us.

Raising an eyebrow, I looked in that direction only to see a beautiful elf with long black hair, emerald-green eyes, and a multicolored jewel on her forehead materializing on the battlefield.

“… Why are you here as well, [Queen]?” I asked with a frown. “Are you going to help Ysnay as well?”

To my surprise, the [Queen] shook her head. “No, I’m here to help you to face him.” She said while looking at [Bringer of Destruction].

I was a bit surprised. What is happening here?

I thought [Queen] was not planning to interfere with my battle with [Bringer of Destruction].

But when I saw her complicated expression, I understood.

… So this is another of Ysnay’s arrangements, huh.

“Seers sure are terrifying.” [Bringer of End] smile was a bit strained. It seemed he also understood that the four of us being here was part of Ysnay’s plan. “Unfortunately, you miscalculated something. Why should I help you?”

“Why, I wonder?” Ysnay smiled. “Well, you don’t need to help me if you don’t want to. In fact, you being here is already enough. Unfortunately, your current strength is not strong enough yet. Mmm… Well, let me help you a bit.”

Under the wary gazes of the three of us, Ysnay snapped her fingers.

Instantly, the eight gods behind her started to tremble, and their expressions contorted in fear and panic.

Immediately, I understood her intentions.

“Crazy bitch…” Bringer of End murmured.

In the next instant–


Eight terrifying explosions happened at the same time.

Under Ysnay’s control, the eight gods had self-destructed! Moreover, she used the energy of their self-destruction to strengthen the portal even more.

The portal became twice as big quickly, and the Bringer of End’s strength grew as result!

“Crazy bitch…” Bringer of End murmured with a smile, and his expression turned savage. “But if you want to help me to destroy this world, then I don’t plan to reject your help.”

Grinning, he took one step forward.

Immediately, his powerful energy spread to the surroundings.

And the countdown to the world’s destruction started.


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