FPD Chapter 643

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Festival of Immortals (3)


Meanwhile, in a certain mountain.

Ysnay walked forward slowly, her feet bringing her inside the seal that her beloved had created.

It was hard to know if this Ysnay was the real one or if she was just a clone and the real one was the one facing her beloved in the outskirts of Narite City. Actually, for someone like Ysnay, the words real and clone were meaningless.

With just a thought, she could make a clone ‘real’ and make her real self a ‘clone’.

Moreover, both the real and the clones possessed virtually the same abilities. Her ability to manipulate fate was not diminished despite creating several of them.

Unfortunately, it did not mean that she could become twice as strong if her real and her clone fought the same enemy; after all, the amount of ‘fate’ that she could manipulate in a certain ‘space’ was still the same. But it allowed her to be at full strength in two or more completely different locations.

And due to that, she did not need to fear the monster that she was about to face.

The red-eyed and golden-haired fox who had been glaring at her since the moment she entered the seal.

“… You are finally here, Witch.”

“Glad to see you again, Emilia.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t share that feeling.”

Ysnay smiled softly and did not pay attention to Emilia’s obvious hostility. Instead, she looked at the seal keeping Emilia trapped here.

“I came to fulfill what I promised, Emilia. I’ll free you from your seal, and in exchange, you will help me to face Willian.”

“… Very well, do it then,” Emilia replied displeased.

Chuckling, Ysnay waved her hand. Immediately, she rewrote ‘Fate’ inside the seal. In an instant, the bindings suppressing Emilia disappeared completely as though they never existed.

In the next second, an overwhelming amount of energy erupted with Emilia as the center.

Reality shook, and several spatial cracks appeared around Emilia, unable to endure her overwhelming power. But in the next instant, all the energy returned to Emilia’s body, and everything returned to normal.

Then, the red-eyed fox girl combed her golden-red hair and stood up.

“… It feels great to be free again. Dad will be happy to see me again.”

“I hope you don’t forget your promise, Emilia.”

The fox girl did not reply. Instead, she stared at Ysnay fixedly as though considering her options.

“… Tell me, Witch, what will happen to your plans if I kill you right now?”

“Do you want to kill me?” Ysnay asked calmly, completely unbothered by the killing intent oozing from the fox Immortal. “Must I remind you that killing this ‘me’ is completely useless? It won’t even delay my plans. Plus, killing me is not easy, remember?”

Emilia snorted, but her killing intent disappeared completely.

“Then, what is the plan?”

“Just help me to delay Willian for a bit. I will take care of the rest.”

With these words, the figure of Ysnay disappeared, leaving Emilia behind.

“… I hate that bitch.” Emilia sighed to herself and looked into the distance. She could feel enormous fluctuations of energy coming from the east.

The place where her dad was.

“I’m going to see you again, dad.”

With a smile of anticipation on her face, the golden-red-haired fox girl tore a hole in space.

Her destination, the place where her beloved dad was.



There is not a sure way to measure the power of Immortals. After all, every Immortal possesses a different path, and the way they used their abilities is completely different.

But if there was something that all top-tier Immortals shared, it was their overwhelming amount of energy.

Every top-tier Immortal could wield absurd amounts of energy of some kind.

It did not matter if it was Mana, Soul Power, Antimatter, or any other kind of energy; as long as it was enough to fuel their absurdly powerful attacks, then it was good.

It was the same for [Bringer of End].

As an Immortal whose power was comparable to mine and [Queen of Timeless Distortion], the amount of energy he wielded was many times greater than the total energy in this world.

And now, he was releasing that energy in this world indiscriminately.

Certainly, this was just one of his clones and not his real body, but even so, it possessed enough energy to destroy this world.

Just releasing his energy as he was doing now was enough to cause unrepairable damage to the world. If I allowed him to continue, then the consequences would be disastrous.

I could not allow that.

With a thought, my soul started to burn up, releasing an enormous amount of energy that I used to create an alternate dimension.

Then, I forcibly moved the four of us to that new dimension.

But immediately, Ysnay’s body shone, resisting my pull. At the same time, [Bringer of End] used the energy around him to break the new dimension and return to the real world.

Seeing that, I frowned and canceled the dimension. Instead, I created an enormous spatial barrier around us with the end of containing the damage of our battle as much as possible.

[Bringer of End] looked at me curiously when he saw that.

“I already noticed it before, but you seem to care a lot for the wellbeing of this world. How unlikely for an Immortal.”

I did not reply. Even though I knew that my actions were the same as telling them about my weakness, I did not have any other choice.

Just the shockwaves of a battle between Immortals of our caliber are enough to destroy this world completely. I can’t afford something like that.

Fortunately, the barrier I created seemed to be strong enough to contain [Bringer of End] spreading energy; so I heaved a sigh of relief.

Even so, the situation was still bad.

Before my eyes, more and more of [Bringer of End]’s energy was coming to this world. At this rate, he would descend completely in less than one hour.

I can’t allow that. Thus, I must stop him.

Making up my mind, I moved.

[Reality Render] appeared on my hand, slashing towards the portal behind [Bringer of End].

“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow that.” Bringer of End smiled and extended his hand. Unbelievable levels of energy were gathered on it, clashing against my sword head-on and stopping it.

Unfortunately for him, the current him was not at full strength, so he could not stop my attack for long.

However, he was not alone. Just then, Ysnay opened her mouth.


With that word, Bringer of End’s power doubled, allowing him to barely face me head-on.

“… Ysnay.” I growled, but Ysnay only smiled.

Right then, someone else moved.

It was the [Queen].

Taking one step forward, she distorted space and time, appearing directly behind Bringer of End’s portal.

Then, she slashed with her hand, trying to cut the portal into two and destroy it.

Unfortunately for her, several threads appeared in the way of her hand, stopping her attack momentarily.



Queen easily cut through them and continued her attack.

Ysnay frowned. She hurriedly used more of her power to try to block her, but Queen broke through it easily.

Moreover, because Ysnay was busy confronting Queen, she could not put attention to my battle against Bringer of End, allowing me to suppress him easily.

in the end, Ysnay was not a combat-oriented Immortal, and Bringer of End could barely use a tenth of his true strength right now, so they could not face two top-tier Immortals like Queen and me.

But as a Seer, how could Ysnay not understand that?

“As expected, it will be hard for the two of us. Fortunately, I invited someone else.”

At that moment, the space barrier that I had cast shook.

Immediately after that, a hole was torn on it, and a beautiful fox girl appeared.

“Emilia,” I murmured.

When the girl heard my voice, she turned towards me and beamed happily.



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