FPD Chapter 644

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Festival of Immortals (4)



Emilia’s voice resounded through the place.

I looked at her with a wry smile.

So it ended like this, huh.

“As expected, you brought Emilia.”

“We could not fight without her, don’t you think?” Ysnay said with an amused chuckle. “In this kind of party, more is merrier.”

Merrier? I don’t want to imagine how much destruction five Immortals in the same place can cause.

“*Whistle*, I had not seen so many of my kind in the same place in a long while.” Bringer of End said with an interested smile while looking at Ysnay. “As expected of a Seer. To gather so many Immortals for your plans.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Ysnay smiled before looking at me. “Then, darling, what do you think of my set-up. Now that we are three against two, you no longer have the advantage.

I said nothing, just staring at her coldly.

“It looks like you don’t like it. Well, it doesn’t matter. Emilia, Bringer of End, attack.”

“I don’t like to receive orders.” Bringer of End snorted, but despite that, he proceeded to attack me!

At the same time, Emilia moved!

But then–

“Die, bitch.”

With a distorted smile on her face, my golden-red-haired fox daughter appeared in front of Ysnay, piercing her chest with her arm.

Ysnay’s expression froze. Blood flowed down her lips as she looked at Emilia before sighing.


“Is it not obvious? Even though I dislike the fact that dad is flirting with other women, I’m not a traitor like you. I will never betray dad.”

Ysnay shook her head with a sigh and chuckled.

“Really, you are a hopeless dad-con. But fortunately, I already expected this.”

As soon as Ysnay’s words finished, the body that Emilia penetrated dissipated.

Immediately, another Ysnay appeared above us and smiled.

“You being here is more than enough for my plans, Emilia.”

Then, she waved her hand.

Immediately, I felt a great sense of danger.

“Careful!” I shouted.

But it was too late.

In an instant, millions of threads appeared all around us, binding us tightly!

The threads created an immense magic array that suppressed us and started to siphon our energy, using it to strengthen itself.

Surprisingly, Ysnay trapped the four Immortals besides her inside the array!

“Bitch!” Bringer of End roared in rage and his mana erupted, trying to break the magic circle. But then, Ysnay waved her hand again, closing the portal and cutting off Bringer of End’s source of energy.

Bringer of End’s face turned incredibly ugly.

“Bitch! I knew I should have not worked with a Seer!”

“What can I say? It’s very easy to fool idiots like you.”

“I’ll kill you!” Bringer of End was enraged!

Ysnay had not only stopped his descent into this world. She was also siphoning the power that had already arrived at this world and using it for her plans.

In other words, she was stealing a part of his energy!

Even if it was just a small percentage of it, it was enough to make the Immortal enraged!

He was not the only one enraged. The Queen of Timeless Distortion, Emilia, and I had equally ugly expressions.

Ysnay was stealing energy from the four of us.

Instinctively, I released my entire strength, trying to break the threads binding me and the formation around us.

But then, my expression changed.


I cursed and hurriedly created a barrier around me.

In the next instant, three attacks hit me.

They came from the other three Immortals trapped in the formation!

“Great, right?” Ysnay smiled sweetly. “I know that just this array alone can’t trap an Immortal like you for long, my dear. Thus, I thought of this strategy. This array is tied to the bodies of the four of you. If you try to break it, you will be attacking them.”

Our expressions became extremely bad.

In other words, this array was using us to restrain each other.

Only an Immortal could face another Immortal. This is a well-known saying among our kind. But Ysnay took it a level further.

She tricked three powerful Immortals just to restraint me!

However, I calmed down quickly. Even a restriction like this can’t stop me for long.

I’m confident I can destroy it in seconds.

But aware of my thoughts, Ysnay curved her lips up.

“I need less than that.”

Then, she extended her hand.

Immediately, a thread emerged from my head.

And this thread was connected to someone in Narite City.

‘This is…!’

My shared Immortality with Raven!

Ysnay touched the thread and her face lit up in excitement. Then, she grabbed another thread that came from her body.

This bitch. So this is her plan!

She is planning to rewrite my connection to Raven, replacing her!

Ysnay did not hesitate. She immediately tried to fuse her thread with ours as she severed my connection to Raven.

However, it was not easy. After all, it was a ‘Fate’ related to an immortal. Just the energy necessary to do something like this was astonishing.

Moreover, I was also resisting her attempts to change fate.

Unfortunately, the array was suppressing me and constantly siphoning my energy, making it hard to resist her!

At this rate, she would succeed, forcing herself as one of my dependents!

And somehow, I have the feeling that once she becomes my dependent, I will be unable to separate her from me again!


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