FPD Chapter 645

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Ysnay’s plan was very simple. She wanted to use her abilities over fate to change the person that was connected to me as my dependent from Raven to her.

Of course, such a thing is not easy. After all, I’m an immortal, and changing the fate of anything related to an Immortal is very costly.

However, because she was doing it in an aboveboard manner and because it was not affecting me directly, it was not impossible for her.

Plus, right now, I was trapped in the formation she created, so I could not move to stop her, making the process even easier.

I could feel how Ysnay’s was overwriting my connection to Raven. It was quickly being cut off and a new connection was being created to replace it.

However, I was not planning to give up so easily.

When I realized Ysnay’s plan, I acted decisively.

With a roar, the energy inside my soul erupted!

I was planning to explode a part of my soul!

“Are you crazy!? Do you want to kill us!?” Queen roared at me angrily. “Stop!”

But I was not planning to stop. If I wanted to stop Ysnay, this was the best method.

Seeing that I was not planning to stop, Queen grunted and used her mana to attack me.

At the same time, Bringer of End also attacked.

Only Emilia remained quiet, biting her lips and enduring our bursts of power without retaliating.

Most likely, she was doing this to help me. If she did not resist, then it would be easier for me to escape Ysnay’s bindings.

In exchange, though, she would have to receive the burst of power of three immortals with her body.

“Ugh…” Emilia groaned softly, but her face remained impassive, looking at me with determination in her eyes.

Understanding the meaning of her gaze, I sighed inwardly. However, now was not the time to worry about Emilia’s feelings.

Now, I had something more important to deal with.

Feeling my connection to Raven becoming fainter, I released my full power.

In an instant, a tenth of my entire soul was burnt.

The expressions of Ysnay and the others changed immediately.

“Crazy! Immortal Soul, stop!” Queen roared and hurriedly attacked me with her full strength; but At this time, Emilia moved to stop her.

“Incarnation of Endless Power, what are you doing!?” Queen glared at Emilia coldly. “Get lost! If we don’t stop Immortal Soul, both of us will suffer!”

“I know.” Emilia nodded. “However, it doesn’t matter if it makes dad happy.”

“Fuck! That is the reason why I hate Immortals! They are fucking crazy!”

Queen’s face turned ugly. She once more attacked to stop my actions, but Emilia stopped her again.

Bringer of End also tried to stop me, however, he was much weaker after falling in Ysnay’s trap. The current him was not a threat to me.

As for Ysnay, if she tried to stop me, she would be forced to stop changing the fate of my connection with Raven. Thus, she could not stop me either.

She could only try to hurry as much as she could. If she managed to complete the change before I attacked, she would win.

However, I was faster.

One instant later–


A blinding light like a second sun covered us, followed by a thunderous explosion.

The explosion was so powerful that everything around us was burnt down. Even the ground was turned into plasma; creating a giant lake of lava several kilometers deep.

If I don’t control the range of the explosion carefully, it would have been enough to destroy this world a few times!

In fact, even after I did my best to control the explosion, the damage it caused to this world was massive. Instants after the explosion, powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis happened all around the world.

Perhaps millions of people would die indirectly due to this.

But I did not care about it. My only goal was to stop Ysnay.

When the explosion happened, the formation was turned into ashes, and I teleported to Ysnay’s location, holding her by her neck.

“… I was not expecting that. I thought you could not release that amount of energy with your soul injured.” Ysnay had a surprised expression.

“I can’t.” I smiled.

Ysnay’s eyes opened wide, and then, she smiled wryly.

“So your soul is already completely healed, huh… How unexpected. I calculated the remaining time before your soul healed completely, and it was not time yet.”

“What is strange about it? I won’t be confident facing you without a few aces under my sleeve.”

“How sly.” Ysnay chuckled and nodded. “However, William, do you think you won?”

“… As expected, this is not everything you have to offer.”

“Of course.” Ysnay smiled sweetly. “My beloved, that was just my first plan.”

I smiled bitterly.

“I thought so.”

“You know me well, my love. Come, our battle is just starting.”

With these words, the Ysnay in my hands disappeared.

At the same time, I felt several fluctuations of fate coming from different places.

My expression immediately turned grave.

I recognized these places.

These were the places where the women whom I had a contract with were staying.

This bitch was trying to usurp their contracts.


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