FPD Chapter 646

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Second Round (1)


This bitch, she was trying to usurp my women’s contracts.

Right now, Ysnay had cloned herself several times to attack every one of my women. Her goal was to change the fate of at least one of the contracts, replacing one of my women as my dependent.

The worst part was that she was close to succeeding, and I only realized it just now!

This cunning witch was using the fluctuations of fate she caused when she was trying to usurp Raven’s contract to mask the other fluctuations of fate!

In other words, she had long prepared in case the first plan failed!

I cursed her in my mind and moved. I could not allow her plan to succeed.

But just then, a terrible sense of danger assaulted me.


Without hesitation, I moved away, and in the next instant, the space where I had been standing just a moment ago was crumbled like a piece of paper, crushing everything inside.

“Queen, what are you doing!?” I asked in rage to the woman that appeared in front of me.

“I return that question to you.” The Queen’s voice was extremely cold. “Do you know how much it costed me to defend against your last attack?”

“… Sorry about that. However, I had no other choice. Now stop bothering me, I must deal with Ysnay now.”

“Hehe, do you think that a simple apology will do?”

With an ice-cold tone, Queen’s mana erupted out.

In an instant, her aura was locked onto me!

This crazy woman, could she not choose a better time to attack me?

Was it also in Ysnay’s calculations?

Dammit, if I lose time with her here, Ysnay’s plan will succeed.

But right when I was becoming irritated, another powerful aura erupted.

Then, an attack tore through space and hit the Queen.


The Queen reacted quickly and stopped the attack, but another attack was already coming towards her.

“Bitch, how do you dare to attack dad!?”

“Incarnation of Endless Power! Are you going to stop me again!? How do you dare!?”

“I dare! Peh, I never liked you in the first place.”

Emilia then looked at me and smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, dad. I will take care of this bitch.”

I thanked her in my mind and left immediately.

I already lost a lot of time. I need to stop Ysnay as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Bringer of End’s clone was destroyed by the explosion. Otherwise, I would have lost even more time.

Now, I can only hope that the preparations I made beforehand are useful.



Meanwhile, Ysnay was looking at the girl in front of her with a victorious smile.

Her name was Dina. She was the big sister of her love, William, in this life, and at the same time, she was his wife.

And she was also one of his dependents.

Ysnay disliked her. In fact, she disliked any girl close to her love. However, she was a few tens of thousands of years old. She could tolerate such tiny bothers.

As long as her love accepted her back, she could tolerate anything.

Plus, these women were being useful now.

Right now, Dina was in a dazed state. Completely unconscious and unable to resist Ysnay’s actions.

Thanks to that, Ysnay easily grabbed the thread representing Dina’s contract with her love.

Now, she only needed to break it and replace Dina as the second party in the contract.

But when she tried to break it, a blue-haired figure materialized in front of her.

“So you resorted to this in the end, huh, Ysnay.”

“A clone?” Ysnay was not surprised. “As expected, you left defensive measures in the souls of your lovers, huh.”

“Stop, Ysnay. I don’t want to fight you.”

“No, you can’t fight me.” Ysnay smiled sweetly. “Your clones are different than mine, Willian. They only have a portion of your power, while mine are just as powerful as the original. Plus, I was already expecting this.”

Without hesitation, Ysnay extended her hand, summoning several threads that surged towards Claus’s clone.

The threads quickly wrapped Claus’s clone, stopping their movements completely.

This spell was something that Ysnay had prepared in the case she met Claus’s clones when trying to replace his women’s connection to him.

But when she thought she had won, she saw the clone smiling.

“I was expecting your actions too.”

In an instant, a sword appeared in the clone’s hand.

[Reality Render]!

A sword created from a fragment of space, able to cut anything!

Including threads of fate!

Claus had created several of these swords, one for each clone, just in case they met this situation!

Of course, just this sword was not enough to allow the clones to defend against Ysnay’s clones. But it allowed them to resist for a longer time.

Furthermore, even if they were just clones, they possessed the same understanding of the laws of the original. thus, once they were wielding [Reality Render], they were like tigers given wings.

Not even Ysnay could kill them easily.

The clones did not hesitate to burn the fragments of soul that Claus used to create them to increase their strength even more. Their only goal was to earn as much time as possible.

The same scene was happening in the location of every one of Claus’s dependents. Once Ysnay’s clones appeared to rewrite the fate of the girls contracted to Claus, Claus’s clones appeared to stop them.

Ysnay’s clones attacked at full power, trying to get rid of Claus’s clones as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Claus’s clones focused on resisting for as long as they could.

They only needed to resist until the original came, then, Ysnay’s clones would be defeated, and her plan would be unsuccessful.

Understanding that, Ysnay’s expression turned serious.

Then, she opened her mouth.

“World, remember our promise.”

As soon as her words finished, a thunderous sound resounded all around the skies of the world.

Then, the Will of the World descended.


And attacked Claus and his clones.


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