FPD Chapter 647

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Second Round (2)


“World, remember our promise!” Ysnay’s words resounded through space.

Immediately, the world trembled.

A deafening rumble reached my ears, and then, I felt a powerful will stare at me.

The Will of the World.

I furrowed my brows.

This bitch…

To think that she somehow convinced the World to help her!

Quickly, the sky turned dark, and the wind turned violent. The Will of the World acted, and A powerful force struck me as the space around me became heavy.

At the same time, lightning bolts filled the sky. Pillar-like lightning bolts of several meters of diameter fell from the sky, striking me and my clones!

Every one of these lightning bolts was powerful enough to kill a god instantly.

“You dare!” I roared, and soul energy erupted from my body.

Everything around me froze, and even the lightning bolts stopped before they could touch me. It was as though time itself had stopped.

But it was not time that stopped. It was space.

With a thought, I had frozen the space in thousands of kilometers around me.

No, I tried.

Because in the next second, I felt three powerful auras in the distance, destroying the frozen space.

Ysnay, Emilia, and The Queen of Timeless Distortion.

‘Dammit. As expected, Immortals can’t be stopped so easily.’

Moreover, that was not the end of my problems.

Even if my main body could stop the attacks of the Will of the World, it was not the same for my clones.

And it was even harder when they have to resist Ysnay’s clones at the same time.

In an instant, eighty percent of my clones were incinerated.

Furthermore, my remaining clones were seriously injured. And even my true body was delayed for an instant.

It was just an instant. A thousandth of a second. But in a battle between Immortals, it could be more than enough to decide the outcome.

My expression turned serious. At this rate, Ysnay’s plan will succeed.

I could feel how several of my links to my girls were being replaced and their place in my soul was being taken by Ysnay.

‘As expected of Ysnay, huh.’ I sighed in my mind.

But then, I smiled.

After all, I already expected something like this.

“You are not qualified to interfere in our battle, puny world,” I first spoke to the world, releasing my will to my surroundings violently

Soul power so powerful that it seemed to freeze the entire world was let loose, attacking the Will of the World and destroying it!


The fearful voice of a child was heard through the entire world as the Will of the World hurriedly retreated, running away from my powerful soul.

But how could I let him escape so easily? Before he could escape, my soul attacked once more, crushed, slicing, and devouring a great part of the Will of the World.

Stop, please!

The voice of the child was heard again, but I ignored it, deciding to destroy it completely.

To my surprise, though, the Will of the World decisively split into two, with the biggest part being devoured by me completely, and the smallest part successfully running away and hiding in fear.

I raised an eyebrow slightly surprised. To think it managed to escape.

But immediately after that, I ignored it. At any other time, I would have chased after it to destroy it totally, but now I have something more important to do.

Now that I got rid of the Will of the World, it was time to deal with Ysnay.

Taking a step forward, I appeared in front of one of Ysnay’s clones. The one that was trying to steal Safelia’s contract.

Before Ysnay could react, I extended my right hand and pierced her heart.

“Ugh.” Ysnay’s groaned and looked at me with an expression of pain, however, she was still smiling.

“It’s useless, Willian. Even with your speed, you won’t be able to kill every clone in time.”

But suddenly, the smile on Ysnay’s clone froze.

Because at that moment, ‘I’ was in front of the other clones, piercing their hearts with my right hand.

“… More clones?” Ysnay was surprised. “Impossible. How can every clone be as strong as the original?”

“Because I am the original.” I said, and every ‘me’ repeated the same words.

Ysnay was stunned. But then, she felt the fluctuations of space around me.

Then, she understood.

“Space overlap? Is it a new technique?” She asked with a bitter smile.

“Yes. I developed it in the last one thousand years. It’s normal if you don’t know about it.” I said and pulled my hand out of Ysnay’s chest, pulling her heart out.

Space overlap was a very difficult technique. I needed to use my attainments on space laws to overlap different places on space at the same point, allowing me to be in more than one place at the same time.

This technique was not perfect, though. In the end, there was only one ‘me’. So the ‘me’ in each place could only make the same action.

Such as piercing Ysnay’s heart.

However, it was enough to frustrate Ysnay’s plan.

“You lost,” I said to Ysnay. “Give up.”

But despite her defeat, Ysnay was still calm. In fact, she had not stopped smiling.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

Then, something happened.

The scene around one of Ysnay’s clones started to change.

Originally, this clone had been in the palace trying to replace the contract of my big sister, Dina.

But suddenly, everything changed.

Dina’s figure faded away, revealing an unknown maid in her place.

‘An illusion!’ I understood immediately!

Ysnay had replaced Dina with a maid and then she made me believe that Dina was here!

She somehow managed to deceive my connections with Dina’s soul, so I noticed nothing until now!

Looking at the upward curve in Ysnay’s lips, I cursed in my mind.

Everything had been part of her plan.


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