FPD Chapter 648

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Third Round (1)


“Surprised, my love?” Ysnay’s lips curved up.

Watching Willian’s face of surprise through her clone, Ysnay could not help but chuckle softly. It felt exhilarating seeing how he was fooled so easily by her.

“But I must hurry. He will not take long to discover this place.” She said while looking at the unconscious girl in front of her.

The black-haired girl was Dina, Willian’s sister in this life and one of his lovers.

Right now, Ysnay was with her inside a cave she created a few days ago. This cave was not a normal cave, though. More than a cave, it could be called a whole different dimension.

It was a small pocket dimension that Ysnay had created with the sole purpose of kidnapping one of Willian’s lovers and earn as much time as she could.

Of course, bringing one of his lovers here without him noticing was not easy. Ysnay had to be very careful to stop Willian from noticing anything wrong.

Thus, she did not immediately do it. Instead, she first implemented the first and the second plan. It would have been nice if one of these plans worked. But if they failed, they would open the way for her third plan.

Everything went well. First, she used her attempt to usurp Raven’s contract to mask her attempt to usurp the other contracts. Then, when Willian noticed it, he ordered his clones to protect his lovers.

Thanks to that, Ysnay managed to get rid of the clone in Dina’s soul. Then, with the help of the Will of the World, she destroyed the clone.

It seemed that the second plan was going to be successful, but Ysnay did not lower her guard. She knew how fearsome the man that she loved was. And she was confident he would not lose so easily.

Therefore, she put the third plan in march.

In the brief gap when Willian’s clones were killed and the original body arrived, Ysnay simulated the link between Willian and Dina and put it on a dummy, a maid, making Willian believe that the maid was the original Dina. Meanwhile, she took the real Dina with her to this pocket dimension.

And as she expected, her love managed to stop the second plan. But the third plan had already started.

“According to my calculations, he will find this place in three seconds at most,” Ysnay said to herself. “I hope it’s enough.”

Waving her hand, she used fate to change the conditions of the pocket dimension, changing the flow of time inside it.

Ysnay was not very good at time laws, however, she knew a bit about them. Enough to transform these three seconds into ten seconds. More than enough for her plan.

Then, without any hesitation, she put her hand on Dina’s forehead, reaching into her soul.

This time, though, she did not try to usurp the contract between Willian and Dina. She knew that at the moment she touched the contract, Willian would find her current location, and her third plan would be a failure too.

She went with a different approach this time.

Instead of usurping the contract, she was planning to create a new one.

One between Dina and her.

She got this idea when she saw Raven create a contract between her and her sisters, and that way, her sisters were indirectly connected to Willian.

Ysnay’s plan was the same. She would connect herself to Dina, and indirectly, she would be connected to the person she loved.

Of course, she would have preferred to be directly connected to Willian, but she could work in that later. If she completed the contract with Dina, she was going to have more than enough time to do that.

Nevertheless, Creating the contract was not easy, and Ysnay was not specialized in souls. Normally, this would have been an impossible task for her.

But she had seen how Willian created the contract before, so she could use fate to imitate it. Plus, Dina already had a contract in her soul, and Ysnay planned to use it as a guide.

Time passed slowly as she worked in the contract. One second, two seconds, three seconds.

Just then, her expression changed.

One of the dummy dimensions she had created to distract Willian was destroyed.

It meant that Willian had found it.

‘It was faster than I thought.’

Ysnay’s eyebrows furrowed, but she did not let it distract her.

Her love was one of the strongest Immortals in the known universe. She would not be surprised if he finds this place in the next second.

The only thing she could do now was to hurry up as much as she could.

Soon, though, she frowned.

‘Her soul is resisting…’

Dina’s soul was resisting more than she expected. Due to it, she was finding it hard to finish the process.

It would have not been much of a trouble if Ysnay was a specialist in souls like Willian, but she specialized in fate. Her knowledge of souls was only superficial.

Plus, Dina’s soul was much stronger than she expected.

It was almost like…

‘Like Willian’s Soul…’

Her love’s soul was virtually indestructible. And with the contract, Dina’s soul had inherited that property.

However, that was not enough to stop Ysnay.

Soon, she was about to complete the contract.

But it also meant that the hardest part was about to start.

After this, she would be unable to continue hiding their location from her love. From there, it would be a question of luck.

If her love had a way to stop the process, she would lose; and if he didn’t, then she would win.

Ysnay closed her eyes for an instant and strengthened her resolve. Then, she opened them and looked at Dina with a smile.

“It’s time.” She said, and the contract was completed.

Then, the world trembled.

The Universe’s Laws roared in rage as a powerful pressure descended over the pocket dimension.

Ysnay’s grunt in pain. She was not as strong as Willian, so the process of confronting the Universe’s Laws was much more difficult for her.

Fortunately, she had long prepared for this, so she had a plan to endure the Universe’s rage.

But when she was about to put her method into practice, a blue-haired young man appeared suddenly in front of her.

“I found you.” The young man said.

Ysnay smiled wryly.

“… Willian.”


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