FPD Chapter 649

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Third Round (2)


“I found you,” I said as soon as I teleported inside the cave-like pocket dimension.

“Willian.” Ysnay smiled. “You are finally here.”

I nodded with a grave expression. Right now, Ysnay had managed to get the upper hand in our confrontation.

This place was very well hidden, so it was difficult to find. Moreover, Ysnay had left several dummy dimensions behind, making the difficulty of finding the place where she was hiding even harder.

Fortunately, I managed to locate this place thanks to the rage of the Universe’s laws. Otherwise, I would need one second more before finding it.


I looked at Ysnay and Dina, already connected by the contract, and then at the rage of the Universe’s Laws.

–It looks like Ysnay managed to complete the contract.

“The contract is done, Willian. You are too late.” She looked at me with a confident expression.

I did not reply and instead furrowed my brows.

Just then, the Universe’s Laws started to attack.

First was a lightning strike, one so powerful that it seemed able to pierce the entire world from one side to another. It broke through the pocket dimension, shattering a great part of it and impacting Ysnay and Dina.

“Ugh!” Ysnay grunted and used her powers over fate to create a barrier. However, the barrier was soon shattered.

Fortunately, it managed to stop the lightning strike.

However, it was just the start. The rage of the universe was not so easy to overcome.

An instant later, hundreds of lightning strikes attacked at the same time. Moreover, every lightning strike was just as powerful as the first!

This rain of lightning strikes was so frightening that even I had to be careful around it.

My face changed. This power was not something that Ysnay could resist. If she fails to endure it, she and Dina will die!

But I did not move.

After all, we are talking about Ysnay here. She would have not done this if she was not prepared.

And just as I expected, something changed in the next instant.

All of sudden, the entire pocket dimension lit up, turning into countless strands of fate!

With a wave of Ysnay’s hand, the strands of Fate were intertwined, becoming into a giant dragon-like creature that attacked the lightning strikes!

The dragon was incredibly powerful. Even though it was weaker than me, it was already at the level of a peak Immortal!

However, I realized that this dragon was not Ysnay’s own strength. Instead, she had used the strands of fate that composed her past to create it.

Hundreds of thousands of years of her life were used to create this dragon! It meant that hundreds of thousands of years of Ysnay’s existence had disappeared!

Moreover, most likely, she lost hundreds of opportunities to resurrect while creating it.

It showed Ysnay’s determination to achieve her goal!

The Universe’s Laws were powerful, however, the dragon of fate was powerful as well. It managed to clash against the hundreds of lightning strikes without losing ground.

At this rate, she would overcome the rage of the universe soon enough.

And by then, there would be nothing that I could do to stop her.

Thus, I took a step forward.

Ysnay immediately became wary. She looked at me and smiled softly.

“So you are planning to stop me, huh.”

I nodded. “You should have expected this.”

“… I thought this could happen,” Ysnay admitted easily. “However, I had the hope you would not act in consideration of this girl’s life.” She said while caressing Dina’s cheek.

I fell silent and continued walking.

Right now, the contract between Ysnay and Dina has already been established. Ysnay is just one step away from being connected with me.

Once she overcomes the rage of the universe, she will achieve her long-desired goal.

Nevertheless, there is a way to stop her.

Making her fail to overcome the rage of the universe.

However, it means that Dina will die.

“I did not think you would go this far. To think you don’t mind sacrificing one of your loved ones to stop me.” Ysnay smiled self-deprecatingly.

But to her surprise, I smiled as well.

“You are mistaken, Ysnay. There is another way.”

Then, I extended my hand, and a transparent sword appeared on it.

But this sword was not [Reality Render], my favorite sword. Instead, this was a sword made of my soul power.

Without any hesitation, I swung it in Dina’s direction.

Ysnay’s expression changed.

“Stop!” She shouted and wielded several strands of fate, trying to use them to seal my movements.

However, Ysnay was weaker than me. Moreover, she was using a great part of her power to control the dragon of fate.

There was no way her threads could stop me.

In the next instant–


My sword cut Dina’s soul.

Severing the part that was connected to Ysnay, and ending the contract.

Ysnay was in disbelief.

“… It can’t be. The contract should be impossible to revert.”

I smiled calmly. She is right. Once it’s formed, the contract can’t be reverted easily.

This contract fused the souls of two people. Once it’s used, two people become ‘one’.

By then, even if the soul is divided again, the two people will not be separated, but both of them will be in both parts of the soul.

Perhaps it was not impossible to revert this contract, but it was not as easy as I just did.


“The contract was still not complete, Ysnay. It’s only complete after you overcome the Universe’s rage.” I explained to Ysnay.

Ysnay was stunned. But soon, she smiled in understanding.

“I see. I did not think on that.”

That is normal. After all, this is Ysnay’s first time breaking the universe’s laws.

It can’t be said that the reason I managed to stop Ysnay this time was that I was more knowledgeable than her.

But it doesn’t matter. A victory is a victory.

Ysnay smiled wryly.

“I thought that I was going to succeed this time.”

“Are you ready to give up now?” I asked.

Ysnay looked at me with a gentle smile and shook her head.

“Not yet, my love. I hoped this plan could succeed, but it was also in my expectations if it failed.” She said

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure started to dissipate.

At the same time, I felt one of my contracts tugging.

My expression changed. That place was…


I immediately tried to teleport to Alice’s location. But to my surprise, it was harder than I expected!

Damn Ysnay! She had moved this dimension to a different place without my knowledge. Now, it was much farther from the main world than when I arrived here!

Fortunately, my mastery of space is very high. Despite the distance, I managed to arrive at the main world almost instantly, bringing my unconscious sister with me.

However, I realized that Ysnay had once hidden, this time bringing Alice with her.

Moreover, that was just the start of my problems.

Just then, a powerful pressure erupted from the capital.

And to my surprise, I felt a portal opening.

[Hahahaha! I’m back, Immortal soul!] A familiar voice resounded in my mind, belonging to another Immortal.

Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction.

My expression turned serious.

“The portal under the imperial school!”

At some point, the portal that had been destroyed was reconstructed, and Bringer of End was using it to arrive at this world.


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