FPD Chapter 65

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Hero and Demon King?


“Your highness.” Daisy greeted me with a smile when she saw me.

“Daisy, did you wait for long?” I asked. Daisy shook her head smiling. “I didn’t. I reached just now.”

I smiled awkwardly. Knowing her, I was sure she was waiting for me from early. Moreover, I came late due to the situation with Louise and Andrea, so she has definitely waited for a while.

“Sorry for inconveniencing you.” I scratched my head. “How was your first day here?”

Daisy put on a pensive expression and sighed. “To be honest, I’m a bit uncomfortable here. I’m used to life in the palace, so living here is a bit hard. But don’t worry, your highness, I’ll get used to it quickly.”

I smiled and patted her head. “I know, Daisy. I trust you.”

Daisy smiled radiantly.

We continued walking and talking while going to the main hall of the institute. Today was the first day of school, so the headmistress, the student council’s president, and the leader of the clubs’ committee would give a speech. To be honest, I was not interested in the speeches, but all the students had to assist, so I could only bear with it and go.

When we were about to arrive at the main hall, Daisy asked me about what happened last night. Apparently, all the school already knew that a prince beat a noble student yesterday.

I smiled bitterly to the speed that information spreads between nobles. I then explained to Daisy about last night’s events. I also told her about Louise and Andrea. After all, I had promised to tell her about all my encounters.

Daisy fell silent for a moment after hearing me. She then looked at me with a grave expression.

“Although I’m not happy that your highness slept with miss Louise, I must admit that it’s a good move. If your highness manages to get miss Louise in our camp, then we will have someone that can leak us all the enemy’s plans. Of course, your highness must be careful. It’s possible that everything is a plan of Louise to get closer to your highness and learn about your secrets.”

I smiled and stroked Daisy’s hair to relieve her. “Don’t worry, Daisy, I know what to do.”

Daisy looked right into my eyes and then nodded. “Mm, I trust that your highness will not be misled for that woman’s charm.”

I put on amused expression when I heard Daisy. It looks that, although she did not say it, she was still a bit jealous.

I could not help but hug her back. Daisy was surprised and blushed deeply due to the sudden hug. “Your highness, someone will see us…”

“Don’t worry, Daisy, I made sure that nobody is nearby.”

Daisy looked at me and sighed. She lifted the corner of her lips in a smile and rested her body on my embrace.

“… Your highness, I love you…” Daisy whispered shyly.

“I love you too, Daisy. I love you so much.” I said and kissed her ear.

Daisy hummed softly and lowered her head. So, I lifted her face and kissed her lips.

Daisy kissed me back. Her body began to turn hot, and her breathing was turning heavy. Unfortunately, someone was walking towards us so we were forced to end our kiss.

Daisy was a bit reluctant and looked at me with a gaze full of desire, but she understood the situation. The next second, we have separated.

Like that, we arrived to the main hall. The headmistress speech began a few minutes after we entered. After that, it was my sister’s turn to give a speech. Finally, it was the turn of the leader of the clubs’ committee.

But to my surprise, the leader of the clubs’ committee was someone that I knew.

It was my first brother, Alan Quintin.

I was a bit surprised, but I understood quickly. My first brother was the crown prince and the biggest candidate to the throne. It was normal for him to have a leadership position in the institute.

However, the person that appeared after Alan surprised me even more.

A beautiful girl, with black hair and eyes, and with an innocent face, stood before the students.

The girl was pretty young, probably a few months younger than me. However, she was very beautiful. She seemed like an angel that descended to earth.

“She is the representative of this year’s students.” Daisy said when she noticed I was looking at the girl. “I heard that she is a commoner genius that gained the headmistress’s favor and was accepted into the academy. Miss Katherine then recruited her into the guard committee and she was chosen as this year’s representative. She is called Rosa if I’m not mistaken.”

I nodded at Daisy’s words but continued staring at the girl fixedly.

Don’t misunderstand me, I was not stunned by her beauty. Instead, something else about her took me by surprise.

… That girl had the world’s support… She was a Hero.

But when a hero is born, it’s because the world senses something that endangers its existence… A catastrophe or a Demon King.

But if we speak about something that endangers the world and appeared around the time when Rose was born…

… it’s me, right?


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