FPD Chapter 651

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The Second Arrival of Bringer of End


[Hahahaha, I’m back, Immortal Soul!] The voice of Bringer of End reached my ears.

My expression turned grave. Dammit, how in the hell did he appear here?

Is it related to Ysnay? Otherwise, it’s too coincidental that he appeared here just when I was chasing after her.

[You didn’t expect to see me so soon, right, my brethren?] Bringer of End chuckled at me. [Well, this was unexpected for me as well. However, this result is not too bad either.]

Right then, he looked at Headmistress Evelyn, who was standing in front of him, and waved his hand as though crushing a bug.

Evelyn’s pupils dilated in fear. Her body froze completely, and her mana became useless, as though it had escaped her control.

But before Bringer of End could kill her, I twisted space, hugging her waist and bringing her away.

Headmistress Evelyn was pale. She looked at me with a complicated expression and gripped my arm.

“… Why is that here? How…”

“Calm down, Evelyn,” I said in a soft tone. Then, I activated Akashic Sight to understand how Bringer of End arrived here.

Soon, I got the gist of the situation.

Looking at Evelyn’s master, Samuel Barstool, who was kneeling at Bringer of End respectfully, I sighed.

“How idiotic… Does he truly think that Bringer of End is such a benevolent being?”

But as though hearing my words, Bringer of End chuckled.

[I’m a man of my word, Immortal Soul. After all, I’m an Immortal as well.] Then, he extended his hand to Samuel’s forehead, infusing a sliver of his power in him.

“Aggghhhh!!!” Samuel screamed in pain, and his eyes turned bloodshot. His body shivered painfully as the power of Bringer of End was infused on him.

But quickly, his aura rose. In seconds, he had gone from a thirteenth-layer practitioner to beyond the fifteenth layer!

He had been turned into an irregular!

And although he could be considered a fake Irregular at most, his power was the real deal. It was comparable to a god!

Moreover, Bringer of End did not stop there. While he was infusing his power in Samuel, he was also expanding the portal behind him. Quickly, it became twice as large.

Then, countless monsters started to emerge from it!

Powerful monsters, each one at least at the level of a tenth-layer practitioner, emerged from the portal with eyes full of madness and killing intent.

“This is troublesome,” I murmured and put on a grave expression.

Right now, I have two options. The first is to continue chasing Ysnay and ignore Bringer of End. However, I don’t dare to imagine the consequences of it.

And the second option is to face Bringer of End and stop chasing Ysnay. But that means that Ysnay could be able to accomplish her goal.

I did not think for long before deciding.

“Headmistress, I’ll take Bringer of End away. You take care of your master and the monsters. I’ll tell the girls to help you.”

I then waved my hand, waking up the girls that had been rendered unconscious by Ysnay and explaining the situation to them through our soul connection. Then, I teleported all of them to the palace.

After leaving Headmistress Evelyn with them, I looked at Bringer of End.

With a thought, Reality Render appeared in my hand. Then, I took a step forward.

Bringer of End grinned feeling my fighting intent and materialized a pitch-black spear on his hand.

[Hahahaha, come, Immortal Soul! Let’s fight to our heart’s content!]

Then, he rushed towards me!

I narrowed my eyes and swung my sword, aiming to cut his head with a slash.

Then, the transparent sword and the pitch-black spear clashed.


Energy so terrifying that it could destroy the world easily was released, but before it could bring harm to the real world, I teleported the two of us to space, far away from this world.

Bringer of End looked at that without resisting and smirked.

[You sure care for mortals for an Immortal. But well, I don’t mind it. I just want to have an enjoyable battle with you, Immortal Soul.]

“You are crazy… Why in the hell are all Immortals like this?”

[Hahahaha, we can’t avoid it. It’s what we are, Immortal Soul. Now, let me enjoy this battle!]

In the next second, Bringer of End and I clashed again, creating a shockwave that destroyed everything around us.

However, even when facing Bringer of End, I could not help but think about Ysnay.

That woman… At this rate, I don’t know if I will be able to stop her.

I just hope that the countermeasures I left behind can stop her.



Meanwhile, Ysnay was using fate to observe the battle between her beloved and Bringer of End.

“So you decided to protect the world, huh. I guess then that I can continue my plan.”

Ysnay then looked at the white-haired girl floating in front of her, looking at her with a terrified expression.

“Why are you looking at your teacher like that, Alice? I am not a monster.”

“You… What are you planning!?” Alice screamed and tried to move, but her body was completely frozen. She had been tied by thousands of threads of fate, making it impossible for her to resist.

Ysnay chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not planning to hurt you. Otherwise, Willian would hate me. But I hope you don’t resist, or it could be a bit painful for you.”

“Bitch! My prince will not allow your plan to succeed!”

“We will see.” Ysnay chuckled and approached Alice. Then, she put her forehead against Alice’s forehead.

“Sleep, my student. This will be over when you wake up.”

Alice’s eyes shook in fear. She resisted fiercely, trying to use her abilities over fate to escape this situation. But the abilities that she had trusted her entire life seemed to have betrayed her.

In front of a stronger witch of fate, a novice Seer like Alice was nothing.

Eventually, she fell asleep, and Ysnay grinned.

“I guess it’s time to start. But before that.”

With a thought, she created several clones of herself.

“Go to the other lovers of my beloved. Find them and steal their contracts. Now that Willian is too busy fighting Bringer of End, this is the perfect opportunity.”

Giggling, the clones left, appearing in the capital.

Even now, when the situation was very advantageous towards her, Ysnay did not lower her guard.

Even if this plan failed, if one of her clones managed to steal one of the contracts, then she would succeed.

Furthermore, this was not the end of her preparations.

“After all, there is still the fifth plan.”

And she had already put it into march.



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