FPD Chapter 652

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Invasion of Monsters (1)


“It looks like Willian let them alone.” One of Ysnay’s clones spoke up when it arrived at the capital.

“Be careful. Our beloved should have anticipated our intentions. He must have left a countermeasure behind.”

“However, it doesn’t matter even if we fail. As long as we manage to distract Willian for a bit longer.”

“It looks like we will be able to succeed this time.”

Ysnay’s clones chuckled softly and looked in the direction of their beloved’s lovers. Then, they modified fate to appear in front of them.

But suddenly, their expressions changed.



An explosion occurred in the place where the clones were standing, crushing space and tearing it into pieces!

Several of the clones did not manage to avoid the attack, dying instantly.

Then, a petite fox girl tore the space open, appearing in front of them with a mocking expression.

“… I thought that one bitch was already disgusting enough. But you even managed to find the way to multiply. What are you, a cockroach?”

“Emilia…” Ysnay’s clones frowned. “Did you battle against the Queen finished?”

The fox girl shrugged.

“She suddenly stopped fighting me. Something about her having done her part. It must be related to you, right?”

Ysnay’s clones sighed.

“… I see. I had the hope that she would help me for a bit longer. But I guess I was expecting too much.”

“Tsk, tsk. It looks like things are not going according to your plan.” Emilia mocked her.

But Ysnay’s clones shook their heads indifferently.

“No, this is in my expectations. In fact, my plans are going better than I expected. However, it looks like I will have to give up in acquiring the contracts of Willian’s lovers.”

“That is right. Because I will kill you before that.”

Without waiting for Ysnay to reply, Emilia took one step forward.

Her figure disappeared instantly, appearing in front of one of Ysnay’s clones!

The clone was unable to respond. It was crushed instantly by Emilia’s fist, but then, the other clones waved their hands, summoning thousands of threads of fate that entangled Emilia.

But Emilia just smirked as her body vibrated. Instantly, the threads were broken and she charged towards another clone.

Just like that, the battle between Emilia and Ysnay started.



In the meanwhile, the girls were gathered in the palace with grave expressions.

“Claus already told us about the situation. I think that all of you know about how serious this invasion is.” Dina spoke to the other girls.

Daisy, Marana, Raven, Katherine, Saintess Safelia, Louise, and the other girls nodded in understanding. They knew that their lover was busy fighting with a powerful enemy, so they have to take care of the monsters summoned by Bringer of End by themselves.

“Headmistress Evelyn, explain the situation.”

Evelyn, who was there with them, gave them a quick rundown about the portal and the monsters and told them about her plan.

“We need to stop them before they leave the Institute, otherwise, there will be countless casualties. The entire city could be destroyed.”

Dina nodded.

“Very well. We will divide ourselves into two groups. The ones with more battle experience will stop the monsters in the surroundings of the Imperial Institute. As for the others, they will evacuate the civilians nearby and kill the monsters that escape the first group. Any question?”

The girls looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Good, let’s start then.”

The girls divided into two groups quickly.

The first group was formed by Dina, Daisy, Headmistress Evelyn, Katherine, Louise, Claire, Marana, Akilah, Raven, Saintess Safelia, Andrea, Lina, and Elene. The girls hesitated about if to put Claire, Andrea, and Elene in the first group, but Claire, and Andrea had a little bit of battle experience, and Elene specialized in healing magic, so they would be useful in the frontlines.

The second group was formed by Claus’s aunt, Dayana, plus Susan, Iris, Clara, Clarice, and Nana.

The girls of the second group could also be considered powerful. After all, Claus had increased their mana to the fifteenth layer when he formed the contract with them. However, they did not have any experience in combat, so even with their high cultivation, they would be a burden on the frontlines.

Once the two groups were formed, the girls instantly moved to the imperial institute. Thanks to their high cultivation, they needed just a few seconds to arrive.

But when they arrived, most of the institute was already destroyed, and the place had been overrun by monsters.

“… It’s a hell.” Saintess Safelia muttered with a frown.

Just then, another girl arrived.

“Katherine? Headmistress? What is happening?”

“Rose? Why are you here?” Katherine asked surprised.

“I felt something bad happening here, so I came to check.”

The girls looked at each other and observed Rose carefully.

Thanks to the memories that they shared with Claus when the contract was done, they knew that Rose was a [Hero]. Although they did not understand completely what that implied, they knew that it made Rose pretty powerful.

Thus, after thinking for a moment, they decided to explain the situation to her.

When Rose heard about the invasion of the monsters, her expression turned serious.

“I understand. I will help too.”

Just then, the beasts started to advance towards them.

Monsters of all shapes and sizes growled and roared while they studied the girls with bloodthirsty eyes. The madness in their gazes was impossible to hide.

And leading them was an old man exuding a wicked and violent aura.

Samuel Barstool.

“Master,” Evelyn muttered with a complicated expression.

“Oh? It looks like you brought reinforcements, little Evelyn?” The old man smirked. “Great. They are the perfect test subjects to test my new power.”

“You are crazy.” Rose frowned. “Do you know how many people could die due to your actions? Millions!”

“And why should I care?” The old man chuckled. “I’m powerful, and the powerful can decided the fate of the weak.”

Dina frowned in disgust.

“I was still hopeful about you, old headmaster, thinking that you eventually would realize that you were mistaken. However, it looks like the current you is nothing but a mad dog of that devil.”

“Hahaha, yeah, perhaps. But I’m a powerful dog, Your Majesty. Now, let me show you what true power means!”

In the next instant, the old man’s mana erupted, surging towards the girls!

At the same time, the beasts roared, attacking together with the old man!

Just like that, the battle for the capital started.




If you forgot:

Dina: Claus’s elder sister. Currently the Empress.

Daisy: Claus’s maid.

Evelyn: Headmistress of the Imperial Institute.

Katherine: Evelyn’s student. Leader of the disciplinary committee.

Rose: Hero.

Louise: Daughter of Earl Riea. She was an enemy at the start of the series.

Claire: Louise’s younger sister.

Marana: Leader of the Red Skull Gang.

Akilah: Marana’s sworn sister. Vice-leader of the Red Skull Gang.

Raven: Cat girl. Marana and Akilah’s sworn sister. Vice-leader of the Red Skull Gang.

Safelia: Saintess of the Church of Order.

Andrea: Claus’s cousin. Aunt Sera’s daughter.

Lina: Claus’s cousin. Andrea’s little sister.

Elene: Imperial doctor.

Sera: Claus’s eldest aunt. Andrea and Lina’s mother.

Dayana: Claus’s youngest aunt.

Susan: Dayana’s babysitter? Dayana’s secretary.

Clara: Claus’s fiancée.

Iris: Bryan’s ex-fiancée. (Bryan was Claus’s brother).

Lluvia: Owner of the place where Claus stayed with his identity of Clark.

Clarice: Lluvia’s daughter-in-law.

Nana: Lluvia’s daughter.

Alice: Seer. Earl Ferret’s daughter.

Emilia: Fox girl. Claus’s daughter in one of his past lives. Immortal.

Ysnay: Claus’s ex. Powerful Seer. Immortal.


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