FPD Chapter 653

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Invasion of Monsters (2)


“Careful!” Katherine shouted and released hundreds of wind arrows. The arrows hit the monsters, killing dozens of them and leaving dozens more injured.

However, more monsters came from behind them, filling the space created by the death of the other monsters and charging towards the girls.

“Dammit! How many of them are there!?” Dina cursed as she brandished her sword, cutting the leg of a monster before turning around and beheading another monster.

At the same time, Headmistress Evelyn waved her hand, creating tens of magic circles before pointing them forward.

“Go, [Ten Thousand Hells of Suffering]!”

Dark flames surged from the magic circles, turning into a storm of fire that devoured countless monsters, burning them to ashes. But as soon as the flames disappeared, more monsters appeared and attacked the girls.

Right then, Marana shouted something.

“Flying monsters at 2 o’clock!”

“I’ll take care of them!” Daisy spoke before rising to the sky.

She then brought her hands to her chest and activated the technique Claus taught her.

“[Lightning Goddess’s Armor]!”

Lightning surged out of her body, coalescing into a beautiful armor filled with lightning sparks that gave her the appearance of a Goddess of Lightning.

Daisy’s aura grew crazily, quickly surpassing the aura of a fifteenth-layer practitioner. Right now, she could be considered at the level of an Irregular. She was as strong as a god!

The monsters seemed to feel the threatening aura coming from Daisy as they growled and roared in anger and fear. However, they did not retreat. Instead, their bloodshot eyes filled with madness became redder as they charged towards her.

But Daisy just sneered. She extended her hand towards the flying monsters and opened her mouth.

“Grow, [Gungnir’s Seed]!” She shouted, and a tree made of lightning formed behind her.

The branches of the tree seemed to extend to the horizon, like lightning strikes wandering through the sky; and the tree’s trunk seemed like a pillar of lightning that pierced the sky!

In the next instant, countless lightning strikes were unleashed from the tree, killing hundreds of monsters in an instant!

The power of the lightning strikes was so overwhelming that the battlefield froze briefly. Even Daisy’s allies were astonished by Daisy’s terrifying power.

Daisy, however, remained calm. She just extended her hand again, this time pointing to the monsters on the ground.

“Fall, [Lightning Rain].” She ordered.

In the next instant, lightning rained on the monsters, killing half of the monsters in the institute instantly.

“Damn… Since when Daisy became so strong?” Dina asked with a dumbfounded tone.

However, Daisy’s strength was normal. After all, of Claus’s lovers, Daisy was the one he had instructed the most.

Even though Daisy mana was at the fifteenth layer like the rest of the girls, her power was at least one level above them. Of Claus’s lovers, only Raven, who had taken the first step towards becoming an Irregular, could defeat her in direct combat.

However, Raven specialized in assassination, so her destructive power was far below Daisy.

Daisy’s powerful attacks seemed to have stopped the attacks of the monsters. For an instant, the girls wondered if the monsters had been exterminated.

But in the next second, their expressions changed.

When the cloud of dust caused by the lightning strikes faded, it revealed the destroyed institute. It had been completely demolished, and the ground had been gouged in many parts.

But thanks to that, the place where the portal was located could be seen from the surface.

And now, the girls could see hundreds of creatures exiting it each second, like an unending tide of monsters.

“… We need to destroy the portal,” Marana stated.

The girls nodded. However–

“It won’t be so easy.” Headmistress Evelyn said while looking at the man in front of the portal.

Her master, Samuel Barstool, was standing in front of the portal and defending it.

He looked at Daisy with a curious expression and smirked.

“You are very strong. However, how many times can you use these attacks?”

Daisy frowned with a solemn expression.

Her mana was not infinite, and she could not keep [Lightning Goddess’ Armor] for long. Meanwhile, the number of monsters did not seem to end.

In an attrition battle, she would be defeated.

“Attack!” Samuel laughed crazily, and the monsters roared in madness and rage, charging towards the girls again!

And to the girls’ surprise, these monsters seemed slightly stronger than the previous ones!

‘They are sending the weakest monsters first…’ Dina clicked her tongue when she realized that.

If her speculation was right, then the battle would become harder and harder as more time passed.

Just then, one of the girls failed to prevent a monster from escaping, allowing it to break through the defensive line and charge towards the capital.

Fortunately, Raven reacted in time, appearing from the shadow of the monsters and piercing her dagger on its neck.

However, the fact that a monster managed to go through the defensive line meant that the girls were approaching their limit.

Eventually, more and more monsters would be able to go through the defensive line, until finally, the monsters manage to reach the capital.

And just like they feared, that moment arrived eventually.

Under the girls’ anxious gazes, one of the monsters escaped.

“I’ll chase after it!” Rose shouted, but Dina stopped her.

“You can’t! We are barely keeping the defensive line! If you leave, then more monsters will be able to attack the capital!”

“But!” Rose was anxious. She was worried about the people in the city.

Even so, Dina remained firm.

“Some of us stayed in the capital. We need to trust that they will kill the monsters that pass us. In the meanwhile, we need to close that portal.”

Rose hesitated, but after bitting her lips, she nodded.

She looked briefly at the capital with a worried expression before filling her sword with mana and charging towards the monsters once more.

Every one of these monsters had the power to kill thousands of normal people. So every monster she killed meant saving the lives of thousands.

Therefore, she decided to kill every monster that exited that portal.


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