FPD Chapter 656

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Battle in Outer Space


A fierce battle was happening in outer space.

A transparent sword and a pitch-black spear clashed constantly, causing unimaginable destruction in their wake. Space itself crumbled every time the two weapons clashed.

Fortunately, there was not any planet nearby. Otherwise, just the shockwaves of their battle could destroy it.

Eventually, though, the clashes stopped.

A figure appeared in space. It was me, holding Reality Render in my hand.

At the same time, Bringer of End appeared across me.

[Hahahaha, as expected of Immortal Soul. You are as powerful as rumored.] Bringer of End laughed heartily.

Then, thousands of wounds appeared in his body, and two of his limbs turned into dust.

However, his limbs regenerated one second later.

I frowned.

“… Something is wrong,” I said to myself. “You are weaker than expected.”

Bringer of End laughed happily.

[So you noticed, huh. You are right. The current ‘me’ can only show ten percent of my strength.]

As expected, huh.

I heaved a sigh.

“Was it Ysnay?”

Bringer of End chuckled.

[Seers sure are annoying. That witch managed to discover one of the methods I planned to use to arrive at this world and used it for her plans, forcing me to arrive at this world before my preparations were done. Otherwise, this method would have gone to waste.]

I sighed in exasperation.

That Ysnay… She sure is meticulous.

To think that somehow, she managed to play four Immortals in the palm of her hand just to achieve her goal.

That is the reason why Seers are so troublesome. Even if their combat power is weaker than their enemy, they can use their control over fate and their scheming abilities to achieve victory.

This time, though, I must thank her.

If she wanted, she could have brought Bringer of End to this world at full power. The fact that he is weakened right now means that she arranged it that way purposefully.

Of course, it also means that a weakened Bringer of End is enough for her plans.

I’m sure that if it was necessary to bring Bringer of End at full strength to this world to achieve her goal, she would have done it.

Well, Bringer of End with ten percent of his power was already troublesome enough.

[To be honest, I think it’s a shame. I would have liked to fight you at full power.] Bringer of End suddenly said.

I snorted.

“I prefer if you leave me and this world alone, thank you.”

[Hahahaha, you know that I won’t do that. That is how our kind is.]

“You are right. That is the reason I’m going to kill you. And if your true body comes to this world, I will kill it as well.”

[I’m anticipating it.] Bringer of End laughed happily. [It’s a shame that I can’t fight you at full strength yet, but this situation is not too bad either. I think I must thank that witch of fate for that.]

I frowned.

“… In other words, even if you didn’t manage to bring your true body to this world this time, it accelerated your other preparations, huh.”

[Very sharp, my friend.] Bringer of End grinned. [But let’s stop talking about complicated things. I want to enjoy my battle against you.]

I narrowed my eyes.

“Unfortunately, the current you is not qualified to be my enemy.”

In the next second, I brandished my sword.

Space was twisted, and the concept of distance was made null. As soon as my sword was brandished, it arrived in front of Bringer of End.

This sword was unstoppable and unavoidable. The perfect sword technique. The peak that any swordsman dreams with.

A sword attack so powerful that even Immortals fear it.


With a sharp sound, Bringer of End was cut into two.

However, he did not show any pain. Instead, he smiled and thrust his spear towards me.

The concept of distance was modified again. By my will, the distance between Bringer of End’s spear and me increased infinitely, making it impossible for it to touch me.

At the same time, I brandished my sword again.

This time, I aggregated a new variable to my sword technique.

Space Overlap!

One sword slash turned into one hundred thousand sword slashes, every one of them cutting through Bringer of End’s body.

Bringer of End was unable to defend against my attack. Perhaps it would have been possible if his true body was here, but the current him could only watch as his body was turned into dust.

But in the next instant, his body appeared again, as though it had never been destroyed.

I narrowed my eyes. Once more, I brandished my sword.

This time, though, my sword gained another property.

Soul Severing!

Bringer of End’s body and soul were cut into millions of pieces. My attack was so thorough that not even dust was left behind.

But as though what happened just now was a lie, Bringer of End reappeared again, completely uninjured.

My expression turned dark.

“What are you? A cockroach?”

[Hahahaha, you are so funny, my brethren. Not even cockroaches are as hard to exterminate as me.]

He then swung his spear towards me again.

Black lines appeared on my forehead.

What kind of pervert is this?

Without waiting for his spear to reach me, my sword was swung again. I increased the number of overlaps and even destroyed the Information Camp of the part of the universe where he was. I destroyed his soul completely, not leaving even the slightest bit behind.

But as though laughing at me, Bringer of End reappeared once more.

[It looks like you can’t kill me! Hahahahaha!]

I ignored him and repeated the same process once and again. Killing him as many times as I could. I killed him thousands of times every second. I did not even allow him to speak, and instead, I killed him as soon as he appeared.

Once and again, and again, and again.

Until finally, only a dim figure remained in front of me.

[… It looks like you managed to destroy this clone, huh.]

My eyes were ice-cold.

“Just disappear.”

Then, I swung my sword one last time.

And this time, Bringer of End did not appear again.

However, I was not happy.

Because through this battle, I realized how troublesome of an enemy Bringer of End was.

This was just a clone of him with ten percent of his strength, but it was already so hard to kill.

Moreover, his real body would be much harder to kill.

This time, I managed to kill him by exhausting the reserves of energy inside his clone. However, the same plan will not work against his real body.

Bringer of End’s real body will be much stronger than this clone, so I won’t be to kill him so quickly. And in the interval between each kill, he will be able to recover the energy he loses when I kill him.

“An unkillable enemy, huh.”

It looks like I need to discover the method that Bringer of End uses to resuscitate.

As long as I fail to find a way to counter it, I will be unable to defeat him.

“… So troublesome.” I heaved a tired sigh. As expected of an Immortal.

However, now is not the time to worry about him.

“I guess I should return.”

I looked in the direction of the world, my gaze breaking through space and reaching Ysnay’s location.

Then, my lips curved up in a cheerful smile.

“It looks like my countermeasures worked.”

It was my win this time, Ysnay.

So, are you ready to give up yet?


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