FPD Chapter 660

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Still Can’t Accept Them


When we returned to the capital, we found that a great part of it had been destroyed.

Several giant monsters lay dead in the city, every one of them surrounded by dozens of houses and buildings destroyed.

With just a quick glance, I estimated that the number of deaths was in the hundreds.

However, it could have been worse.

If the girls had not stopped most of the monsters in the institute, and if Aunt Dayana’s group would have not killed the monsters that reached the city, then half of the capital would have been gone at the very least.

“Claus, Dina, you are back. Has everything ended?” Aunt Dayana asked when she saw us approach.

I nodded. “Fortunately. Everything should have ended for now.”

“That is good.” Aunt Dayana sighed before sitting on the ground in an unladylike manner.

Behind her, Susan, Iris, Clara, Clarice, and Nana plopped down with expressions of relief and fatigue. Apparently, facing so many monsters had taken a toll on them.

“… Sorry, and thank you for your help,” I said to them with an apologetic expression.

“It’s alright, don’t worry. We are happy to be of help.”

I smiled at Aunt Dayana. I’m really fortunate to have so many caring women beside me.

I stayed with them for a while, asking them about the situation. When I was done, I walked towards Dina.

Dina was talking to a man with a serious expression. The man was the Finance Minister of the empire. He was reporting to Dina about the damage that the capital suffered.

“How is the situation?” I asked.

Dina smiled bitterly. “Many people died, and several important facilities were destroyed, including a part of the wall. Fortunately, the core facilities of the empire are alright, but even so, the capital will need of a few years to recover from this blow.”

I nodded.

“It looks like you will be busy for a while.”

“… If I would have known that this was going to happen, I would have not become the empress.”

“Well, it’s already too late for that, Your Majesty.”

Dina rolled her eyes.

Just then, I saw a pair of girls approaching me. They were a pair of sisters. One of them had beautiful and slightly curly blonde hair, and the other was a petite girl with a head of silver hair.

Both of them had hesitant expressions, as though they find it hard to tell me about something.

“Louise, Claire, did anything happen?” I decided to ask when I saw their expressions.

The two of them hesitated for a moment before Louise bit her lips and spoke up.

“Claus, about our father… Is him alright?”

Count Riea, huh.

I understand why they are worried. After all, the entirety of the rebel troops plus a great part of the allied troops perished when the Immortals appeared.

Fortunately, I managed to save him in time. Even if he was my enemy, I had to save him to not make Louise and Claire sad.

“Don’t worry, he is not dead,” I said with a sigh. “I’ll take you to see him later.”

“Thank you.” “Thank you, brother-in-law.” Louise and Claire bowed apologetically, making me smile and caress their cheeks.

“Anything for my beautiful ladies.”

Louise smiled wryly and Claire giggled.

“If you want, I can give you a reward tonight, Brother-in-law,” Claire suddenly winked with a mischievous tone.

I put on an evil smile and pinched her cheek.

“Are you not afraid of me eating you?”

“But you already ate us.” Claire tilted her head cutely.

“Little devil.” I stared at her with a burning gaze.

To be honest, I’m tempted to accept her invitation, but now is not the time for it.

I still don’t know what Ysnay is scheming now. It’s better if I keep my guard up for a while.

Just at that moment, I felt a familiar presence.

I frowned before putting on a complicated expression.

“Sorry girls, I need to leave for a while.”

Louise and Claire were surprised, but they seemed to notice that it was something important.

“Okay, but be careful,” Louise said with a concerned tone. “Claire and I will go to help Dina with the situation in the capital, so you don’t need to worry for us.”

I nodded to them before folding space and vanishing.

When I reappeared, I was on one of the city walls.

“… You are here, dad.” A sweet voice greeted me as soon as I appeared, belonging to a beautiful fox girl seated on the edge of the walls.

Lustrous golden-red hair, a petite body, and a pair of eyes as red as fresh blood. She was so beautiful that she seemed like a fairy coming from a fairytale.

Her name was Emilia Softley, an Immortal known as [Incarnation of Endless Power], as well as my daughter in one of my past lives.

Somone that I forgot.

I looked at her with a complicated expression before sitting beside her.

Emilia glanced at me briefly and put her head on my shoulder. She then smiled innocently and closed her eyes.

“I like how it feels here.”

I smiled wryly. For a while, I did not know what to say.

In the end, I decided just to thank her for her help.

“… Thank you for your help this time, Emilia. Without your help, perhaps Ysnay would have succeeded this time.”

“I’m happy to be of help, dad. However, can I ask for a reward?”

“A reward?”

“A kiss.” She said shyly while looking at me with an upward glance.

I hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Immediately, Emilia’s eyes lit up. She excitedly brought her face closer to mine before putting her lips on mine.

Just like that, we kissed.

We kissed for several seconds, and when the kiss ended, Emilia was looking at me with an enraptured expression.

“… As expected, I love you, dad. I want to be with you always.”

“Sorry, I owe you too much.”

“Nn Nn.” Emilia shook her head. “You don’t need to apologize, dad. Because I still can’t accept them.”

“Is it so?” I heaved a disappointed sigh. I was hopeful that Emilia was more accepting of my women now. But it looks like she still doesn’t accept them.

It looks like it won’t be that easy, huh.

“What are you going to do then?”

Emilia thought for a moment before shaking her head.

“I don’t know yet. But… I won’t let things end like this.”

I fell silent for a few seconds before exhaling heavily.

“Are you going to become my enemy?”

Emilia smiled bitterly and closed her eyes.

“I don’t know… Sorry, dad, I need a bit of time to think.”

After saying that, Emilia kissed my cheek slightly and stood up.

“I love you, dad. I always did.”

The next second, she tore the space open and disappeared, leaving only her fragrance behind.

Sigh, what am I going to do?


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