FPD Chapter 661

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The Witch and the Queen (2)


Seated on a cloud, a beautiful black-haired woman observed the city below silently.

Her gaze was slightly nostalgic, as though she was seeing a past that she longed for, but that she could not get anymore.

Strangely, her gaze seemed to see past time and space, reaching the man that she loved more than anything.

Just then, a woman appeared behind her.

“I came for what you promised me, Witch.” The newcomer said coldly.

She was a very beautiful woman with emerald-green hair, black eyes, and a mysterious multicolored jewel on her forehead.

Her pair of painted ears identified her as an elf. However, she was not a normal elf.

Her true identity was that of an Immortal known as [Queen of Timeless Distortion]. A cruel powerhouse that was famous for destroying entire worlds just for her experiments.

Even so, the black-haired woman seated at the edge of the cloud was not afraid of her.

After all, just like the elf, she was also an Immortal.

Ysnay Fate, also known as [Witch of Unending Fates].

And one of the most powerful Seers in the universe.

“You look anxious, Queen.” Ysnay chuckled. “Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my word.”

“Seers are untrustworthy and treacherous. I would not be surprised if you were lying to me.” The Queen snorted.

Ysnay giggled.

“Being a Seer sure is an unpopular job. My fragile heart is hurt.”

The Queen furrowed her brows.

“You look very happy despite having failed yesterday. I thought that you would be depressed.”

Ysnay’s lips curved up slightly.

“Who told you that I failed?”

“You didn’t?”

“Of course not. I succeeded.”

The Queen was stunned.

“Impossible… I was watching the entire time. I was sure that you lost every time.”

“If you would have discovered how I won, then my beloved would have discovered it as well. The fact that you didn’t discover it is the proof that I succeeded.” Ysnay chuckled. “I don’t need to lie to you, Queen. I did win. However, I still don’t know how big my victory will be. If I am lucky, then I will have everything that I wish; and if I’m unlucky, then I will have to be satisfied with an alternative solution.”

The Queen furrowed her brows in confusion. However, she failed to understand the meaning behind the witch’s words.

In the end, she simply sighed.

“Congratulations then. Even though I dislike you, I admit that I’m happy about your success. It gives me hope that I can succeed as well.”

“Don’t worry. I’m confident in your chances.” The witch said while staring straight at the Queen’s eyes with an encouraging smile.

“… Thank you. Now, please give me what you promised me.”

“So anxious,” Ysnay grumbled, but she nodded and extended her hand towards the Queen.

Then, she used her index finger to touch the Queen’s forehead.

In the next instant, a great amount of information surged towards the Queen’s mind.

“This is…!” The Queen’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“I used your research about [Trees] as the base and added a bit of data to it using the results of a research that I realized a few centuries ago. It is not enough to achieve your goal yet, but it should bring you much closer to it.”

The Queen froze. If the information that Ysnay gave her was true, then it was too unbelievable.

It was information about how to use chaos and destruction to stir the laws of the universe, forcing them to converge on a point and use them to achieve something normally impossible.

The value of this information was so high that even someone like the Queen would need to pay a very high price for it.

This was something that brought her closer to ‘hope.’

For several seconds, she did not spoke. She was too surprised to speak.

But eventually, she looked at Ysnay with a complicated expression and sighed.

“… This is too big of a favor.”

“Don’t worry about it. You said it before, didn’t you? As people with similar circumstances, you hoped that I could succeed. It’s the same for me. I also hope that you can achieve success, Queen.”

“… You are not as dislikeable as I thought, witch.”

“You just noticed it?” Ysnay smirked, making the Queen laugh.

It was her first time laughing sincerely in many years.

“… Thank you, witch. I wish you happiness.”

With these words, the Queen disappeared, leaving Ysnay alone on the cloud.

The Witch of Unending Fates continued looking at the distance, her expression calm and her eyes tranquil. Inside them, though, there was a slight bit of helplessness.

“Six plans and four already failed. Will the fifth succeed, or will it fail?

“Sigh, if I have to resort to the sixth plan, it will feel like a defeat even if I win.”


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