FPD Chapter 662

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The Queen’s Clue (1)


“… It had been a long while since the last time that we had a picnic together, brother.” My little sister, Lena, smiled shyly as she lay on my lap.

I combed her hair gently and nodded, feeling a little bit guilty about it.

It’s true that I had not spent as much time with her as I used to do. However, I’m helpless about that.

Lately, I had been unbelievably busy.

“Sorry about that, Lena. I had been very busy lately. But don’t worry, soon, I will have all the time of the world to spend with you.”

“Mm. I understand, brother. I know that you have been busy. Things have been very hectic since the war and the coup d’etat…” Lena’s smile became slightly bitter at that moment.

I understood why instantly. Lena was thinking about her parents.

The emperor, and the empress.

“… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Father and mother weren’t good people and you spared their lives, so I’m satisfied with that. Besides, you are much more important to me than they, brother.” Lena’s cheeks became red by the end of her words.

I found her so cute that I could not help but lean down, kissing her forehead caringly.

“You are also very important to me, Lena.”

“… More than these women?”

“Of course. You are the most important to me.”

“Hmph! Liar!” Lena snorted in disdain. “Do you think I don’t know you say the same words to every girl you sleep with?”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Well, I can’t deny that. These words are very effective after all.

Look at Lena, for example. Even though she spoke as though she was angry, in truth, her cheeks had turned completely red and she was looking away shyly.

I had picked up girls for 708 lifetimes. I know what I’m doing.

Just then, Lena grabbed my hand and intertwined her fingers with mine.

“… To be honest, I miss the times when you played to me every day. Back then, I could play with you whenever I wanted, and I did not have to worry about sharing you with anyone else.”

I smiled amusedly at my jealous little sister.

Then, I stroked her hair and kissed her lips softly.

“Happy now?”

“… Hmph! Dream on if you think that you can cheer me with a kiss!”

“What about two then?”


“So cute.” I chuckled and kissed little Lena a few times, leaving her breathless every time.

But although I wanted to continue kissing her forever, unfortunately,

that was impossible.

I was still very busy.

Therefore, after I spoiled my little sister for a while, I finally sighed reluctantly.

“Lena, I had to go already.”

“So fast?” Lena put on an expression of disappointment, but she quickly hid it to no make me feel uncomfortable. “… I understand. But brother, come to visit me again soon, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I will come again tomorrow.”

With a happy smile, Lena kissed me again before leaving reluctantly.

Once she was gone, my gentle expression disappeared, replaced by a serious look.

“It was not her either,” I spoke to myself.

It had been one day since Ysnay took action and Bringer of End attacked.

Thanks to the help of the girls and the soldiers left in the capital, the corpses of the monsters in the capital had been disposed of; and most of the debris generated due to the destruction that the monsters caused had been cleaned up.

Even so, the work in the capital was far from done. Many people were still being rescued, and many other were being treated after receiving injuries from the monsters.

However, I did not need to worry about that. Instead, I was worried about another problem.

Ysnay’s fifth plan.

Yesterday, I managed to frustrate four of her plans, but after she announced the fifth plan, she disappeared.

I was certain that Ysnay was not lying, so I had been looking around for anything related to her fifth plan since yesterday, but I found nothing.

In the end, I decided to cheek the people close to me just in case that her plan was related to them, but none of them showed anything abnormal.

Even when I checked every one of them carefully, everything seemed normal.

“… What is that woman planning?” I muttered to myself as I stepped across space, appearing in the sky over the capital.

Then, I looked down, trying to find anything unusual.

However, I still failed to find anything.

“This is giving me chills.”

Ysnay is an expert in plots and schemes. With her powers over fate, she is able to change even history without anyone noticing.

Of course, she can’t affect that fate related to an Immortal as powerful as me easily, but even so, the extent of her abilities is terrifying.

As long as I don’t know what she is planning, I will have to be on guard and afraid of anything unexpected.

I frowned and put on a thoughtful expression, what is she plotting?

But at that moment, I felt a familiar aura materializing behind me.

When I turned around, I saw an elf woman with emerald-green eyes, long black hair, beautiful pointy ears, and a strange multicolored jewel on her forehead.

My voice immediately turned cold.

“[Queen of Timeless Distortion].”

“Hello again, [Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity].”

“What are you doing here?” I asked in a wary tone. After all, this woman was not a normal elf but an Immortal at the same level as me.

Someone with enough power to destroy this world in an instant.

“I don’t have any hostile intention, Immortal Soul.”

“Really? But I remember that you helped Ysnay yesterday.”

“That was just a trade. She had something that I wanted, so I offered her my help.”

“Something that you wanted?” I raised an eyebrow with a curious look, but the Queen seemed like she did not want to talk about it.

Instead, she spoke about something unexpected.

“I’m leaving this world.” She suddenly said.

My expression froze.

One second later, I furrowed my brows.

“Why? You even came to blows with me for this world. Why are you leaving it all of sudden?”

“The circumstances have changed. This world is not that important anymore. Plus, I can come back after you leave.”

I narrowed my eyes. This…

“It looks like what Ysnay gave you is very valuable.”

The Queen did not deny it.

“Why are you here then? I don’t think you just came to bid farewell.” I asked.

“Of course not.” The Queen shook her head indifferently. “Instead, I came to bring you a piece of information.”

“Information?” I raised an eyebrow. “What information is so important that an Immortal like you came out of her way to tell it to me?”

The Queen’s lips curved up slightly.

“It’s a clue about how to kill [Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction].”


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