FPD Chapter 663

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The Queen’s Clue (2)


“It’s a clue about how to kill [Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction].” The Queen curved her lips up when she said these words.

I was stunned. No way…

Does she know how to kill him?

But how? I’m sure she did not know it the last time we met.

“I learned it while watching the battle between you and Bringer of End, Immortal Soul.” The Queen explained when she saw my doubts. “It’s related to one of my laws of expertise, so I managed to notice it.”

I was slightly impressed. At the same time, I sighed inwardly.

She is indeed an Immortal. Truly impressive.

To think that she managed to notice something while watching the battle between Bringer of End and me when I noticed nothing even though I fought him personally. I only know that his method is somehow related to the soul.

No Immortal is to be underestimated… I realized that once more.

However, there was still something that I did not understand.

Why is she telling me this?

Immortals are not kind people. None of us will help another of our kind selflessly in normal circumstances.

Then, what does she want? What is her goal?

As though reading my thoughts, the Queen chuckled.

“You don’t need to be so wary. I don’t want anything from you. You can consider this just a small favor.”

“A favor?” I sneered. “There is nothing as expensive as that.”

“Perhaps.” The Queen shrugged. “Anyway, you already owe me a favor. You will just owe me another.”

I snorted.

I said it before, but I hate owing favors. I like to keep my promises, and likewise, I try not to owe anything to anyone.

Moreover, this woman is not simple. What she wants to do is outrageous, and it’s going to get her the animosity of many people, including Immortals.

Owing a favor to her is enough to get me to do something that I otherwise would hate to do. Owing her another favor besides it is enough to get me knees deep into a huge problem.

Even so, the information about Bringer of End is something that I really need.

I hesitated for a long time, but in the end, I sighed.

“… I understand, I agree.”

“Great.” The Queen smiled satisfied. “Don’t worry, this information is worth it.”

“Just speak, will you?”

“As you wish.” The Queen chuckled and stared at me deeply.

“Bringer of End’s way to immortality is very impressive. Even though I managed to see through a small part of it, I still failed to find a solution to kill him. However, perhaps you will find a way.

“If you want to kill him, then you need to kill him quickly enough. That is the clue. I hope you find that useful.”

I immediately put on a displeased expression.

“Just that? Do you think this is worth a favor?”

“Just that.” The Queen smiled. She then turned around and started to walk away. “I wish you luck, Immortal Soul. Also, give my thanks to the witch. Tell her that I hope she can be happy.”

With these words, space and time were distorted, and she disappeared.

I instinctively understood that [Queen of Timeless Distortion] had left this world.

I sighed with a bitter smile. Perhaps, this could be the last time I see her.

I hope she can achieve her goal. Otherwise, who knows how long she will suffer.

“… But, what in the hell does that clue mean?” I murmured to myself.

If I need to kill Bringer of End quick enough, how quick is that?

And why? What is the secret to his ability to revive continuously?

“Sigh, I hate when people speak in cryptic ways.”

Despite my words, though, I must admit that the Queen’s clue is a big help.

Just this will give me a huge advantage the next time I face Bringer of the End. At the very least, I won’t be clueless about his strange method of resurrection.

For now, though, it’s better if I focus on finding Ysnay’s traces.

The fact that I still have not found any clue about her fifth plan makes me nervous.

While I was lost in my thoughts, I felt someone approaching me.

Surprised, I turned around and saw a black-haired girl flying towards me.

“Rose?” I asked startled.

“So it’s you, Claus.” Rose sighed in relief. “I felt a strange fluctuation around here, so I came to check.”

I was surprised. A fluctuation?

Could it be when the Queen twisted space and time to leave?

Did Rose manage to notice it?

I stared at Rose with a strange expression.

“W-What is it?” Rose asked nervously, making me chuckle.

“It’s nothing. I just realized that you have become very strong.”

It’s not easy to detect the fluctuations of the laws. The fact that she managed to feel them and follow them here shows how much she has grown.

Right now, she is at the level of a relatively powerful Irregular. Even the strongest god of this world should be slightly weaker than her.

“As expected of a hero, huh,” I murmured to myself.

Rose heard my words and tilted her head.

“Hero? That again? What does it mean?” She asked curiously.

I smiled wryly, wondering if I should tell her or not.

In the end, though, I explained it to her briefly. Of course, I intentionally omitted the cons of being a hero.

When Rose finished listening to my explanation, her expression became complicated.

“… So that is the reason I managed to become so strong, huh.”

I was amused by her reaction.

“Don’t tell me that you are disappointed after knowing that your current achievements are not just due to your talent?”


“Silly girl.” I chuckled and knocked her head softly. “The fact that the world chose you as the hero is already proof of how outstanding you are. Stop feeling depressed, okay?”

Rose became slightly embarrassed and lowered her head.

“Sorry… I was insensitive… B-By the way, does it mean that I need to fight him?”

Him. Bringer of End.

For an instant, Rose’s eyes were filled with fear.

She had witnessed Bringer of End’s strength once before. Even if it was not his true strength, It was enough to leave a shadow in her heart.

Even after she became this strong, she did not feel confident about defeating him.

That was normal, though.

A hero was like a world’s antibody. They appear when the world feels threatened by something that it can’t face.

But many times, antibodies are unable to face the illnesses.

And Bringer of End is a very powerful illness. An Illness that has destroyed thousands of worlds.

He is not someone that a normal hero can face.

I sighed and caressed Rose’s head gently.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of him for you.”

Rose’s eyes immediately became wet.

Then, she suddenly hugged me and kissed my lips.

“… Thank you.” She said shyly after our lips separated. “B-But, I don’t want to be a burden. I want to be of help to you. I will help you to kill him.”

Is it so?

I stared straight into Rose’s eyes with an amused expression.

“You are so beautiful.”

“S-Stop that.” Rose looked away in embarrassment.

“Why should I?” I chuckled and lifted her chin, forcing her to look straight at me. “Hey Rose, can I kiss you again?”


“Too late.” I chuckled and hugged her firmly, stealing her lips.

Rose’s body immediately lost strength, and her breathing became slightly rugged. She looked at me with a dazed expression before closing her eyes.

I felt my body turning hot at that moment. Her current expression was so seductive that I could hardly resist making love to her.

Now is not the time for that, though. I’m still busy.

“Claus…” Rose exhaled breathlessly and stared at me with hazy eyes. Then, she greedily searched for my lips again.

Dammit, girl. Why are you tempting me like this?

At this rate, I will be unable to resist you.


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