FPD Chapter 665

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An Entire World Hostage


What is the Will of the World?

It’s the collective consciousness formed by the thought waves of the living beings on it.

It’s not uncommon for worlds to possess a will, but it’s not always the case. Generally, only after certain factors line up does a Will of the World appear.

If a world possesses abundant mana and intelligent beings are inhabiting it, it’s easier for a Will of the World to be born, such as the case of this world.

Most of these wills act for instinct. Their only concern is the survival of their world, and to protect its continuous existence. Hence, as soon as a threat to the world appears, the Will of the World acts to eliminate it.

But sometimes, the Will of the World is not strong enough to get rid of the threat to the world.

In these cases, the world gives birth to a kind of existence called ‘Hero’.

Heroes are blessed by the world. From the moment they become Heroes, they get the world’s favor, granting them an absurd level of luck, and making it much easier for them to comprehend the laws the world can offer.

Moreover, the talent of Heroes tends to be very high to start with, so once they become heroes, their strength rises at an extraordinary speed.

It only takes them a few years to achieve levels of power that other people need centuries and millenniums to achieve.

But although being a hero sounds nice, in truth, it’s not that good.

Heroes are born to protect the world from a powerful threat, so if they don’t become strong enough quickly, they will die when the time comes to face that threat.

Moreover, the world will do anything to make sure that the Hero grows.


Even killing all his loved ones and making him suffer the greatest torture possible.

As long as it can stimulate the hero’s potential, then the world will not hesitate to resort to it.

And that is just the start of a hero’s problems.

Few heroes have a happy ending. Normally, their finals are tragic, either because they failed to stop the threat to the world, or because the world itself harmed them.

Like what is happening to Rose right now.

Rose’s raison d’etre is to protect the world. Thus, when the Will of the World (Ysnay) determined that I was a threat, she instinctively became hostile towards me.

This hostility came from the depths of her soul, and it was not something that she could resist easily.

Of course, many heroes have managed to overcome this instinctive hostility, but Rose’s situation is much worse than theirs. After all, right now the Will of the World is, in fact, the will of a powerful Immortal.

Ysnay, the Witch of Unending Fates.

For Rose, overcoming Ysnay’s orders was impossible.

“Kill him,” Ysnay ordered, and Rose’s eyes glinted with killing intent.

Without any hesitation, she swung her sword in my direction, attempting to kill me.

I frowned. Calmly, I summoned [Reality Render] in my hand and stopped Rose’s attack, but at that moment, countless threads appeared around me, wrapping around my body.

“Useless.” I snorted, breaking all the threads with a surge of soul power, but Rose took advantage of that moment to attack me again.

This time, she filled her sword with an enormous amount of mana.

It was as though the entire world was supplying her with mana. The amount of mana she infused in her sword was several times her total mana!

When that sword was swung, a blinding light filled the sky.

This attack was several times stronger than any attack she had performed before!

However, it was far from enough to injure me.

“Stop it, Ysnay. You know that you can’t defeat me like this.” I said as I used my sword to deflect the attack.

“I know.” Ysnay chuckled. “Thus, I decided to help little Rose a bit.”

I was confused, but in the next second, my expression changed.

Because the attack I just deflected appeared before me again.

This is….!

Fate Manipulation?

Did Ysnay modify the fate of the attack, making it so it was not deflected?

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. However, even this was not enough against me.

Even though this attack was so fast that I should not be able to avoid it, it was still not enough to put me in danger.

With a thought, I altered the nature of space, increasing the distance between Rose’s attack and my body millions of times.

Then, I swung my transparent sword, destroying the attack completely.

Ysnay did not give up, though. One second later, the attack that I destroyed was restored again. Moreover, Rose continued attacking me, releasing multiple powerful attacks that far surpassed the levels of a normal human.

With this level of attack, even some Immortals would have trouble. It was enough for her to be considered a powerful Irregular.


“Not enough.” I shook my head.

I’m not just an Immortal. I’m one of the strongest Immortals in existence.

The number of people I know that can face me barely reaches the double digits. And even then, I’m confident I can defeat any of them.

Rose’s current power was still far from enough to make me feel threatened.

“You should know it as well, Ysnay. After all, you have tried to use other Immortals to kill me before.”

Ysnay smiled and nodded.

“I know that even this is not enough to defeat you, my love. But it gives me a chance.”

I frowned. What in the hell is she planning now?

While I was lost in my thoughts, I felt a powerful twist in the world’s fate.

Fuck. This woman is planning something extreme again!

I did not hesitate and brandished my sword in her direction, planning to cut her away from this dimension and stop her from interfering with fate.

But Rose appeared in front of me at that moment, as though she was prepared to sacrifice her life to protect Ysnay.

I clicked my tongue again. This time, I was really angry.

The fact that Ysnay resorted to using one of my lovers in this way makes me mad. I really want to kill her now.

I did not stop my sword. Even when it was about to cut Rose into two, I continued attacking.

But just before the sword cut Rose, the space around her became distorted, moving her away from the sword path.

The next second–


My sword pierced Ysnay’s chest, the blow destroying her internal organs completely.

Ysnay looked at me and smiled. Even though a sword was piercing her heart, she still seemed confident.

“It’s done.” She brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered.

I furrowed my brows in confusion, but one second later, my expression became one of surprise.

At some point in time, billions… No, trillions of threads of fate were wrapped around my body.

“What is this?” I frowned and was about to break them, but suddenly, my expression changed.

These threads…  They were connected to the entire world.

If I broke them, then the entire world would be destroyed.

“You…!” I glared at Ysnay angrily.

Ysnay just chuckled and caressed my cheek.

“Sorry, my love. I didn’t want to resort to this, but I’m getting out of options.”

She then extended her index finger and touched my forehead.

“Now, let’s be together forever, Willian.”

And once more, she tried to forcibly create a contract with me.


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